If You Like: Then You Should Read: (Ava March – Historical m/m Edition)

Hubs and I are watching Game of Thrones again this season.  I’m really excited the new season is underway and I’m really enjoying the fantasy aspect in the historical setting. The plot is thickening, war is coming and no one is safe! **I miss you Khal Drogo!** While there is sex I wouldn’t necessarily call it a sexy series, *cough*incest*cough* but I have found the sprinkling of gay relationships quite intriguing. Last week there was a nearly intimate—and by intimate I mean hot—scene between the characters Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon. (For a little tease go here but promise to come back!) After I splashed a little cold water on my face it occurred to me that I should definitely read more historical m/m starting now.

I wouldn’t say I’ve read a lot of historical m/m but I have read some. My favorite historical m/m author is Ava March. I think I’ve read around 10 of her books and have loved them all. There are many reasons to like her stories but here are my top two:

The forbidden attraction

This is not exclusive to Ava March’s books of course. Gay relationships during the regency period were very dangerous indeed. Ava March really captures that and creates love stories that are forbidden and dangerous, but believable.  She creates emotional angst and sexual tension between her characters and finds a way to give them a happily ever after…or at least a happily for now.

Strong characterization

Most (maybe all?) of the m/m books I’ve read by Ava March are not full length novels. My most consistent complaint is always in the ending. Her books tend to end too abruptly for me. But, she never skimps on the character development. With each book I’ve read I come away feeling like I know the characters well and what makes them unique and special. Some of them have stayed with me for a time after their story was told.

Convincing Arthur - Ava March  Convincing Leopold - Ava March

Convincing Arthur is my favorite Ava March book followed closely by Convincing Leopold. Arthur is an upstanding solicitor and insists on discretion. Too much starch in his cravat I think. Leo needs to mess it up. Leopold has a taste for drink, debauchery and Arthur and he fully intends to not only seduce him, but to keep  him. Leo is my favorite drama queen. :)

So tell me, what other m/m historicals are a must read?

Fill in the blank: If you like Ava March’s historical m/m romance, then you should read ________. 

(I’ll update the post later with everyone’s recs)


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    Alex Beecroft! She has such a beautiful voice, and her books are so romantic and slightly angsty. Her sex scenes are very mild, almost fade-to-black, but her characters are so passionate and the action so intense that you don’t miss the sex.

    ETA: love the new look!

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      I’ve never heard of that author. I’m off to check. I like hot steamy m/m but if there’s enough passion and intensity, I’ll be fine.

      Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you like the new design!

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    Funny you should recommend Ava March Sophia as I just read her post on the Carina blog and decided to try her new historical m/m series. I haven’t read any m/m books yet, so I am curious and a bit anxious, but if you praise her too then it seems I have chosen the best to intriduce me to this new subgenre :-)

  3. Andrea says

    I’m no help on this.

    I just finished the Brook Street Trilogy by Ava March and loved them. I’ll have to read Convincing Arthur and Convincing Leopold if they’re your favorites. Although, I can’t imagine anything better than Thief :)

  4. Linda says

    I recently read my first m/m, a historical called The Only Gold by Tamara Allen. I *highly* recommend it. She’s just a beautiful writer and she’s really done her research. The story revolves around a bank heist in post-Civil War New York City and the setting just comes alive. It’s also a “closed-off, repressed guy learns to live a little with the help of a more outgoing partner” kind of a story. The love scenes are sexy but not explicit. It’s a great book for anyone who just enjoys good writing, not necessary just for m/m fans.

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    I started out reading M.L. Rhodes. Cameron Dane is awesome as well. I love them both… I’m huge Ava fan… Just finished the first two Rogues books. Yum!

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    Hmmm…I need to try Beecroft.

    Ava March has such a romantic voice in her books…they are always so swoon worthy. I think Marie Sexton has a similar swoony, romantic vibe.

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    I love Ava March and have read almost everything she has written. Her Bound series is my favorite, but I am really enjoying Brook Street as well. I haven’t read Erastes, but I have heard she has great m/m historicals. One of my reviewers just read her most recent Carina book and really liked it (review isn’t live yet tho). I have heard great things about Alex Beecroft as well.

    Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon do great m/m historicals. I also love Charlie Cochet’s stuff, although hers are set in the 1920s/30s, not regency era. I also loved Private Gentleman by Heidi Cullinan.

    I have reviews for some of this stuff over on my blog if anyone is interested in checking them out (http://joyfullyjay.com)

  8. Marika Weber says

    Check out Charlie Cochrane’s series from Samhain: Cambridge Fellows Mysteries. Great series.