If You Like: Then You Should Read: (Cherise Sinclair Edition)

Cheriese Sinclair

I recently finished My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair. As with all Cherise Sinclair books, I almost cried when I turned the last page. For years I have been searching for a BDSM writer than can compare to Ms. Sinclair but I have yet to find one as good. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place? I will list some of the things I adore about her books and hopefully y’all can help me.

The Male Leads

Xavier was the latest hero I read about and he was fabulous. Her heroes are what I would call controlled. Each of them has a past but they do not let that past define them or hold them back from the heroines they are presented with. They have a certain calm about them that draws the women, and the reader, to them. If was ever going to let someone tie me up and spank me, it would be one of Cherise Sinclair’s boys! 😉

The Way BDSM is Handled

Ms. Sinclair writes the most amazing portrayal of BDSM. Each book focuses on good, consensual play between people. I recently read a book that had a very ugly, disturbing view on BDSM. For that book it was all about who could hit who harder. In Cherise Sinclair books the safe word is a must and is kept sacred. There is a level of trust and watchfulness in each scene that is played out and nothing happens behind closed doors or is degrading to the people involved.

The Creativeness

From fire play to electrical play to rope play, from games with water guns and crazy toys nobody can show me something new like Ms. Sinclair has. I am amazed that each book of hers that I read has something different in it. There is no repeat of what happened in the previous book but always something new and fresh in the BDSM play.

So that is what I am looking for! BDSM seems to be the ‘thing’ right now but I cannot find someone to compare to Ms. Sinclair. Please help!!

Fill in the blank: If you like Cherise Sinclair’s books, then you should read ___________.

Series by Cherise Sinclair:
Masters of the Shadowlands
Mountain Masters
Dark Haven

UPDATED with a list of reader recommenations:

Joey Hill’s Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trilogy
Joey Hill’s Nature of Desire
Maybe Wicked Ties by Shayla Black?
Joely Sue Burkhart Yours to Take
Bonds of Trust Lynda Aicher
Candace Blevins, Kallypso Masters, Lexi Blake and Kele Moon
Eliza Gayle’s Submissive Beauty
Lissa Matthews Pink Buttercream Frosting Masked, Unmasked, and Revealed
Anything by Kallypso Masters
Anything by CJ Roberts
The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton
Nicole Austin Tempestuous
Comfort Object
Caressa Knees
Club Mephisto
Burn for You
Owning Wednesday
Submissive Beauty
Pleasure Playground Series
Femme Chattel
Commanding Kat
Dom of my Dreams


  1. Mandi says

    I think Joey Hill’s Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trilogy are a nice comparison to this book. They are two books in the middle of her series but read as standalones….def rec them.

    I’m 1/2 through and really enjoying.

    • says

      I agree – Joey Hill’s Nature of Desire series is wonderful. It also has one of the few FemmeDomme stories I could actually get behind.

  2. says

    Jen – I totally have to agree. I love, love, love Cherise Sinclair. Her Doms are the best!!! And her subs are so real and relate-able. Real women. I’m so looking forward to more Shadowlands books. Master Sam and then the FBI agents. Good stuff.

    • says

      Master Sam should be interesting. Pure sadist. I am going to have to trust Ms. Sinclair on that one because I really didn’t like the chick I think he will hook up with.

      But Vance and Galen + Sally. Oh yum. I want.

  3. Dani says

    This is a tough one… Maybe Wicked Ties by Shayla Black? It’s my next favorite BDSM book after anything writen by Cherise Sinclair.

    • says

      Jack Cole is one of my favorite Dom’s. Ever. That is the first true BDSM book I ever read and he holds a special place in my uh…heart?!

      Have you read Damon Roche (Sweet Persuasion)?

  4. says

    Have ou read any of Joely Sue Burkhart’s books? Her recent Yours to Take was hot, though it’s femdom, which was why i read it. But the heroine has brothers who appear to be doms, too, so I intend to read the rest of that series.

  5. Valarie P says

    Ok, you are going to kill me for this recommendation…simply because it isn’t out yet. But, new author Lynda Aicher has a BDSM book coming out in November called Bonds of Trust through Carina Press and you can pre-order it on Amazon.
    I was one of her beta readers, and before this book I had never found a BDSM book that didn’t make me cringe. Lynda handled the aspects of it very well, along with the development and growth of the characters. I loved both the main characters in it, as well as the secondary characters who will soon be getting their own books.
    I haven’t read Cherise Sinclair so I don’t know how they compare but I will definitely check out this book though.

  6. Diana N. says

    Several blogs I’ve read have also mentioned Candace Blevins, Kallypso Masters, Lexi Blake and Kele Moon in conjuction with BDSM books. I haven’t read all of these books yet (it’s hard to read anything else when you have Master Raoul and Ty & Zane to get through!) but I haven’t heard anything negative to give me skeevy feelings.

  7. Shari says

    Kallypso Masters is a must BDSM buy. Kallypso thanks Cherise for her help in the first book, Master at Arms. Master At Arms is a prequel to the first 3 love stories in the series and is free. Tomorrow Kally is releasing the fourth book, Nobody’s Perfect, in the series which I am on pins and needles waiting for! Also my site is doing a read a long for the series starting tomorrow.

    I adore Cherise Sinclair and had a hard time finding a similar writing style. Candace Blevins writes some deeper BDSM books, but they are very sadist, but sane and sensual. My favorite of hers is Safeword: Matte.

    Eliza Gayle’s Submissive Beauty is awesome too. I think she is releasing a new book soon in that series called Purgatory.

    Lissa Matthews is another favorite…Pink Buttercream Frosting. Her M/M BDSM series is Masked, Unmasked, and Revealed is a must read. She also will be releasing at least one more for this series I think.

    Hope this helps!


    • says

      Ha! Ok, so now after the third Kallypso Masters recommenation I am beginning to wonder why I haven’t read her before?! Thank you!

  8. pamelia says

    I “third” the vote for Kallypso Masters and am not so patiently waiting the release of “Nobody’s Perfect”!
    I also enjoyed “Make Me Shiver” by Aline Hunter, but it’s the only BDSM book she’s written thus far (although I think it’s supposed to be the start of a series.)

    • says

      Re: Master at Arms

      Ok, do I have read that first book or can I skip to the second one that starts the individual stories. How much would I miss?

      • pamelia says

        Masters at Arms sets up ALL the stories and I think it’s pretty essential. I was hesitant about reading it first, but it was free and after I read it I was hyped for all 3 follow up books.

  9. Judi L says

    I have loved every Cherise Sinclair book. Love them! I recently read an amazing 2 book series by CJ Roberts. Dark, erotic emotional, sometimes hard to read, but the story was one of the best I’ve ever read. I would recommend to everyone as long as you’re prepared for a pretty gritty read. First book in the series is Captive in the Dark followed by Seduced in the Dark. Both 5 big stars from me.

  10. pamelia says

    Ooh… I almost forgot “The Reluctant Dom” by Tymber Dalton. Has anyone else read that one? It’s really good and packs a HEFTY emotional punch.

  11. barbara says

    I am a huge Cherise fan, so I understand completely. :)

    There are several books by Nicole Austin that I really enjoyed. In particular, Tempestuous; it’s one of my favs.

  12. Stacy says

    Hi, here are some recs. you should check out!
    ANNABEL JOSEPH- she writes awesome bdsm!
    Comfort Object
    Caressa Knees
    Club Mephisto
    Burn for You
    Owning Wednesday
    ELIZA GAYLE- again, awesome bdsm, lots of emotion.
    Submissive Beauty
    Pleasure Playground Series
    protegee- one of my all time favorites!!! (ignore awful cover!)
    Femme Chattel
    Commanding Kat
    Dom of my Dreams

    Also, anything by Kitty Thomas or Skye Warren but they write more dark, raw, edgy erotica! These were just off the top of my head, I know I’ll think of more! Good luck!!

  13. says

    Oh, I love Cherise Sinclair so much, and I agree – it’s hard to find authors who can write BDSM as well as she does! I agree with a lot of the recommendations from above, and have a few others to add:

    -Dominique Adair writes BDSM for both Samhain and Ellora’s Cave. Not bad, but IMO, not on Sinclair’s level
    -Melinda Barron has a very similar series to the Shadowlands, called Tyger’s. They are probably the CLOSEST I’ve read to Sinclair, but very big on the club scene.
    -Sierra Cartwright was in the Dom’s of Dark Haven anthology with Sinclair. If you bought and read that whole book, you can get a sample of whether or not you like her writing style. Her BDSM is a little more hard-core for me personally.
    -Callie Croix does VERY VERY light BDSM in her Dume Ranch series. And by very light, I mean VERY LIGHT!
    -I saw people recommend Joey W Hill’s vampire books. I personally wasn’t a fan of those, but I really enjoy her Boardroom books, which are contemporary BDSM with no paranormal.
    -Roni Loren also started a BDSM series with Berkley Heat. Those books are good. You can get an e-novella for cheaper and see if you like her writing.

    I hope this helps!! 😀

    • says

      Great suggestions! Thank you! I think I bought one of Roni Loren’s books recently. I will have to go back and check that out.

  14. vivian says

    I have to say the authors already mention at the top are who I would recommend. But like you I am looking for the same thing,always looking out for more writers like Cherise Sinclair,Joey W. Hill,Kally Masters and Lexi Blake.

  15. eva says

    Maybe give Melinda Barron a try?
    There’s the Tygers series with 5 books and you also get the BDSM club connection with those.
    One other book of hers I’ve read is a standalone Desert Surrender and it’s also quite good.

      • eva says

        I’ve read both authors and liked what I read. In Sinclair’s books the club scene I felt played a larger role than in Barron’s Tygers series where it was more in the background. But overall both series have a strong BDSM presence in them and for me both were really good and enjoyable reads.

  16. says

    Thank you so much for this post! It is so hard to find good BDSM! Lately several books have been disappointing and I think new BDSM is horrible. Everyone raves about The Fifty Shades of Grey series but please that is more just talking about the act of BDSM without really just getting in there and doing it.

    I really need to read Club Shadowlands now.

  17. Sandy Rudniski says

    Sophie Oak’s Siren series is very, very good. Actually her Bliss series is my favorite, but the Siren series has more BDSM in it. I love her dom’s, Jullian Lodge and Jack Barns mite be able to give master Z a run for his money, lol. Also Leah Brooke’s desire series is awesome, some of the books in that series have more BDSM than others, but they are all fantastic.