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Holidays: This is how I roll

The Christmas holiday season is the only holiday that I love. It’s all about family and family traditions, and it’s rarely changed since I was a young kid. So this is how my Christmas Holiday season rolls.

I’m one of those people that grumble and moan when Christmas is advertised (advertised is such a clinical word choice, but it’s true) in October. I’m like, pur-lease. Don’t be telling me it’s Christmas yet. Santa Claus is probably still on the treadmill trying to lose those extra pounds from all the mince-pies, and Rudolph is probably going manic, thinking, oh bitch, please! No more carrots!

So for me, Christmas officially starts when the Christmas tree goes up in early December. It’s the same routine with my family where we go hunting for the Christmas decorations under the stairs, which soon starts to turn testy because we always forget which boxes we’ve put the decorations in. Not this year! We finally clued in and labelled the boxes as CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. Trust me, it saved so much hassle.

This year, we put the Christmas tree up on the 2nd December. As soon as that 6ft tree is up with the mismatched decorations, my inner Christmas switch is turned on. I now enjoy the Christmas festivities, and everyone seems to have an extra bounce in their step.

Since I was four or five, there’s a routine we go through each year. On Christmas Eve, we go over to my Grandmother and Step-Grandfather’s house where most of my aunts, uncles and cousins meet up. My Grandmother used to be a pianist, and she still has her organ. We use to bang on that organ as kids, annoying all the adults. She banned us all when we were older :D. For years, we all eat, drink, joke, gossip and have a wonderful time as we’re rarely all together as one. The last few years has become even more special as my Gran is in her 90’s now, and each year we have is a blessing. Also, as I’m the youngest grandchild, my Gran always gives me Christmas money. She sneaks me into the kitchen, and hands it to me like a spy. She’s pretty awesome.

So after we leave my Gran’s house, it’s time to cook the turkey in the evening. I love Christmas Eve. You wanna know why? It’s all about the bacon! Mmmm, bacon. We use a ton of bacon on the Turkey so it doesn’t burn, and there’s nothing more delicious than filling yourself full of crispy bacon whilst watching Christmas films in the evening.

Then the big day arrives–Christmas Day! All the presents have been wrapped the night before and they’re sitting under the Christmas tree. We all gather in the living room and exchange presents in the morning. One routine that has never faltered is two of my Dad’s presents. He gets his yearly diary (he loves those things) and his toffee collection.

In the afternoon we all sit together for Christmas dinner on the big dining table, and there’s a good feeling all around. Also, there is bacon wrapped around sausage. Mmmm, bacon!

Jokes aside, for me, what makes Christmas so special is being around your family. It’s rare that we all get together, so when we do, it ends up being one heck of an awesome time.

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  1. TrishJ says

    We have so many family traditions we do every year, from opening PJs on Christmas eve and leaving cookies for Santa, to the annual poker tournaments (played with match sticks) for the grown ups and bingo for the little ones. So many wonderful memories.

  2. rissatoo says

    So many people I know (IRL and on the interwebz) have been singing the praises of bacon-wrapped turkey that I am seriously thinking I may need to try it.

    Happy Blogcation Ladies!

  3. Karen C says

    Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. As I’ve gotten older, the holidays have become more difficult for me. I totally enjoy ‘listening’ to everyone’s traditions and memories.

  4. Valarie P says

    My family isn’t around anymore, they are scattered far & wide, so I don’t do anything for Christmas anymore, but I do miss those big family holidays.

  5. Ashley F says

    We had our tree up on November 24th and it’s all about family time for us. We tend to be hermits and refuse to venture out Christmas Day.

  6. says

    Oh, thank you for your wonderful list of holiday traditions but specifically mentioning your granny! This is our first year without my sweet daddy and I needed to hear your story :). Hope you have a Memorable Christmas Season!

  7. says

    I think you said it best there at the end… we don’t get together all that often either, but we sure do have an awesome time when we do:) Happy Holidays!!!

  8. June M. says

    I can completely understand the feeling that Christmas advertising is starting way too early these days. When stores already have out Christmas stuff before Halloween, it is just about sales to me and does not put me in the holiday spirit.

  9. JenM says

    That’s a lot of bacon. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of putting bacon on turkey to keep it moist, but it sure sounds good.

  10. Jordan says

    Your Christmas routine sounds a lot like the one at my house! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity – Merry Christmas!

  11. Barbara Elness says

    My idea of a wonderful Christmas is being with family and just enjoying the day. No drama, no problems, just fun, relaxation and great food.

  12. Penni says

    I love Christmas! We have a mix of traditions because of the diversity in our family. Mostly German and Irish traditions though. Including hiding the Pickle ornament in the tree!

  13. Diane Sallans says

    I agree – getting together with family is the best part. Tho giving & receiving gifts can be a lot of fun, I almost wish that wasn’t part of the season because it can add so much stress to the season.