Mary Calmes Covers All Your M/M Reading Needs

Many many years ago, it was the relationship between Black Dagger Brotherhood’s Butch and Vishous that piqued my interest in the M/M genre. Butch and V gave me all kinds of feels that I finally took to Google to explore. I had no idea there was a whole genre out there waiting for me to devour. Repeated googling brought up the character names of Jory and Sam … over and over. Who was this Jory and Sam?

A Matter of TimeSo I bought A Matter of Time – Part I, by Mary Calmes. I was hooked.
“You’re brand new,” he said to me…

Quickly down the rabbit hole I fell, and I devoured everything that was available in the A Matter of Time series at the time. I was hooked on big bad alpha male Sam and even though Jory could get on my nerves, he worked his way deep into my heart. All these years later, I revisit their story from time to time  – they’re just too addictive. All thanks to Mary Calmes.

Through the years, Mary Calmes continues to deliver in all sorts of ways ….

Hot dominant alpha male? She’s got you covered.

Sweet young love with the star football player? Yep, it’s there.

A long distance relationship between a cowboy and a rich doctor? For sure.

You like cute kids?

What about grown men in a long term marriage trying to find their way back to each other?

You have a trope you like in M/M, and Mary Calmes has you covered with characters you’ll fall in love with.His Hearth

Her books are usually easy reads – yet sometimes the tears roll down your cheeks and sometimes you may want to roll your eyes. Either way, it’s all crackalcious and there’s so much to explore. Most of all, I like the variety of her books and I can’t stop gobbling them up.

Any other Mary Calmes fans out there? What other authors do you think have a wide variety of books in the M/M genre? We want to know.


If you want to sample her writing Mary Calmes has some free reads on her website.


  1. says

    I love Mary Calmes. I have read every book of hers and I hate that! I want more!

    I know Josh Lanyon has a lot of books with several different series. I have only read the Adrien English one though.

  2. Angela says

    Love Josh Lanyon. Love Rhys Ford. I have mad, mad love for Amy Lane. J.L. Langley will always be one of my favorites, although she is the slowest writer on Earth. I would give my first born child to read the next Abigail Roux (Ball & Chain) right now. Ava March writes the BEST m/m historicals. And Jet Mykles writes some awesome dirty rockstar m/m contemporaries.

  3. Johanna says

    Love, Love,Love, Mary Calmes! Big Sam and Jory fan! I agree Josh Lanyon has a wide variety of books as well as
    LA Witt and Heidi Cullen . Rhys Ford a new fav authur for me has the promise of adding quite a few different types of reading in her book list. Thanks for sharing today!!!