Harlequin’s Valentine’s Giveaway

Harlequin Giveaway


Are you ready for some hot Valentines Day reading? Oh who am I kidding? Hot romances are for every day of the year!

Here is your chance to win 12 Harlequin titles AND a $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card from Harlequin!

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To enter leave a comment here. What was the title of the first Harlequin you ever read? Or, tell us how often you get some quality “me” time with your favorite romance novels.

Open to: US residents and Canada. You have until end of day February 14 to enter, winner will be announced soon after.

Giveaway sponsor: Harlequin

No purchase necessary to win, void where prohibited. The number of eligible entries determines the odds of winning. FVBR is not being compensated for this giveaway. If the winner declines to accept or fails to claim their prize within 72 hours of the announcement, they forfeit their prize(s). Prize distribution is the sole responsibility of the giveaway sponsor. Fiction Vixen Book Reviews will not be held responsible for lost or misdirected prizes or for circumstances beyond our control. More information here.

Please Note: The following titles are e-book only: Her Valentine’s Day Fantasy, Crazy Stupid Sex, Misbehaving, Bonds of Denial, Purely Professional, The Principle of Desire. The remainder are print books.


  1. Judy W. says

    I honestly cant remember my first Harlequin novel but it was probably in their Regency line because that’s what I started out with in Romance. As to reading time, I’m a Flight Attendant and spend inordinate amounts of time hanging around airports waiting on aircraft to arrive (like everyone else) and I also spend a lot of alone time in hotel rooms. This gives me enough time to plow through 2-3 books a week if not more. I LOVE the amount of time I can devote to reading. Book buying is my favorite vice and I indulge frequently.

  2. KellyM says

    Luckily I can carve out reading time each evening. I usually get about 1-2 hours a night with no interruptions. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Ellie says

    I don’t know the title, but it featured a woman with short hair pretending to be a guy on some ship, discovered by some Greek guy (he could tell by her hips) and then they fell in love. My mom had a drawer full of Harlequins and I loved looking at them all and just feeling I’d won the jackpot.

    I read every day, no matter what. It’s not a want, it’s a need!

  4. says

    Oh my good lord, I can’t remember what was the first Harlequin romance I read!

    First, it was translated to Spanish, with the traditional lines changed to feminine names (Bianca, Julia, etc.) for some strange reason I never knew. Second, we are talking 35 years, give or take a couple–and thousands of books in between.

    Now, how often I read romance? Every day. I take the current book to work and read over my break, and I usually read at least an hour or so last thing at night. If the book is gripping, though, I may spend the night reading–much to my regret when I have to wake up at 3AM for the early shift at work 😀

  5. Holly says

    I can’t, for the life of me, remember the first harlequin book I read. I do read every day though, sometimes all day lol if time allows…

  6. TrishJ says

    I have been reading Harlequin forever!! Yup, I am that old. LOL. I read every day. It keeps me sane!!

  7. Maureen says

    The first Harlequin I read was in high school and I have no idea of the name of the title. I usually find time to read every day although the big ice storm and power outage definitely messed around with my reading time.

  8. Amy R says

    I don’t know what the first Harlequin I read was. I try to read every night but it doesn’t usually work, I typically read on average 3-5 books a week.

  9. Lauri says

    I read my first Harlequin in 1979! No idea what the name was, but the H was a Dr in a hospital & the h had a crippled foot because a cow stepped on it. Isn’t it odd that I can’t remember where I left my car keys, but I can describe the 1st Harlequin I read? Apparently I have unique priorities in my brain!

  10. JeanMP says

    Don’t remember the title of the first Harlequin I read, I know it was in the early 80’s. I read every day, great escape from the world.

  11. says

    WIth twin baby boys, it’s definitely hard to get ‘me’ time at all! However, after I put the boys to bed, I always spend an hour or more curled up reading a good romance novel!!

  12. martha lawson says

    I started reading too many years ago, to remember what the first one was!! I read every night and stay up way to late. I almost exclusively read romance novels. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  13. LenoreJ says

    I read everything, and love romances. I think my first Harlequin was an early Sarah Mayberry. She’s an autobuy for me now. At least three times a week I disappear into the tub with bubbles, a mug of tea and a paperback. Currently it is the twofer Regencies by Stephanie Laurens and Alison DeLaine: The Trouble with Virtue.

  14. Leni says

    The first one I read was by Linda Lael Miller or Diana Palmer. Both were in the same shipment and I can’t remember which one I read first.
    I make sure I have a little time to read every day.

  15. Priya says

    I grew up in Asia so had Mills & Boon–am hoping it counts! The first one I remember reading was Matai Valley Magic by Mary Moore. I borrowed it off my aunt and still have it with me, decades later! It’s a lovely, old-school comfort read sort of a book.

  16. EvelynS says

    A Harlequin presents novel was the very first romance novel I ever read when I was teenager. The plot involved the heroine in disguise tricking the hero due to some family drama. Can’t remember the title or the author though. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  17. Diane Sallans says

    It’s been so many years and so many Harlequins that I don’t remember the first, but it could have been an early Margaret Way.

  18. Lori Meehan says

    I love HQ romance but I don’t remember my first one. I read everyday and as often as possible during the day. I don’t watch TV so I’ve got the time.

  19. Sandypo says

    I do not remember the name of my first Harlequin romance but I try to get in some quality reading time every evening. And if I can’t “read” with my eyes, I listen to books on CD in my car, so I’m “reading” something new almost every single day.

  20. infinitieh says

    Gosh, I don’t remember the first Harlequin title I read. It must have been at college or something…

  21. cayenne says

    My first Harlequin was “Hold Back The Dawn” by Judith Duncan, which I permanently borrowed from a family friend’s shelf while on a multi-week family roadtrip in 1984. I was 15 and going stir-crazy from an excess of family togetherness; I’d finished the books I’d brought with me and desperately needed new reading material, so I was told to help myself. It was among a dozen that I carried away that day, though I don’t recall the others. It started me on a lifelong love of Harlequins, and I still have that book on my shelf.

    Thank you for the contest & happy Valentine’s Day!

  22. says

    I wish I could tell you specifically which Harlequin was my first. I can tell you this: It was definitely a Christmas romance that featured a pregnant woman. All I remember specifically is a scene that involved Christmas tree and contained the phrase “apex of her thighs,” because I had to look up the word “apex.”

    That was my introduction into the world of romance, which I happily delved right into, voraciously reading dozens upon dozens of my aunt’s 1980s Harlequin Presents books, especially devouring anything I could get my hands on by Penny Jordan, Janet Dailey, or Violet Winspear.

  23. erinf1 says

    I honestly can’t remember the first harlequin I read… but I do remember being 12 and my friend and I “stole” her mother’s stash :) but now… I turn off the phone, lock the door and snuggle in with my dog to get quality reading time! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Melody L. says

    I try to read every day even if it is only a chapter or two, but I just love to curl up at night in bed and read. It has been forever since I read my first harlequin book that I cannot remember but they are my go to for a great little quick read .

  25. Adrean says

    I’m not sure what would be my first one because I’ve read so many! Thank you so much for the chance!❤️

  26. Misty Evans says

    You are asking me to remember back 35 years ago? LOL

    Here is one my earliest and most favorite:
    Summer Rainfall by Kerry Allyne
    Published in 1976

    I lost my original copy but replaced it sometime in the 1980’s and still have it. I think is the book that started me down the path of loving alpha males at the tender young age of 13! :)

  27. Amanda says

    I can’t say I am 100% sure but my first harlequin might have been Charlotte Lamb’s Disturbing Stranger. At least it was the one that first made an impression on me. I had just started reading romance and that book introduced me to the over-the-top jealous/possessive hero.

  28. Krysten M says

    Wow, talk about going way back.. I don’t remember my first Harlequin book.. but it was probably something by Susan Mallery or Linda Lael Miller or something in that genre 😀

  29. Karin Anderson says

    First Harlequin…I don’t even remember. Probably something by Gena Showalter or P.C. Cast.

  30. Lesley says

    I can’t remember my first Harlequin, but at the very least I read for an hour before going to sleep. If I can squeeze in some extra reading time during the day I’m a happy girl!

  31. LethalLovely says

    Thanks for the giveaway, FV!

    To answer your question, I take some time EVERY DAY to read romance novels. I just got off of working a double shift and yeah, I have to get up at 8 am tomorrow for class but who cares if I’m gonna feel like somebody ran over me with an ice cream truck in the morning? I needs my reading time.

  32. Shauna says

    Golly, there is no way for me to remember my first Harlequin book. I started reading them when I was 13 when my mom bought me a subscription! Like clockwork, I got a package every month and I still read them to this day…nearly 20 years later!

  33. stephaniel says

    The first Harlequin I read, was a very long time ago, but a few years ago I read Michelle Rowen’s harlequin novel and I fell in love with it. Funny and quirky is her style of writing and I enjoy that. For books its hard to say, I get into a phase of 1 book per day in winter, or less in the summer. Books/ reading, is simply amazing!

  34. Rebe says

    I’m pretty sure the first Harlequin novel I read was a reprint of a Georgette Heyer novel, probably The Talisman Ring.

  35. Karen says

    I can’t remember my first Harlequin.

    I started reading (sneaking lol) the abridged novels that were in each issue of my mother’s Good Housekeeping magazine in the late 1970s. I began checking out Harlequins in 1980 after a move to an area with a large library. I read the Presents and the Romances and then the brand-new SuperRomances and American Romances.

    A nice Betty Neels Harlequin Romance is my idea of a comfort read :)

  36. Lynn Garland says

    I think it was called Big Sky Country. I read almost everyday in the morning. I love Harlequin books.

  37. Natalie says

    I can’t remember the title of the first Harlequin book I ever read – way too long ago! But I do know I like to curl up with a good book under a fluffy blanket with a cup of tea to get my “me” time in :)

  38. Sonya Killian says

    Every morning before work, lunch time then after work, before bed! I think one of the first Harlequin books I read was Enemy Mine by Lindsay McKenna. But have read many others!

  39. Lisa Neutel says

    I’ve been reading Harlequin for so long I can’t even remember the first book I read…. I spend me time with my fave Harlequin books weekly..my fave way to pass the time

  40. Joy says

    I can’t remember the first Harlequin I read, but I love them! I don’t get nearly enough me time – with more time, I would read more!

  41. Natalie says

    oh goodness, I can’t remember that far back. Generally I would pick them up at this corner store and my mom would buy them for me while we waited for my sister to finish her dance lessons. (I was a very grown up reader!) But I liked them and still like reading them!

  42. Jenny says

    I try and get as much me time as possible, but with 2 little ones its hard. I try and sit back and read once a week

  43. holdenj says

    My first Harlequin was by Debbie Macomber (my, they’ve had some authors really go a long way!) and was about a woman who wanted to be a romance writer. I had to look up her back list, but I think it was My Hero! Thanks!

  44. Barbara A says

    I don’t remember my first Harlequin. It’s been almost 30 years but I do remember my first romance, Love Only Once by Johanna Lindsey.

  45. Denise Van Plew says

    Don’t remember first title because it was in the early 70’s when in jr high I read my first Harlequin. After that it was all she wrote be reading them ever since

  46. Chelsea B. says

    I usually read each night before I go to sleep. It’s relaxing, yet engages the mind. Not to mention passes time like “that”!

  47. Andrea says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love Harlequin Books. I don’t remember the title but I do remember the story.

  48. Anita H. says

    I don’t remember reading my first Harlequin book, but I do remember I was in high school at the time. There was just something about the story of two people finding their HEA that just pulled me in. And I’ve been reading Harlequins ever since! Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. says

    I can’t remember the first Harlequin book I’ve ever read. I just remember I was looking for something to read after my RL Stine books and Love Stories, and there were Harlequin books in the mix of the bookstack so I read one. I must say it was a different eye-opener for me. 😉

  50. Bernie says

    I first fell in love with Harlaquin Romances when I was about 14. I got them at Safeway and they were. 50 cents! I would sneak th into my moms cart!! I remember loving Ann Mather books! Sigh they made me so happy! Lol

  51. CrystalGB says

    My first Harlequins were Presents by Ann Mather, Penny Jordan and Carole Mortimer. I loved them.

  52. Kristin says

    I believe mine was either Dead Silence by Brenda Novak or Virgin River by Robyn Carr. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Nancy says

    My first Harlequin was Woman in a Sheikh’s World by Sarah Morgan, which I read last year during the Morgan deals. And I usually read at least 6-10 hours a week, but for romance books I prefer to carve out half a day so I can read them in one sitting.

  54. Chris Bails says

    I can’t remember the first book, but I do remember I was about 16 years old. I found some at a book sale. I fell in love with romance. I do read every day, some more than others.

  55. says

    I seriously can’t even remember my first harlequin book. All I can say is that I make sure I have me time every night just to de-stress! =] I grab any book and just read it until I fall asleep.

  56. SaraC says

    I honestly can’t recall my first Harlequin- there have been so many since then! But I do try to read whenever I have a free moment.