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***We have have not posted anything here we consider to be spoilers, however some have different views on what is or is not a spoiler. Read at your own risk.***


“I make a new discovery that totally blows. Dying is the easy part. It’s coming back to life that sucks.” —Dani


“You’re too young to laugh when you’re dying. —Ryodan

Iced Karine Marie Moning

Jen and I have been eagerly anticipating the release of Iced by Karen Marie Moning. Both of us have read and re-read The Fever series and we were ready to pounce on our Kindles the moment the book appeared on our home screens. This is How The Feck We Felt about it.

Jen: So it is no big secret that I am a Fever freak.  I just finished listening to the audio version in order to prepare for Iced.  I wanted to have everything fresh in my head.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel about about this new series because, honestly, Dani was not my favorite person in the books.  She was annoying and immature.  Her voice on the audio books grated on my nerves.  I did think that Ryodan was going to be another love for me.  If he is anything like Barrons, I will beat a chick down for looking twice at him.  Imagine my surprise when the opposite ended up being true.

Sophia: I too am a total Fever fan. I am a little embarrassed to admit this but I get jittery before the release of each new book. This series is amazing, and I can’t get enough. It never even occurred to me that I might not like this book as much as the rest of the series though. I guess I have blinders lol. Although things did NOT go how I expected, I was not disappointed. I might have said WTF a few times, but I loved this book.


Jen: Dani wasted no time in growing on me.  Her voice and thoughts were a 14 year olds, yet not.  She has seen and done too many things to still be a normal 14 year old.  She takes her job of saving Dublin and all the humans very seriously.  I thought this part to be a little odd because it is almost as if she doesn’t see herself as one of those humans.  Foreshadowing?  With KMM, who knows?

“I lock eyes with my reflection and don’t look away.  The day you look away you start to lose yourself.  I’m never going to lose myself.  You are what you are.  Deal with it or change it.”

Sophia: I wasn’t worried about how I’d feel about Dani. As I recall, KMM made Mac pretty annoying in the beginning of the Fever series and she grew tremendously throughout her journey. Dani is already pretty grounded for a fourteen year old, but she still needs time to work through her teenage angst among the chaos that is her world. I like Dani.

“You think you’re going to chain me to a wall then stand here and tell me why it’s okay that I am the way I am? That because of all the crap folks put me through when I was young it’s all right that I turned out like this? Dude, I don’t have a problem with how I turned out. I like me.”


Jen: Now Ryodan, oh Ryodan.  I wish I could think back to when I was first reading Fever and how I felt about Barrons because Ryodan is just not my favorite dude in this book.  Did I feel this way about Barrons in the beginning?  The dynamic here is so weird.  Dani is 14 but there is a clear love rectangle going on?  I am not even sure Ryodan will be the winner, although it seems he might be?  Barrons was a beast, a very emotional beast.  Ryodan is the opposite.  He is cold, calculating and mean.

“You’ll never be just anything. A tsunami can never be ‘just’ a wave.”

“Get off my chin.”

“I like that about you. Waves are banal. Tsunamis reshape the Earth. Under the right circumstances, even entire civilizations.”

I blink.

“You’re going to be one hell of a woman one day, Dani.”

Sophia: Like you, I went into this book thinking I was going to totally fall for Ryodan. There were some shocking, WTF moments involving him and that really put me off. But then I remember I felt the same way about Barrons many times as well. So I still have faith that he will be a character I like. But I will say by the end of this book I realized this trilogy is not what I thought it was going to be. I was blown away by the unexpected turns. We’ll discuss this further in an upcoming post.

“Barrons breaks heads. Ryodan turns them inside out. Barrons fucks you up. Ryodan makes you fuck yourself up. He pushes buttons and rearranges things according to his own private, coolly sociopathic plan.”

Jen: The interaction between Dani and Ryodan is classic.  They are funny and perfect.  I love when Ryodan uses the word bugfuck.  Even with a vast age difference between the two, Dani can go toe to toe with Ryodan.

“Observations,” he says.

“Four imperial Unseelie guards were the only commonality I was able to isolate endemic to both scenes.” They’d been standing, armed, at the dock doors, overseeing the delivery.

He gives me a sidewise look. “Wow. That was, like, a whole sentence. With nouns and verbs and connective tissue. Endemic. Fancy word.”


“Sloppy, Mega,” I mutter. I still can’t see. I wipe my bloody nose on my sleeve and reach out to feel what I hit.

“That’s my dick,” Ryodan says.

I snatch my hand away. “Gah!” I choke out. I can feel my face again—because, like, it’s going up in flames. What kind of universe makes me reach out at exactly that fecking level to feel what I think is a wall and puts my hand on a penis?

Then I remember this is Ryodan and scowl. “You did that on purpose!” I accuse. “You saw my hand go out and you stepped right into it!”

“I’d do that why, kid?”

Sophia: When I wasn’t fearing for Dani’s life, I loved Ryodan and Dani together. I like that Dani pushes Ryodan, but when I think she’s going to back down, she defies him. But I don’t see her as a stupid heroine, in her defiance. She’s the Mega and she knows it.

I love that Ryodan pushes Dani’s buttons too:

“Turn it off,” Ryodan says without even looking at me. “You’re distressing Dani. No one distresses Dani but me.”

Sophia: I’m very interested in the way Dani seems very conflicted in her feelings about Ryodan and how she does a good job of hiding behind her teenage bravado. On one hand she resents him for forcing her into service and imposing rules on her. On the other hand, she sort of idolizes Ryodan. I’m looking forward to seeing how this relationship plays out.

“Kid, Batman needs Robin.”

Dude. I go all soft and melty inside and swallow a dreamy sigh. Robin to his Batman! Superhero partners. There are lots of versions where Robin gets way stronger. He could have had me at hello if he’d said that first. “You don’t want me to work for you. You want a superhero partner. That’s a whole different story. Why didn’t you just say so?”


Jen: Christian is one effed up dude now.  We see his transformation over to Unseelie Prince in Iced.  Somehow he still retains enough feeling to become almost obsessed with Dani.  He talks about wedding presents for her.  He is very protective of her and hates that she is ever around Ryodan.  Interesting that he mentions he knows about how Barrons’ son was killed and that he wants to do the same to Ryodan.  I did not like where that could be going.  I do not want Christian to be the villain.  One of my favorite scenes is where Christian is watching Dani and Ryodan and Ryodan knows it.

“He’s a walking dead man.  If he wasn’t serious about what he just showed me, and he’s gaming me, he gamed the wrong Unseelie Prince.  I’ll kill him long before he gets around to killing her.  I know how men like him work.  I’m becoming one.  If he was serious about what he just showed me, he showed it to the wrong Unseelie Prince.

Because what he showed me is that he sees the same things in her I do.  He knows she’s worth waiting for.  And when it’s time, he intends to be the one.  That’s why he’s keeping her close.

To those of us who live forever, a few years isn’t long to wait.  Not for something worth waiting for.  Not for a once-in-a-lifetime girl.”

Sophia: I love that quote.

Christian…well…he…I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel about him. He is a loved character from previous books and we see him becoming evil but fighting it hard and yet sometimes embracing it. I think that because he is so conflicted it is what makes him seem so crazy. But he has a very lucid moment in this book that makes me believe in him. I don’t know what we’ll see from Christian in the future, but I know it will be interesting. I haven’t given him over to the Unseelie just yet.

“Say my name, lass.”

I cover my ears and look at him like what the feck? His voice just came out as big as a house.

“Say my fucking name!”

Thunder rolls in the sky. I wrap my arms around my head to mute his voice. Times like this, I hate my superhearing. I look up. There’s no storm moving in. It’s him. Influencing the weather, just like Fae royalty. I look back down. A veneer of ice coats the sidewalk around him, a shimmer of crystals dusts his black boots and frosts halfway up his jeans.

“Christian,” I say.


Jen: One person in the book I really despised is Jo. Jo becomes Ryodan’s “girlfriend” in Iced.
I really liked is that Dani’s reaction to the situation is that of a 14 year old.  She doesn’t get jealous in a way we would expect.

Sophia: I had a different take on Jo. I don’t like what’s going on with her in the story, but I don’t hate her for what’s going on either. I’d be happy if she went away though. There is a lot to discuss when it comes to Jo and we’ll have another post that involves our theories about where this trilogy is going. We’ll talk more about Jo and other characters in a future post.


Jen: Dancer is kind of a wild card.  He seems too normal which means there has to be something major going on there.  He is smart and plays a subtle background role.  Dani thinks of him as just a friend but I am beginning to think he thinks of himself as something a little more.

Sophia: Yes, there is definitely more than meets the eye where Dancer is concerned. The name V’lane keeps echoing in my head. We all know what happened with him right? No, I don’t think he’s V’lane but I do expect something more from Dancer than the slightly awkward, brainiac he has been portrayed as so far. Keep your eye on Dancer folks.


Jen: Lor was one of my favorite characters in the book.  He was pretty funny.  Ryodan had him watching over Dani a lot so we got to see his humor and almost human-like emotions.  Almost.

“Like a horse, honey, somebody’s gonna break you.”

“Never. Going. To. Happen.”

Sophia: I loved Lor and how he became almost close with Dani. I say almost because he is what he is after all and he is one scary dude. He gives Dani “advice” and I think he even calls her honey or some other endearment. I like seeing a softer side to these very dangerous men. He’s unexpectedly funny sometimes.

“Don’t you have any Mötley Crüe or Van Halen?” Lor says. “Maybe ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’?”

The Fecking End

I didn’t mention much of the overall story arc.  There is still much about Cruce/V’lane.  Each of Dani’s books are supposed to be a mystery in themselves but also expand upon the big picture.   Iced ties up the Iced mystery but does end on one of the patented KMM cliffhangers.  I said some dirty words in connection with her name when I finished.  Of course, I ended up loving this book.  Just like I love everything she writes.  She ruins me for all other books.  Jen’s final grade- A+

No, we have not heard the last of Cruce. Not by a long shot. And oh the ending. The ending actually didn’t piss me off. I was looking forward to “that” moment all throughout the book. I was bummed that’s where it ended but excited that’s where we’ll pick up. Iced gets a fecking A from me.

I mentioned we would have another post about Iced coming up. Keep an eye out for ICED: What The Feck We Think where we will discuss our theories about where this story is going, what it all means and how Karen Marie Moning mind-fecked us again.

“Patience and persistence aren’t mutually exclusive. You have no idea how patient I am. When I want something.” —Ryodan

Rating: A+/A
Iced by Karen Marie Moning
October 30th 2012 by Delacorte Press
Amazon || Barnes & Noble


  1. Mandi says

    I was so worried I wouldn’t like Dani but totally fell in love with her.

    I also love Ryodan – I didn’t find him mean. I found him…controlling but in a way that Dani needs. (is that creepy? LOL)

    Christian – He made me LOL. I feel for him because of what he is going through but he is so insane I giggle.

    Dancer – I’m waiting for something big with him,…so far I like him though.

    Yes – we need to discuss theories for the next year. I need stress out over everything and worry and bite my nails and get jittery. How does KMM manage to do this to us with every book? :)

  2. Dani says

    Am I the only one who feels like KMM is using the same formula for Dani’s trilogy that was used in the Fever books? Like, we get one annoying/kickass heroine (Mac/Dani), one hot/alpha/douche dude (Barrons/Ryodan), one fae hot dude that can go either way (Vlane/Christian), one human cute friend (Christian/Dancer)… I guess I was expecting something fresh, not a replay of the same dynamics,
    I don’t know, once I got over the “OMG IT’S A NEW KMM BOOK” excitement, it was only an ok book for me.

    • says

      No, you’re not the only one. Jen and I discussed that while we were reading. She even uses the “silent conversation” thing: I didn’t say…. and he didn’t say….

      But this book totally worked for me. The difference for me is this book was more character driven and I like that. I’m really invested in these characters and I’m excited that KMM is focusing on them.

  3. Selena Mc says

    I have some really great Q&A about ICED with Karen from Tuesday. Will be getting them together to do some guest posts about the ICED launch party.


  4. says

    I LOVED this book. LOVED IT. I did not love Shadowfever, and I did not previously have love for Dani… so I was throwing some shade when it was announced this would be a Dani POV story. I am so glad I listened to everyone and went ahead and picked it up. KMM totally delivered with this, I had no idea how much I missed Fever Dublin, and am so glad it’s back!

    • says

      Oh Pam! I’m glad you gave it a shot. I thought KMM really brought it. I didn’t dislike Dani in the past but I totally understand why people did. I’m excited because I know we’ll see tremendous growth from her.

  5. says

    Great review ladies. Ryodan-Oy vey. I like him but I see him as the big brother. Not sure why. I do believe he sees Dani as a future for him but I have a funny feeling somethings will be discovered that will cancel any relationship between them.

    Christian-GAH!! He does bat shit crazy so well!! I feel bad for him. I suspect Mac and Barrons will have some ‘splaining to do in the future. He is also too old for Dani.

    Dancer-He’s perfect. I like him and Dani together.

    Jo-Reminds me of Layla from BDB. She needs to go. How could Ryodan actually fall for someone needy like that? He needs a warrior at his side. Someone who will challenge him every step of the way. Like Mac does to Barrons. I think he’s hitting up Jo because he KNOWS its the best way to keep Jo inline, ie, it keeps Dani in line. But I don’t think it will work for long.

    Lor just rocks. :)

    OMG…is the next book ready???

    • says

      LALALALALA I can’t hear you when you speak of Ryodan. MAKE IT STOP.

      100% agree with your Jo description. She is lame. I want her to step in front of a bus. Stop yelling at me. I don’t care how much she means to Dani.

  6. Lisa says

    I’m trying to remember the significance of Jo from the other Fever books…what was she about?? I get that Ryodan needs some tail but it made me feel bad for Dani when she was almost dying and they’re banging on his desk. I guess if you’ve ever been cheated on you can empathize with Dani even though she doesn’t understand her feelings about Ryodan.

    I think Christian should kidnap Dani and take her to feary to grow her up and make her totally unstoppable and Ryodan has to rescue her 😉

    • says

      The one scene that stands out, for me, with Jo was in Shadowfever. She is the one that ripped the cell phone out of Ryo’s hands and broke it while they were down in the area where Cruce is frozen. He said something like, “you will pay for that.”

      • Lisa says

        That’s right…I remember that now. I just don’t recall her being of much significance in the first books. Karen must be weaving a world and making her a player in it in the other 2 books. Still don’t like her, she’s a fecking sheep, baaaaaaa! lol…I loved when Dani said Ryodan got her ice cream, so awesome!!


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