Jill Sorenson Talks Holiday Vibes (Giveaway)

Holiday Vibes

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Hello Fiction Vixen! I’m so happy to be here, talking about XXXmas! Three cheers!!

Gift giving is always a hot topic during the holidays. I was recently asked about the worst gift I’d ever received. It’s kind of a funny story…

My boyfriend and I had been dating for seven years when I started to get wedding fever. I was about to graduate from college. We were living together. We’d just gone on a rustic, romantic vacation through central Mexico, where we were asked—by everyone—if we were honeymooners. My best friend got married.

I was ready.

On Christmas Eve, my fella presented me with a black velvet box. My heart started beating faster. Was he going to pop the question?! He didn’t get down on one knee, which was disappointing, but I opened the box anyway.

Earrings. He gave me a pair of nice diamond earrings.

I can’t remember how I reacted outwardly, but inside I was fuming. I don’t even like earrings. I wanted a ring, damn it.

I guess I held it together long enough to continue our gift exchange, because I remember opening the next present. You think he hid a ring in a crackerjack box to trick me, don’t you? Oh friends. He did not. No, he handed me a cute little package of sex toys.

Sex. Toys.

We’d discussed marriage that year, not vibrators. I’d never used a vibrator before (silly me). I was horrified! Both my boyfriend and I had been raised Catholic. I was an atheist by age 8, but I still didn’t feel that a dildo was an appropriate gift for a religious holiday.

Luckily, my horny bastard of a boyfriend got a clue and proposed a few months later. On one knee, in Spanish! We’ve been happily married for more than ten years now. I have a whole drawer full of vibrators. It’s a wonderful life.

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What are you hoping for this Christmas?

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  1. J. D. Chase says

    Love it! I would have thought that more husbands would be buying their wives sex toys after being married for 10 years!!

  2. miki says

    lovely^^ i’m happy he finally guessed what you wanted even if it was a few month later

    i hope to receive book and perhaps letter paper ( i love writing letter^^)

  3. says

    I sent my boyfriend a link to the hand-tooled leather Kindle case that I wanted for Christmas, because it’s all I want and it avoids things like boxes of dildos!

  4. Sandypo says

    I’d be thrilled to get sex toys but we are so broke this year the best present I could get would be a job. Please, Santa? I’ve been really good…

  5. Jane Thompson says

    We are spending the holidays with family so it will be a great Christmas! We don’t do presents except for little ones, its to expensive to do anymore.

  6. Martha Lawson says

    Great Story!! Books or gc for books. Can’t wait to read the new book. Love them.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. says

    Thanks for all the lovely comments! I want an ipod so I can listen to audio books and music while I run. I hope Santa brings you everything you wish for. Fingers crossed for you especially, Sandypo.

    Happy Holidays!!