Mini Review: Anything For You by Jessica Scott

Anything For You Jessica ScottThis review might be considered spoilery if you have not read Because of You, Jen and Shane’s story.

Anything For You takes place about a year after Jen and Shane’s story left off in Because of You. Shane is still working hard in his recovery from his combat injuries. He and Jen are happy and as their relationship has progressed Shane has become fearful of losing Jen if she should become pregnant. Jen is a breast cancer survivor and a pregnancy could could cause the cancer to return.

Jen doesn’t want cancer to rule her life anymore. She wants to move forward, have a family and live a normal life. But Shane’s career in the military and his need to return to active duty scares her. Feelings are hurt and misunderstandings occurs as they fail to communicate with each other about their fears.

I enjoyed this little glimpse into Jen and Shane’s lives a year later. Relationships take work and both Jen and Shane are survivors. Although they’ve found happiness with each other they find that they must still overcome obstacles that pop up in life and that takes compromise and communication. With the support of their friends Jen and Shane support each other and work though their fears coming out stronger on the other side. Anything For You is a very sweet, emotional follow up to Because of You.

Favorite Quote:

“The man loves you enough to let his balls be sliced open. How do you not see the romance in this?”

Rating: B
Anything For You by Jessica Scott
February 4th 2013 by Jessica Scott
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