Mini Review: Because You Are Mine Part I: Because You Tempt Me by Beth Kery

From Beth Kery’s blog:

So by now you’ve probably heard a bit about my erotic contemporary serial novel, BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE. I want to tell you a few important things. The book is being released in serial format: a novella length story, two substantial chapters, coming out every Tuesday for eight weeks on eBook (Kindle, Nook, iTunes). This is one overall book–Ian and Francesca’s erotic romance, being released in a weekly fashion.


I hope the experience of reading will be as invigorating and vibrant as it was for me writing. I like to describe Because as a little bit Cinderella, a little bit Pretty Woman, a little Bit Fifty Shades, and lots of Beth Kery. :)


Because You Are Mine Beth KeryBecause You Are Mine is the first part of the 8 week story.  It was released on Tuesday, July 31.  I will be doing mini reviews on each book as it comes out.  I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I am enjoying the books!

The story is about our billionaire, Ian Noble and an upcoming artist Francesca.  Ian puts on a contest and the winner will be the one to create the main focus in Ian’ new building.  Francesca is the winner and the book opens up with a cocktail party given in her honor.

Ian is immediately described as almost untouchable or unapproachable.

…Noble spoke tersely on a cell phone while two men stood nearby, his overcoat remaining slung in the crook of his arm in readiness for a quick getaway.  The slant of his mouth told her he was irritated.

Francesca on the other hand is described as simple, even wearing what she thought was “boho chic”.  She is an artist, an architect and a student.  She has four male roommates that we haven’t met and are sure to cause contention between her and Ian.

From the moment of their first meeting, sexual tension flies between Ian and Francesca.  Ian takes Francesca to his apartment to show her the city view he would like her to paint.  This would put Francesca  in close contact with Ian, in his house, almost every day.  What would come from that I was very curious but after 10 days it seemed that Ian would be able to go about his busy life without being touched by Francesca working in his house.

Boy was I ever wrong.  Ms. Kery treats us to one of the hottest scenes I have ever read.  Greatly effected by Francesca presence, Ian self pleasures.  This is a must read scene as any I have ever come across (think Chapter 32).  Ian has fierce desires and they must be released otherwise they build up in ways that cause great pressure for him.  This scene was an example of his uh, release and I cannot wait to read more.

This part of the novella ends on a stunning note.  I was left with my mouth hanging open and a bit grumpy that we must wait until next week to read the second installment.  Let’s just say after a furious fencing match, Ian is teaching Francesca a lesson about leaving herself undefended.

My favorite quote will be the last one in the book.  The one that made me yell and pant, if I must be honest:

He suddenly moved his free hand, cupping her entire sex through her jeans.  He pressed.  Francesca whimpered helplessly.

“No,” he rasped, as if arguing with himself.  His dark head dipped again to her breast.  “I’ll take what’s mine.”

Stayed tuned until next week for the second part of the review. I know I can’t wait!!

Rating: A
Because You Tempt Me by Beth Kery
July 31st 2012 by Berkley InterMix
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    I’m not really a fan of serials because I don’t like to wait. But, I’ve seen some really good feedback on this first installment so I bought it. It’s on my Kindle bugging me. Calling my name LOL.