Mini Review: Surrender to Temptation Part I: Tempted to Submit by Lauren Jameson

In this stunning debut, Lauren Jameson presents a story of unexpected desire, where two strangers play a dangerous game in the quest for incredible pleasure. But winning comes with a price…

Tempted To Submit Lauren JamesonTempted to Submit is part 1 in a new serial romance by Lauren Jameson.  Each week we will do a mini review on the newest release.  As most of you know, I have a love/hate relationship with the serial romance.  Each week when the latest installment arrives on my kindle I jump for joy.  And then each week when I read the last words of that installment I cry and curse at whatever happens to be near me.  To me, that is the beauty of the serial and obviously I can’t quit them.  :)

In Tempted to Submit we meet Devon.  She is in a rough place.  She has serious body image issues and has just discovered her boyfriend is cheating on her.  To make matters worse, she works with her boyfriend and she was the last to know about the infidelity.  Unable to face her coworkers she quits her job and leaves the area.

Enter Zach.  Zach and Devon first see each other at a diner.  Devon is gorging on comfort food and Zach is dining on fish and vegetables illustrating the gap between the two of them.  Devon sarcastically invites Zach to join her and then spills out all the ugly details of her recent life.  After a short encounter between the two Devon wakes up the next morning to find a card telling her that if she wants a job she has one at Phyrefly Aviation.  Devon does not know that Zach is the CEO.

As mentioned, Devon is in a rough place.  I think Ms. Jameson will use the relationship with Zach to bring her out of her shell and make her a stronger woman.  In this first book she is not strong but mostly flailing around for her place in life.  She has always lived under the shadow of someone else whether her parents or her ex-boyfriend.  In her new job, she struggles with everyone thinking she has that job simply because of the boss and feels that everyone looks at her as his whore.  And she struggles with knowing that she wants his dangerous, forbidden type of loving bad enough to suffer the speculation.

Tempted to Submit is done in first person from Devon’s point of view so we have nothing from Zach.  In this first installment he is very hot and cold, mostly cold.  While I have grown to like this pov, in some cases I would like to see behind the man.  I will have to rely on Ms. Jameson to show me what Zach is feeling.  How that plays out will largely determine my feelings on these books overall.  For now, this is a strong start to a new serial and I am excited for the next part to be in my hands!  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:


My heart jumping, I bent and looked back into the car.  Zach was looking straight at me, and he looked ferocious.

“You are a temptation.”

“Thank you?”  I had no idea what to say.  I wished for, longed for, a sweet kiss good night, a brush of the hands, something….but then, he had warned me, he didn’t do gentle.

I was several steps away, my heels clicking on hte pavement with a much more decisive manner than I felt, when he again said my name.  I turned, and saw that same fierce man watching me.

“Devon.  You have no idea what you started.”

Rating: B
Tempted to Submit by Lauren Jameson
Dec. 31 2012, Intermix
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  1. pamelia says

    How long is this one? Usually the page count is approximated, but Amazon doesn’t have it listed and I am loathe to spend $2 on something super short…
    Maybe I’ll just wait for the inevitable time when the publisher releases the whole kit and kaboodle all in one.

  2. Judi L says

    I just finished this one.I used the same quote in my review about “you have no idea what you started”. Very ominious in a good way. I hate having to wait for these serials weekly but I need to find out what Zach has in store for Devon.