What Landed You On The Naughty List In 2013 – Confess!


I know FV readers are naughty by nature. You are. Don’t try to deny it. It’s time to fess up. There’s still time before Santa gets here to make up for your naughty ways and the first step is coming clean.

I only did one naughty thing this year so I’ll start. What? Only one thing, I swear!

I sometimes forget that little ears catch everything and with a 21 month old in the house who is talking very well, I should watch what I say:

Me: Whatever, they can suck it.

g’baby: SUCK IT! :)

Daughter: MOM!! >:{


I’m sure I’ve been naughtier than that this year but I have dirt on Santa so I’m fairly confident he’ll be dropping by with a few gifts anyway.

What did you do this year that landed you on the naughty list?


  1. Bernie says

    Well I have to hide my kindle from my now reading granddaughter !!!
    My daughters call it ” mom porn” don’t think that’s quite fair but what can you do???
    Hugs and kisses for you all you guys make my day!!!!

  2. says

    Egads, there is so much.

    I guess buying and eating all the Little Debbie cakes and not sharing landed me in the naughty corner about once a month. lol

  3. Kassandra says

    I am an early childhood teacher. I work with ages birth to age 3 years. Currently I have a room full of 10 two year olds. You can imagine how often I have to edit my speech >..<

  4. Amanda says

    Well I have been extremely naughty about eating seasonal treats these past few months. I think I have gained about 10 pounds since Halloween. What makes it worse is I had to put my tread mill up because my 11 month nephew came to stay for the last three weeks and I needed to make space for him. So no real exercising but I still am eating.