I’m Breaking Up With You Google Friend Connect! GET OUT!!!

I’m fairly certain most of you have heard that Google will be pulling the plug on Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger hosted blogs this spring. Fiction Vixen is powered by WordPress and self-hosted so we will be losing that sexy little widget that has been with us since August of 2009. As you might have guessed, I am not amused. I’m bitter.

Angry Cat


In fact, I’m breaking up with you Google Friend Connect!! That’s right! Don’t tell me you’re leaving me and expect me to sit around and wait!! Go on!! Get OUT!!! I’m filing for custody of our followers. I will fight you for them! I love them and they are MINE!!!!! *sobs*

Don’t worry about me my friends. I’ll be okay. I’ll spend a day or two on the couch with box of tissues, and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Then, I’ll burn pictures of Google Friend Connect and delete all it’s text messages to me. Then…I’ll move on. Who needs Google Friend Connect anyway? *sobs* I won’t look longingly at the spot on the sidebar it always claimed as it’s own. I won’t wear it’s T-shirts and sleep on it’s pillow. I won’t hit refresh on my browser waiting for that email telling me I have a new follower. I won’t. *sobs* GOOD-BYE GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT! IT’S OVER!!!

*Ahem* I’m sorry you had to witness that. It was ugly I know. But it had to be done. A clean break was the only way. I shall carry on.

Now, as I file for divorce from Google Friend Connect you should know that you may not be able to read Fiction Vixen in your readers once Google pulls the plug. So now is the time to be proactive. Let’s fight back and show Google Friend Connect who’s boss shall we?

If you’d like to continue to get daily updates and read Fiction Vixen in your inbox or your favorite RSS reader the best method is to subscribe. Here’s what you do:

  • Subscribe via RSS
  • Subscribe via email (you will get daily emails, we post every day)

To give you a little encouragement to subscribe, I have some fun giveaways planned that will be available exclusively on my feed and email subscriptions. (I’ll still have blog giveaways but subscribers will be getting a few bonuses in the coming months.)

In addition to these methods of keeping up with Fiction Vixen, you can also:

So there you have it. The end of my relationship with Google Friend Connect. Time to move on. I’ll never love again, I just know it.


  1. says

    I hate that they’re doing this – I liked seeing my followers gradually going up. I’m still on blogger, but I’m worried about all the blogs I follow through GFC that aren’t – time to make new habits and work out how to use RSS things, I guess, so I can keep up with blogs that way.

  2. says

    What.The.Hell!!! This is such discrimination and who is the victim here? Us…we readers, bloggers…damn it! I’m angry *insert angry bird face here* I so understand your filing for divorce! This only adds work for us bloggers/readers….now I have to figure out which bloggers have wp and so on to change the feeds :( Like I have time for that! Pass the Ben&Jerry’s please…I need some sugar happiness too!

  3. says

    I have no idea what to do :/ I do not want my inbox filled, it is fulled already with review requests and such. Evil blogger! I guess I should put all my blogs on my sidebar…or forward to my new email account

  4. says

    Your first e-mail subscriber here, letting you know that, unfortunately for you, I’ll still be stalking my favorite romance book blog, FVBR!

    Sorry for the tears GFC may have cause, but I have no doubt you’ll be just fine without it. As soon as I’m brave enough, I want to make the switch to WP, too. I really admire you blog and have for a long time now. Thanks for being a source of inspiration, and Happy New Year! :)

  5. Shari says

    I feel the same way *cries*! I removed GFC right after they made the announcement and filed for divorce right away! They left me fro a younger, more immature blog source that they of course created. So goodbye to GFC and unfortunately Google also runs Feedburner so I am at a loss as to when I will have to break up with them as well. Maybe not, but with the way Google keeps picking off my boyfriend tools, I just can’t trust them any more.

    Following you all the ways I could find!

  6. Diane Sallans says

    I actually much prefer following thru email – I can keep much better track & not miss posts. Just goes to show that people are comfortable in different ways.

  7. Maria D. says

    Lol…I put you guys on the reader….I don’t know why they are doing this …it’s really such a pain in the backside…lol

  8. says

    I am soooo out of it. I have no idea what Google Friend Connect is. Does that mean I have no friends? No one loves me? *sniffles*

    Are they segregating us? Will I have to look longingly at your tweets, and not be allowed to view your blog? And hell, I can barely figure Twitter out these days. They keep changing things, too.


    I’m a mess.

    • says

      Noooo you can always read the blog. :) Google Friend Connect is that widget you see on the sidebar of blogs that has a button that says, “Join this site” or “Follow this blog”. It was basically an easy way for people to get blog updates in their blogger dashboard, or Google reader. But Google is taking the widget away from blogs that are not hosted on blogger. So, to make sure you still get blog updates, you need to subscribe to our RSS or via email. Or just follow on twitter. :)

  9. says

    I’ve been wondering how this is going to affect WordPress bloggers but I didn’t even think about these blogs not even showing up in the reader any more. I may be a Blogger user, but this irritates me that I’m losing some of the blogs on my reader.

    • says

      I haven’t been able to get a solid answer on that but the general consensus seems to be that once they pull the plug, subscriptions via GFC will no longer show up in your reader. So you need to subscribe via RSS. Darn Google. :(

  10. Sheree says

    Oh, man,,, I already don’t get updates of blogs that have changed their address/name. What’s the point of following via Google then. :( (I’ve subscribed)

  11. says

    Lol, I have become an email subscriber to your blog and a few others. The The good part of that is, I can read the posts while at the office. I can’t go blogging there, but I can read it already, and answer quickly when at home.

  12. says

    Amazing post hon. Made my morning a whole lot better. I agree, this is very stupid of Google. Why get rid of something people use regularly? I can understand if they got rid of a product no one uses, but GFC? That is insane. Oh well, I signed up via Email. Thanks so much :)

  13. says

    I’m on self-hosted WordPress, too, but I have yet to break up with my GFC. I think I’m in denial. Maybe I’m hoping they will change their minds (kinda like Verizon did with the whole “let’s charge our customers a fee to pay us” thing). Blech. I guess I should start seriously looking at this. ugh…how freaking annoying.

    • says

      I had a hard time accepting ti too Jen LOL. I still hold out hope GFC will consider counseling but until then I’m going through with the divorce. :)

  14. says

    Okay, so I use Google Reader and I have no clue which blogs I follow because of GFC and which I added via an RSS feed. Is there any way to find out? I don’t want to lose out missing my favorite blogs, but I am lazy and don’t want to completely redo my Google Reader. Have you already removed? Because I got your Cecilia Grant post just 5 hours ago on the reader.

    Okay… Good luck to us ALL! Since I’m still a Blogger Blog, I’m leaving mine as is. *crosses fingers*

    PS. Using Google Plus is NOT helpful… I’ve been trying. It does not replace GFC like Google wants you to believe.

    • says

      Hi Jen,

      In your Google Reader there will be a folder called “Blogs I Follow”. Those are your subscriptions from the GFC widget. All others are RSS. You’ll still get FV in your “Blogs I Follow” folder until spring at least.

  15. says

    Love the picture and very funny post, Sophia :-). Though I’m very sorry for the unfortunate ending to this previously-loving relationship, of course!

  16. says

    I’m pretty bitter about this, myself. I’m also on WP and getting the shaft. Thanks a lot GFC, you ratbastard. I sent out a newsletter via GFC asking my followers to subscribe via email or networked blogs and hoping they’ll do it. Maybe I should have more contests too? :)

    I’m already subscribed via email, btw. I love being able to read your posts on the DL in class. Since I put all my powerpoints on my iPad, I just pretend to by going over them while I’m checking my email and reading my favorite blogs. I’m naughty, I know.