If You Like R.L. Mathewson, Then You Should Read…

The girls at Fiction Vixen have been glomming up some R.L. Mathewson books lately. This self-pub’d author writes fun, sexy romances that will make you laugh out loud. I’ve read one, and started on another. Angela is currently working her way though the back-list. Since I posted about the price of R.L. Mathewson’s book increasing soon, we all rushed to buy up the back-list while they’re still at .99 cents. But really, even when the prices go up, these books are well worth it.

I asked Jen and Catherine, what makes R.L. Mathewson’s books stand out?

The Characters

Jen says:

R.L. Mathewson is somehow able to make me like a man who should be unlikable.  Trevor from Perfection had a perfect 10 that he refused to give up on.  Even when it was clear his less than perfect 10 neighbor was really the woman for him, he still wouldn’t let the idea go.  But it was funny.  He was so oblivious that the reader just couldn’t hate him.

Catherine says:

I also love that her characters are not nice. They’re asses a lot of the time and they relish the fact. I just feel such a sense of fun from the plot and cast when I read this author. It’s irresistible.

The Humor

Jen says:

In her Neighbor from Hell series all the Bradford boys are obsessed with food. They have been banned from buffets far and wide. Perfection has an awesome scene at a new buffet where they are banned once again.  There is enough mystery left in the scene so the reader has to use their imagination to figure out what really happened but the parts we are told are pretty classic.

Catherine says:

The humor is really what draws me to her books. I love how over the top and crazy the characters and situations are and how absolutely normal that behavior is treated by some of the characters. I mean buffet bans?  Really? It’s that ‘in on the joke’ feel that I love most.

The Obliviousness of Each Couple

Jen says:

Everything is set up to where the reader knows they are a couple but for some reason the couple never knows they are a couple.  Joe and Eric from Sudden Response are totally a couple from page 1 of that book yet they just think they are bff’s.  They sleep together, work together, eat together…..everything yet they swear they are just friends.  Same with Trevor and Zoe.  It took forever for him to be smacked upside the head.  Somehow I feel like I know something the characters don’t know.  It is kind of fun.

Fiction Vixen Reviews:

I’m just going to take a lazy short-cut here and say I agree whole-heartedly with what Jen and Catherine have said. I love feel good romances and so of course, I want more!! So, you need to give us some recommendations! Based on what you’ve read here, or what you know about R.L. Mathewson’s books:

Fill in the blank

If you like R.L. Mathewson’s books, then you should read ___________.


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  1. Tabitha says

    I highly recommend Shelly Laurenston Magnus Pack and Pride series as well as the Dragon Kin series written under G.A. Aiken.

  2. JenM says

    The Shelly Laurenston comparison is the obvious one because both authors aren’t afraid to write characters that are completely over-the-top. In addition, I would recommend Dana Marie Bell’s Halle Puma series. It has that same feel, although her other series don’t. Another author who isn’t afraid to “go there” with her characters is Eve Langlais. I only wish she wrote novel length but she only likes to write novellas.

    • says

      I recently heard about Langlais and am really excited to try her out. Seeing her rec’ed again in comparison to this type of humor has me hopeful.