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Fiction Vixen is please to welcome author Sylvia Day. Today is the print release of Reflected in You, the second book in the Crossfire Series.

Reflected in You Sylvia Day

Welcome to Fiction Vixen Sylvia. We are excited to chat with you today. Congratulations on the amazing success of the first two books in your Crossfire series.

Let’s get right to it shall we?

Jen:   There are so many books being compared to 50 Shades right now.  From my perspective, I feel that the Crossfire series has a similar feel but goes far beyond where 50 took us.  Gideon and Eva both come from abuse yet also know wealth and privilege.  Was it harder to write about two characters that can almost see both sides of the coin?Sylvia Day

Sylvia: I wrote Bared to You to explore what a relationship would be like between two people who have everything in common, yet still can’t find common ground. Eva and Gideon’s lives mirror each other in so many ways, but they’ve each learned different coping mechanisms to deal with their shared trauma. The very things that they count on to survive are the very things that push the person they love away. It’s a complicated dynamic, but that was the goal when I started.


Jen: You are one crazy, diabolical woman.  I love it.  I admire it.  I want to be you when I grow up.  The second half of Reflected was set up so beautifully that I knew where it was going yet I didn’t see where it was going.  Does that make sense in a twisted way?  How did it come to you?

Sylvia:  I knew what Gideon was capable of when I met him and though he’s changed in profound ways, he’s still Gideon. As for plotting mayhem, I confess, that comes naturally. *smile*


Jen: Have you ever considered sticking a chapter or two in there from Gideon’s point of view?  I was aching inside for Eva especially when he stood her up at the therapist.  Do you think that by allowing us to only see Eva’s side it causes more emotional impact?

Sylvia: I plan to release a scene or two from Gideon’s POV, but no more than that. He’s very difficult to work with. He only allows me to see him through Eva’s eyes, which is why the story is told from her POV. He’s having a hell of time letting Eva in, let alone all of us.


Jen: Can we talk about Brett Kline too?  Will we see him in Entwined?  Please tell us you have something in the works for him?  While obviously not Gideon, he was still a fascinating dude.

Sylvia: Yes, we’ll see Brett again. I like him a lot, too. He’s the antithesis of Gideon, so it’s fascinating to me that Eva was/is so fiercely attracted to both of them. Each man brings different things to the table.


Jen: You write in several different genres.  Do you have a preference?  Is one genre easier than the other?

Sylvia: No preference. I’m a storyteller first and foremost. Time period and setting are mutable depending on the story I want to tell. Writing comes easiest if I’m consumed by the characters, regardless of when or where the book is set.


Jen: I will be pretty broken up after I finish the last Crossfire book.  Can you give us a look into what you have coming up next?

Sylvia: I can’t say Entwined with You will be the last book in the series until I finish it. It’s possible that it may take a fourth book to really get Gideon and Eva to the closure and happy ending they deserve. After that, I’m contracted for four more books: The last book in the Renegade Angels trilogy, A Taste of Seduction; one more historical romance; and two sequels in my Sapphire’s World trilogy, which started with In the Flesh. I’ll also continue to self-publish, because I enjoy it so much. Additionally, all of my backlist single titles under all my pseudonyms are being repackaged and re-released over the next few months.

Thank you for talking with us today Sylvia.

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  1. Kristye Smith says

    I absolutely love that there is still a possibility of another book AFTER Entwined in You!!!!

  2. Dana Trias Marion says

    I have read both of these e-books and enjoyed them so much. I wasn’t sure about Gideon and Eva having a happily-ever-after after reading the first book. After reading the second I have a lot more hope. Congrats, Sylvia!

  3. says

    I fell in love with Bared to You. It absolutely wrecked me for days. I couldn’t read anything because I was so wrapped up in their world. I am excited to read Reflected in You in a way I haven’t been excited about a book in a long time.

  4. Jennifer G says

    I oh so love Silvia Day! I have alot of her books and love them all. My favs are Bared to you and seven years to sin. She knows how to write a great story with plenty of steam!!! I would love a fourth Crossfire book!

  5. Stacy says

    Great interview ladies!! I would love this in print! Thank you for the chance! Now I shall anxiously wait for Entwined with You to be released!

  6. Karen says

    Loved the interview! As long as Eva and Gideon get their happy ending…..I don’t care how many books are written. I loved both Bared to You and Reflected in You. Disappointed about the delay in Entwined you In.

  7. Pam B says


    Great post. I love how the series is going and I am excited to read this next book.


  8. Jacqui says

    I loved loved loved Bared To You! I was at first reluctant to read it because I was such a 50 fan, but Carly Phillips DM’ed me on Twitter and suggested I read it, she said it was beautifully written and I would enjoy it. Well I took her suggestion and thank god I did! I fell in love with Gideon, he was so much more complex then Christian, and the way you wrote the first book, it has my heart breaking for Gideon and I don’t even know what happened that made him so damaged. Kudos to you Sylvia! I love these books! I would love a fourth book, if my poor heart can take it!

  9. Na S. says

    I so enjoyed Bared to You. Eve and Gideon’s story is so emotional and I can’t wait to read the next one.

  10. CrystalGB says

    Hi Sylvia. Great interview. I loved Bared to You. Looking forward to reading Reflected in You. :)

  11. Justine says

    I really like Sylvia’s response to the first question. From now on, I’m including that answer when I pitch the Crossfire series to friends.

  12. Susan T. says

    Thanks for the great interview. Absolutely loved Bared To You and can’t wait to read Reflected In You.

  13. Leni says

    I haven’t read this series yet and can tell that I’ve been missing out. As you wrote these stories, did the characters stray away from your outline of how you wanted the stories to be?

  14. erinf1 says

    thanks for the fabulous interview and congrats to Sylvia on her success :) I’m very excited cuz I just got Bared to You and I can’t wait to start reading!!!

  15. Pamela says

    I’ve been waiting to read Entwined with You. I bought Bared to You before it was published by the big house. I would live to win a copy.

  16. June M. says

    I just recently got BARED TO YOU and it is sitting on my TBR shelf just waiting for me. I have heard GREAT things about this series so I am very eager to read it. Congrats on the new release :)

  17. says

    Wonderful interview! Sylvia Day you are one of my hero’s. Crossfire series is simply amazing and I did not mind one bit over losing sleep just so I could read your books.

    One of the things I loved about Bared to You was the fact that Eva also had a privileged background. To often stories like Crossfire, one of the characters is basically plucked from obscurity and thrown into the lavish lifestyles of the other person.

    And it’s so true that Eva and Gideon reflect each other in so many ways but then are opposite in others. Sylvia you have created such great characters with depth and I am looking forward to whatever else you have in store for us.

    P.S – I’m interested in learning more about Brett Kline too. And I hope you answer some of my questions about Christopher in Entwined. His involvement in Gideon’s abuse is so fascinating!

  18. Brandee says

    I LOVE everything Sylvia Day writes…I’m always impressed that she seems so comfortable writing in any genre. So I love her answer about how she’s a storyteller first and foremost. =) She is quite the storyteller! I’d enjoy much more of Gideon and Eva so I’d be thrilled with another book in the series.

  19. Jen B. says

    I think it’s funny that your work is being compared to 50 Shades. Just your description shows how much thought goes in to making your characters multi layered and complex. I am really looking forward to reading this series.

  20. Laurie says

    I have Bared to You and it’s moving up in the reading list! My friend has just finished the the first 2 books and loved them. I have read other stories by Sylvia and she is wonderful! Thanks for the giveway!

  21. Texas Book Lover says

    I agree that I’d love to learn more about Brett Kline…maybe a series for him? But not till after Gideon and Eva are complete.

  22. Diane Sallans says

    I haven’t read the 50 Shades series – readers seem find this one to be much better written.

  23. Elyse says

    I was hooked after the first book and obviously cannot wait for the third! I’m excited to hear that there will be a little of a POV from Gideon. I like how we’ll be able to see the other side. It must be exhaustive writing from his perspective though.
    I love the fierce attraction they have for one another and can’t wait to see where it goes :) Great read! Already recommended to friends! Thank you Sylvia Day!

  24. Jodie says

    I held out a long time before reading the 50 series. The only reason I ended up reading the series was because I had read and loved Bared to You and reviews compared the two. (I much preferred Bared to You!) I can’t wait to read Reflected in You. I haven’t yet because I know it will be a can’t stop, marathon read for me and I have been waiting for a completely free day!

  25. Chelsea B. says

    After hearing so many great things about this series, I am really looking forward to starting it!

  26. JenM says

    Best wishes on the release. I’ve been a fan of the author’s since I started reading her Regencies and I’m looking forward to starting this series.

  27. Nicole says

    Absolutely loved reading Gideon and Eva in Bared to you; preordered kindle version of Reflected in you; dying for next book to be released…..i have turned into a book junkie since mothers day when i got my first kindle….Love your books Sylvia Day!!!!