Guest Review: New York To Dallas by J.D. Robb

New York To DallasThanks to Fiction Vixen for enabling my addiction to J.D. Robb’s In Death series! Truly, I am heads-over-heels in love with Roarke (RAWR)!

When I heard that J.D. Robb was going to change up the game with this release, I was really excited. I was literally swillin’ the sangria because I was over the moon about this (look at me, waxing poetical).

One of the biggest changes I’m talking about is the name of this book, New York to Dallas. It does not contain ‘In Death’ in it. This is the second time Robb has done this (Big Jack being the first). Another change was the fact that we were finally going to get some long-awaited answers in this story.

I cracked open this beauty, after a Harlequin Presents reading binge, and was ready for a kick-ass, fearful-of-spas heroine and a sexy-as-hell hero with an Irish brogue and quick fingers (pun intended).

The ever-encompassing love between Eve and Roarke is as strong as ever, their relationships to their friends are tight; however, after reading this story, I was left feeling disappointed. Not in the story itself, nor in the character relationships and interactions, but in the delivery of certain crucial events.

True to the title, Eve travels to Dallas to confront the first criminal she ever put behind bars (he escaped from prison). He’s ruthless, evil and is out for revenge–against Eve. He sees her as a stupid bitch who got lucky when she caught him red-handed and took him down, mano a mano. He’s free and he’s looking to settle that score. So he starts in New York and moves his sinister games to Dallas.

This forces Eve to confront her past, yet again, in the city she is so famously named for. Roarke must go with her, no doubt, as he also deals with her past, and his (from previous books, their fathers knew each other, did business, about the same time Eve killed her rapist father).

What I absolutely was disappointed in was the exposure of certain events. As someone who was hoping this would happen, I felt let down that it was delivered in such a harried, and short, way. I wanted more confrontation and drama with this particular element and I wanted to see Eve get her own justice against this bit of nastiness. She did not. It felt incomplete. Why couldn’t we see the knowledge in this person’s eyes as they were dying? WHY?! So disappointed! (It kills me not to do this with the spoiler, but I hope you can guess what that/who is.)

This In Death installment, however, answers many questions and brings about a turning point in the series. I pray that this is not the beginning of the end of the sexy that is Roarke. I will always need more Roarke.

Perhaps Summerset should have a very real love interest in a future book, and have Eve slamming into it as if it were a door. Maybe Eve and Roarke will adopt a child in a future book. Who knows? All I know is, Eve better not get pregnant, or else the series will end. Though, I hope that the series gets optioned for TV, YES I DO!

This story goes at a fast pace, with murder, betrayal, fear, pain and justice all rolled into a great read, and I would recommend this. However, those specific items I mentioned make me rate this book with 3.5 stars.

Rating: C+
New York To Dallas by J.D. Robb
September 13th 2011 by Penguin Group 
Romantic Suspense
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  1. Kel says

    I actually sort of liked that Eve didn’t have a chance to confront this person… I think the revelation is more of a set up for Eve having to confront her own feelings and the lack of recognition and awareness is evocative of their whole (if short) relationship.

    And you’re right, it’s incredibly hard not to say something spoilery. I think we’ll see the side effect of Eve growing and accepting parts of herself and her past in future books. This shouldn’t have been an immediate thing – there’s a lot of processing and accepting that needs to happen, and I’m sort of glad it’s in the space it’s in.

  2. gloria says

    i agree with you only I gave it a c- …………

    Just was not up to her standards that you expect on this series