Heads Up! Karen Marie Moning LIVE Chat About ICED and The Fever Series!


Iced Karen Marie Moning

Karen Marie Moning will be hosting a chat on her Facebook event page today at 11:00am EST. (That’s 8:00am for my fellow left coasters) There will be spoilers! She says:

Log on to get all your burning ICED questions answered and score inside information on future Fever novels.

We posted a theory post here at Fiction Vixen with all sorts of questions about ICED. Jen and I talk daily about where we think this series is going. It’s becoming an obsession. I will be at the chat (children permitting) because I need some answers!

If you haven’t checked it already, read Selena Mc’s post here at Fiction Vixen about her trip to NOLA and the ICED release party. There are some fun pictures and there is a Q&A section with some really great info.

See you at the chat today!!

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