Mini review: Not Until You Part IV: Not Until You Trust by Roni Loren

July 2nd 2013 by Penguin IntermixPart IV and finally some of the sexy times I love and adore.  We find out that Ian has a metal ring above his door and a spreader bar below.  Gotta love a guy that is always prepared!

This is installment is called Not Until You Trust and trust was the overriding theme.  Two things happened that at first gave me pause, but Ms. Loren handled them both perfectly.  First Ian introduced Cela to a bit of his nature.  He has consistently said he wants to own a women and I wondered when the full definition of that would come out.  Cela was eventually going to have to learn what it involved to when you are owned by a man.  The scene happened in such a rush that I wondering how Cela would process it all.  She was a shell-shocked and Ian was properly appalled at how he treated her.

The second thing that happened was Cela learning about her brother’s unorthodox relationship.  I was going to be very upset if she turned into a hypocrite and acted out about it.  Thankfully she was very accepting to what was going on.  That scene could have gone so wrong for me but it didn’t.

We are left with Cela knowing that Ian is at The Ranch and her managing to talk her brother into taking her.  I am going to be a little upset if she walks in on Ian doing a scene with someone but we shall see how it plays out!  Next week hurry up!  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy…..

Shit.  Now he was quoting ridiculous pop songs.  This girl was making him lose his mind.

Rating: B+
Not Until You Part IV: Not Until You Trust by Roni Loren
July 2nd 2013 by Penguin Intermix
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