If You Like: Then You Should Read: (Secret McQueen Edition)

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So over the past week or so I’ve been happily tucked away, deep in the heart of the Secret McQueen universe. It all began when I picked up the first book in the series on sale at BN for $1.99. I had been in a bit of a reading slump and really wanted something new to capture my interest. Well, job accomplished. Not only did it capture my interest, but it kept me enthralled and reading until I was completely caught up on the whole series, including the newest release, Cold Hard Secret, which just came out on July 1st. That got me thinking, what other urban fantasy series am I missing out on? Let me give you an idea of what I love about this series and why.


This UF series is based on the title character Secret McQueen, but it’s not just her I’ve fallen for. Sierra Dean has crafted a world full of compelling, intriguing secondary characters that all revolve around Secret and either support her or are out to mess up her life. They have secrets, ulterior motives and wants and desires of their own. Some of them I hate with a passion (Lucas), some I have absolutely no clue what their exact motivations are and they remain an enigma (Sig) and then there are the ones that I will be absolutely crushed if something were to happen to them (Holden and Desmond). To be completely honest, I am just as invested in them as I am with Ms. McQueen.


Vampires, wolves, demons, faeries….  I never know what’s going to be thrown at me next and I LIKE that. This series is so much more than a simple vampire, werewolf urban fantasy. The world building is vibrant and unique and has evolved so much over the last seven books that I never know what I’m going to get when I turn the page.


I’m not usually a big fan of this in my romance or urban fantasy. Not at all. But something about THIS love triangle has me hooked. I thought I was all in for Desmond and was rooting for Secret to finally kick Lucas to the curb for good. Then Holden became a factor and I inwardly groaned and beat my head against the desk. I was all “no, no, no, no!”. That is until I kind of fell in love with Holden a little bit. Then I fell for him a lot. Now I have no idea what I want Secret to do. Something happens at the end of the latest release and I thought his would make me happy, but instead I was totally and completely depressed. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?


I love that this series takes me on an action-packed ride, trying to figure out how my girl is going to get out of yet another impossible situation, while at the same time making me laugh, sigh, get mad and shake my fist in the air and sometimes even get that pinched look on my face and shake my head.  I want it all. I want to be thrown back and forth between my emotions so that in the end I’m emotionally exhausted, but still can’t help but go looking to see when the next release is. I want all the feels.


While I like all the above, my favorite part of this series is the title character. She is strong and a badass, but doesn’t have to strut across the page and say ridiculous, eye rolling things to prove herself to the reader. She makes mistakes, falls down and messes up, but always picks her self back up and keeps going no matter what. She has a messy love life and absolutely admits it to herself. She knows when she’s in over her head, fucks up royally or needs help. Sierra Dean keeps giving her some truly horrible shit to deal with, but she just keeps trucking. She is my favorite kind of urban fantasy heroine. I would compare her to Kate Daniels, Kit Colbana and Mercy Thompson. There’s something to be said for a main character who is a snarky, smart, tough as nails bad ass, while still being down to earth and relatable.


So help a girl out. What are your favorite urban fantasy series? Is there one I am missing out on that you think I need to read ASAP? You tell me.

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  1. Judy W says

    Hands down the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Action packed with each book a complete story but an overall story arc propelled along with each book. Great Stuff! I know there are alot of series out there, Mercy Thompson, Black Dagger (So Close!), Blade Song, but nothing compels like Kate Daniels. If you haven’t read it you need to start now!!

  2. doctorkkd says

    I am truly invested in the Kara Gillian/Demon series by Diana Rowland. I binged on them when I found them last year. Now I am impatiently waiting for the next installment. The heroine, Kara, is a demon summoner behind closed doors, but is cop in the the light of day. The heroine has the qualities that you mention above…she is just fun (sometimes stressful) to read about. Definitely a great escape from your day-to-day reality.

  3. Amy R says

    I don’t read much UF or PNR but I love J.C. Daniels Colbana Files series and I just glommed Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones.

  4. Danielle H says

    Yasmine Galenorn’s Indigo Court series. There are 5 books, the last one came out last week. It’s got it all, great characters, world building and a some romance.

    • says

      I’ve heard good things about this series. I haven’t read any Yasmine Galenorn that I know of. I’ll have to rectify that. Thanks for the rec!

  5. says

    Have you read Ann Aguirre’s Corine Solomon series? As a rule I’m not a fan of first person narratives, but I’ve love everything Ann has written, first person or not.

    (full disclosure: I beta read several of her books a few years ago, including the first three in this series.

  6. pamelia says

    How about Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghost series? Have you checked those out? They are all kinds of good.

    • says

      I love this series. Although, I’ll pretty much have to start over and do series reread by the time the next book comes out. I keep checking and there is STILL no release date.