Mini Review: Surrender to Temptation Part III: Tempted to Obey by Lauren Jameson

Surrender to Temptation Part III: Tempted to Obey For the first two parts of this serial I have been commenting on the lack of emotion from Zach.  Well I will not be saying that any longer.  Part III: Tempted to Obey shows us two very emotional sides of Zach.

Part two of the serial novel ended with Zach waking up from a violent nightmare unaware of his surroundings.  When he finally comes awake he makes a shocking request of Devon.  He wants her to whip him.  Devon struggles with the request and I fully understood her confusion.  I don’t think I have ever seen a dominant man want to cede control like this .


Dominant Zach faltered for a moment, allowing me a glimpse into his nightmares.  What I saw there- pain and agony swimming up from the dark depths of his eyes- made pity roll through my gut.  He was asking me to help alleviate his pain, though I didn’t quite understand how whipping him would do so.  Still, how could I possibly say no to this man, when he had already brought so much to my life?

Devon is not able to do what Zach asks and he shuts down on her.  This goes on for several days until Devon feels like she is ready to snap.  When she takes a break from work to get a cup of coffee and finds her cheating ex in the lobby, to say she is shocked is putting it mildly.  She agrees to have a cup of coffee with him not knowing that Zach has her every move watched.

Halfway through the coffee and just about when Devon had had enough Zach shows up and almost loses his mind on Devon’s ex.  I was elated to finally get a powerful emotion from Zach even if it was a negative one.  After seeing to it that the ex is removed from the property Zach and Devon share a powerful scene in the elevator.  Just when I think he has had a break through and shows her a tiny crumb of affection he disappoints me by coldly telling her he got what he wants and is finished with her.

The current state of their relationship is not a healthy one especially with the major swings in temperament by the dominant member.  Devon also lacks any support system in the form of friends or family.  I feel like she could benefit from someone to vent her feelings to as now she is internalizing everything.  Her struggle has started to effect her work and other parts of her life.

Whether the emotion was rage, jealousy or faked indifference at least I can say I got something from Zach in this installment.  The emotions might not be the one I was looking for and I still don’t fully understand Devon’s desire to be with such a mercurial person.  But with the abrupt dismissal Zach gave Devon in the final pages of this part, I am anxious to read her reaction.  Final Grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“Don’t think you can control me like you do everyone else.”  I muttered the words below my breath, certain that he wasn’t even listening.

I gasped when I was pushed against the wall of the elevator with just enough force to get my attention.  Zach’s hand cupped my throat, just under my jaw, and pressed gently.

“No, I can’t control you, Devon.”  His powerful touch was calculated with just enough force to make me work harder to have to draw in a deep breath.  “But I can impose consequences when I don’t care for your behavior.”

Rating: B-
Tempted to Obey by Lauren Jameson
January 15th 2013 by Intermix
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