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Virtual Signing for RAPTURE by J.R. Ward is now open
Good morning! We are opening the Virtual Signing for RAPTURE today, Sunday, 8/5 at 8.30 AM EST! (Which is in 20 mins lol) via:facebook.com

J.R. Ward fans, get your books signed!


The Consumerist » Brits Abandon The Boy Wizard To ‘Make Fifty Shades Of Grey’ All-Time Amazon UK Bestseller
You read that right — Fifty Shades beat everyone else just by being on sale for four months. Harry Potter and the gang have been kicking it on Amazon for more than a decade and were popular with both…via consumerist.com

I’m sorry. Another 50 post, but I thought it was interesting info. Skip if want.


Kaetrin’s Musings: Why fade to black doesn’t work for me. Except when it does.
The fade to black books which have worked for me are generally ones where the main characters are frequently in each other’s company and there is plenty of (taken) opportunity for the author to show…via kaetrinsmusings.blogspot.com

This post caught my eye because fade to black scenes rarely ever work for me in a romance. Kaetrin shares why they occasionally work for her.


copyright: the scary monster hiding under the bed ready to eat you
Look, I’m not a lawyer – as I’ve no doubt will be pointed out by all those who don’t agree with what I’ve written here – and am not providing any kind of legal advice on this matter. This post is…via krisngoodbooks.com

Kris shares her always unique take on the recent copyright news in the bookish community


Mandi recs some weekend reads: ‘Gunmetal Magic,’ ‘Moonglow’ – USATODAY.com
Can we believe it is August already? I can’t, although I may have started the countdown to school starting at the end of the month. Need a good book to read this weekend? Here are some…via books.usatoday.com

You can always count on Mandi for good book recs. Check out what she says you should be reading.


Wreck This Life…
Contemporary romance… Seventeen years ago, they were the darlings of a popular sitcom, but now they are all grown up. Zach has loved her all his life, Abby has no idea. Now he’s a tattoo artist,…via shilohwalker.com

Shiloh Walker has a contemporary romance available for pre-order. Former sit-com stars? I’m intrigued.



And…We’re Back! Let’s Punish the Evildoers – Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
While I was taking my cats to the vet (they LOVED it) (NOT), someone hacked the Bitchery palace and tried to drop links to those male erectile dysfunction drugs that are constantly advertised during…via smartbitchestrashybooks.com

Smart Bitches Trashy Books was recently hacked. If I’m not mistaken, they blog on the Expression Engine platform, but it can happen to anyone. If you’re one of a gazillion bloggers blogging on the self-hosted WordPress platform, now is a good time to take a look at what you’re doing to keep your WordPress installation secure. There is a lot of information out there on what you can do to secure your WordPress blog and some of it is a little on the technical side for the average blogger. But there are a few very simple things you can do to help keep your blog safe from hacking:

  • Get a good host that specializes in WordPress hosting
  • Keep your installation and plugins updated
  • Don’t use plugins that are no longer being maintained or developed
  • Use secure passwords
  • Backup your blog
  • Then back up blog some more
  • Make sure your host keeps offsite backups

These are just a few suggestions. You can do a Google search to learn more. When I get time I’ll update and hopefully organize our WordPress Resource page.