Historical Cover Overload!

The Duke's Perfect Wife
Oh, man, I want this book sooo bad. I feel like I have been waiting forever for The Duke’s Perfect Wife. Hart has intrigued me from the very first book. I hope Jennifer Ashley doesn’t tone down his character here.


At Your Pleasure
I am so eager to read another Meredith Duran. She has such an incredible talent. I am counting down the days until At Your Pleasure releases. Come on, March 27th. 😉


Taming an Impossible Rogue
Yet another exciting book is on the horizon! I am a big Suzanne Enoch fan of old, so I snatch her books up whenever I see a new one. I haven’t been able to find a summary for Taming an Impossible Rogue yet, so if you’ve found one, pass it my way.


The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae
You all can look for The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens in stores this coming January. What do you all think of the cover? I love the overall autumny color tone and the dress in particular.


The Saint
Ooh, a second-chance-romance. How many of you guys are eager for this book? Mark your calendars, guys. The Saint by Monica McCarty will be released on March 27th.


The hero in Unraveled is named Smite. Huh. That would be awkward to call out in the throws, eh? Keep an eye out for this release from Courtney Milan next month. It’s late notice, but better late than never. Besides, I couldn’t resist commenting on the hero’s name. 😉


If I Fall
Is it April yet? I really want to read If I Fall. I loved the last book I read by Kate Noble and have been eager for more ever since.


Beguiling the Beauty
It has been a while since the last Sherry Thomas release, so I know many people are salivating over the thought of getting their hands on Beguiling the Beauty. It’s going to be a long wait until May, but at least the end is in sight.


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    Great cover finds, Catherine!

    Didn’t realize Meredith Duran’s new book had been announced. Not sure how I feel about the cover. I like it by itself, but as a historical romance cover – I don’t know. Looks like an Angelina Jolie magazine cover shot.

    The Suzanne Enoch one looks very different than her others; she’s written some of my favs but I’ve been disappointed by her recent ones.

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      Thanks, Juliana. :) The Duran cover is different from a lot of other HR covers out there. I’m on the fence about it, but I am very excited about the book itself.

      Which Enoch ones have you been disappointed by? I’ve fallen behind lately and am not current with her.

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    Oh, I want the 4th McKenzie book now! The teaser about it made me want it even more. I love these books.
    And a new Sherry Thomas book, Yeah! She writes amazing romances :)

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    WOW! Those are some amazing covers.. I have added every single one of those to my wishlist!!

    Thank you!