Joint Review: Touch & Geaux by Abigail Roux

  Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run #7) by Abigail Roux Angela:  Touch & Geaux is the seventh book in what I would consider the best romantic suspense series in the M/M genre. Ty Grady and Zane Garrett have been through hell trying to work their way through to being a solid loving couple. I adore them. They are one of my favorite couples out of any genre in romance. It seems every time I finish reading a new release from this series I think to myself “This is the best one. Abigail Roux has outdone herself with this one.” After reading Touch and Geaux I was so emotionally exhausted that it took me a little while to calm my racing heart, but I can honestly say…This is her best one. Abigail Roux has outdone herself.

There is so much to love and to stress over. So much feeling and anger and passion. Things I was shocked to read. Roads this story arc takes that I never in a million years saw coming. Secrets are revealed that shook me as a reader. I went through so many emotional highs and lows that I couldn’t get it off my mind once I finished.

Samantha:  I couldn’t have said it better myself! Minions (aka us TY & Zane/Roux fans) are going to lose their shit when they read this book. In fact, where do I send Abigail Roux my bill for therapy? How do these books keep getting better and better?

But in all honesty this book is a work of art. Abigail Roux really went for it in this book and gave us so much in just 349 pages that’s it’s really mind blowing to think about. After I finished reading the last page, while having my heart attack, I just kept thinking how brave Roux is. Touch & Geaux broke my heart into a million little pieces, then it would get put back together again, and then broken, and then put back together. But it is all so cleverly done. Mad props to Abigail Roux. Mad props! She has really outdone herself with this one.

I have never been more emotionally invested with two characters than I am with Ty and Zane. I find it so hard to describe to others who don’t read this series, but they are so well-written – so unique, all these little tiny details written about each of them that all add up to these magnificent characters with such incredible depth.

Angela:  After reading the last book, Stars & Stripes, I kind of got lulled into a false sense of security. Our boys seemed to be getting stronger together. They both came out to their families, moved in together and have acknowledged their deep love for each other… even looking to the future. I should have known Abi Roux had all kinds of surprises waiting.

In the last book they headed to Texas and spent most of their time dealing with Zane’s family and past…. here they end up in New Orleans after Ty’s best friend Nick tricks them into thinking he needs to be bailed out of jail. Once they get there they realize the whole team has gathered to celebrate the birthday of a lost team member who they have been mourning for years. And it seems once the whole team gets together, trouble soon follows:

Kelly leaned against Nick, his head on Nick’s shoulder as he drowsed. “This is not the way I saw this weekend going.”

“Really?” Digger asked. “Because I figured it was sixty/forty we’d end up like this. Again.”

Being in New Orleans is a problem for Ty. He spent several years there undercover and has quite a few enemies still looking for him. He and Zane decide to stay, keep their heads down and celebrate with the rest of Ty’s former teammates. But the first night out there’s a dead girl, the next morning a gris-gris bag shows under Ty’s pillow and the mysterious Liam Bell finally makes his appearance. That’s when all hell breaks loose and Ty’s past catches up with him.

Samantha:  Liam Bell. I don’t know if was all the Tom Hardy pictures Abigail Roux would post saying Liam Bell looked like him, or Liam’s verbal sparring with all the characters, or the secrets to his past, or the things we don’t know about him still, but I think I’m smitten. I hope I see books from Roux in the future centered around him.

It was great in Touch & Geaux to see all the Sidewinder guys together. We’ve heard so much about them that once they’re all in a group and working together, they lived up to their reputations and I was happy to get to know more of them.

Two things that really surprised me was how much I liked Ava, Ty’s old girlfriend from New Orleans and also the flashback scenes in the book that gave us glimpses into both pasts of Ty and Zane. I thought the way they were used to tie pieces of Ty and Zane’s story together was very clever.

Angela:  I agree! I loved seeing all the guys from Sidewinder working to together and actually witnessing their dynamic with each other. Liam Bell was a surprise… I ended up falling for him just a little bit. He’s sarcastic, flirty and just a little bit mean. The way he disappeared at the end gives me hope we will see him again in the future.

Let me just throw this out there… and go ahead and dive in and admit how completely shocked I was at Ty’s revelation to Zane about what’s been really been going on for the last two years. How freaking brutal was that scene? I don’t think my heart stopped pounding from that scene to the end of the book. I really felt like this book was supposed to be about Ty, it has scenes from his past and we now know what he has really been doing all those times he has disappeared, but it turned out to be all about Zane. Zane’s anger, pain and feelings of betrayal. Zane trying to figure out what’s real and true. He goes a little bit mental and some of the scenes were hard to get through. I don’t want to give spoilers away because I think readers need to experience the feelings I felt while reading for themselves, but OMG.

You are absolutely right,  Abi Roux was incredibly brave to push the envelope and force these two to reveal every secret they have been keeping from each other. How else can you get to a believable, true HEA for this couple without forcing them to confront every possible impediment to their happiness? And then the ending…. geez, that ending. Could you believe that ending?

Samantha:  Ty’s big revelation absolutely floored me. No, it gutted me. From that scene on to the very last word of the book, my heart was racing so much it felt like it was going to explode. At one point I sent a text to Sophia and told her to send an ambulance because I was having both a heart attack and a stroke! But yes, the whole time I was gutted, I also kept thinking how brave Abigail Roux was with this book. And even though it was so incredibly tough in some parts, the book completely rocks. Abigail Roux is an evil genius writer. And I have to say the sex scenes in this book were some of the best in the series.

The ending? Someone come hold me. I’m over in the corner rocking back and forth.

Angela:  All in all I believe readers of this series, once they get through freaking out and having meltdowns, will think this is just what needed to happen in this series with this couple. This will definitely be on my favorites list for 2013. I can’t imagine how Abigail Roux will top this, but I’ve said that before and she keeps surprising me. Touch & Geaux is a brilliant, emotional work of literary art and I am now praying we don’t have to wait too long for book eight. Final Grade: A+

Samantha:  Touch & Geaux is a very pivotal book in the story of Ty and Zane . It was emotional, angsty and delicious. The fact that it’s so far into the series and Abigail Roux can still turn the tables and affect us so deeply really says it all. Final Grade: A+

Favorite Quotes:


“Who are you, Ty?”

Ty smiled against his cheek. “I was an assassin,” he whispered. “I’m a Marine. I’m the man who doesn’t miss. And I’m yours.”

Zane bit his lip on a smile.

“Who are you, Zane?”

Zane cocked his head. “I’m an artist. I’m a geek.” He felt Ty smile. “I am a badass motherfucker on a motorcycle.”

Ty began to laugh.

Zane dipped his head until they were staring into each other’s eyes. “And I’m yours.”


Ty nodded, looking grim. He leaned forward and brushed his lips over Zane’s. “We’ll be okay.”

“More than okay,” Zane said. “We’ll be us.”

Rating: A+
Touch & Geaux by Abigail Roux
April 3rd 2013 by Riptide Publishing
Amazon || Barnes & Noble

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  1. Mandi says

    Yes. Yes. yes.

    All of this. A rating. Wrecked me. I actually loved Liam Bell. Roux is SO good at writing that type of character. The amount of times he lied? hahaha. Man it was good.

    I still get the jitters thinking about this book. I think Ty’s secret was def big enough for the type of reaction Zane had – and looking back I’m glad we saw Zane’s darker side – he is always so controlled.

    Absolutely my favorite characters. In any genre. Yeah I said it. 😉

    • says

      I’m still an emotional mess over these two. Especially with that ending. How are we going to wait for book 8? HOW?

      This is my favorite read of the year so far.

  2. Stephanie says

    I, too, would love to love this book. I went to the link, however, and there is no ebook/kindle edition?! Wah. When was the last time you gave a book an A+ and I couldn’t read it! Wah, again.

  3. says

    My favorite book couple. Ever. No questions. The wait for book 9 is going to be a killer. I’m still recovering from the emotional rollercoaster of this book. Perhaps I shouldn’t have read it three more times and given my heart a little bit of a break. But it’s just so good! Ty and Zane are so crackalicious.

  4. Johanna Jochum says

    I’m not good with words, this book left me feeling speechles at the end. I was happy, sad, confused, frustrated, scared, awed, overjoyed, shocked… What else? Now I feel sick cause my stomach is tied in knots, I need the next book so bad. Thanks for the great review.!

    • Angela says

      I know. I felt all those things. It was hard to catch my breath during the entire second half of the book. And then when I finished I just sat there trying to take it all in.

  5. Teresa Wilson Rogers says

    OMG, I cannot wait to read this book although I am almost scared to death to read it! I just love these guys so much! Guess I know what I’m doing when I get home from work tonight……

    • Angela says

      Make sure you have plenty if time to read it straight through, because once you start you are not going to be able to put it down. It’s that good.

  6. says

    YES!! a million times yes, this book is my favorite of the series! A+++ *happy sigh* I cannot believe the ending though gahhhhhhhh!!! Great review all around :)

    • says

      PS: I loved Liam Bell’s character addition but the entire book I kept going SHUT UP LIAM BELL because he kept trying to turn them against each other lol. Sigh… he needs his own book!

  7. Janna says

    I think I’ll be joining you all in the A+ rating, although I had to skip parts of the review because I haven’t finished the book yet. I’m trying to slow down my reading because I don’t want to finish it… And I foresee some serious re-reading in my near future until the next installment appears in 2014 (!)