Guest Review: Last Breath by Rachel Caine + Giveaway

Patti from Caught in a FAB Romance (AKA Book Addict Patti) is back to review Last Breath by Rachel Caine. 


Claire Danvers is an extraordinary girl living in the extraordinary town of Morganville, Texas.  What makes Claire so special?  She’s super-smart, having started college early, and, among other things, works after school in a lab with Myrnin, who’s a little crazy…and a vampire.  In Morganville though, that’s no so unusual – there are lots of vampires in Morganville.

While there is usually an uneasy truce between the humans and the vampires, things are currently a little strained.  Someone’s planning a wedding, and as the countdown ticks down, it’s plain that the wedding is one thing that everyone in town seems to agree on:  no one thinks it should happen; not the vamps, and definitely not the humans.

But while the town is focused on the approaching nuptials, Claire and the gang learn that vampires are going missing.  Just a few at first, but as the days go by and there’s no sign of the missing vampires, things start to get weirder than usual.  Claire sees something she shouldn’t but can’t remember what it was, Amelie gets a cryptic message that leads her to the decision to close down Morganville, and Myrnin has a decision to make.  Will Claire and her friends solve the mystery and save Morganville?  Do they even want to save Morganville?  Or is this their chance to be free of the vampires forever?

My thoughts:

Last Breath is a can-not-miss installation to The Morganville Vampires series!  As I’ve come to expect from this series, the story is fresh and the players are like old friends.  As an added bonus, in Last Breath, we are treated to viewpoints from not only Claire, but also Amelie, Eve, Michael, and Shane.

Fans of Myrnin will love Last Breath: he continues to be one of my favorite anti-heroes.  Even faced with the possible demise of Amelie, Morganville, and possibly himself, he steps up and does what needs to be done.  And Shane…oh Shane…*sniffs*  Shane faces possibly the most heartbreaking section of the book.

Without giving anything away, we do learn why this book is titled Last Breath; and believe me, you’re going to be holding yours.  After 10 books in this series of characters we have grown to love, Ms. Caine continues to captivate the reader with jaw-dropping scenes like this:

I lifted my head, and I knew my eyes were flaring with white power, driven by my rage, my revulsion, my desperation.  “Silence them Myrnin.  You know you must.”

He stared back at me for a moment in mute horror, and shook his head.  “I can’t,” he said.  “God witness me, I cannot do it.  Not to her.  The boy, yes, but not her.  Amelie, there must be another way.”

“Jesu, you think if there was, I wouldn’t take it?”  I shouted it at him, fists clenched against the need to strike.  “You will do it.  You must.”  And I put my will on him, pushing in a way that I so rarely did these days.  That I so rarely had to do.

~page 74, Last Breath

Last Breath was impossible to put down; every time I thought I knew where Ms. Caine was going to take us, I was wrong.  This new villain in Morganville is dangerous and scary; so terrifying that even the vampires are panicking.  And it’s stealthy, sneaking up on us while we’re busy looking somewhere else.

I have one complaint…usually Ms. Caine ends her stories nicely and things are as wrapped up as they can be, without ending the series of course, but that’s not the case in Last Breath.  Last Breath ends with a definite cliffhanger, and I felt like the story was left unfinished.

Last Breath is probably the most emotionally-charged installment in the series to date; fans of the books will not be disappointed.  Between the surprise twists and the seemingly impossible challenges Claire must overcome, Last Breath left me gasping for breath.

4 out of 5 stars

Rating: B
Last Breath by Rachel Caine
November 1st 2011 New America Library
Young Adult – Paranormal
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I have a hardcover copy of Last Breath for one lucky reader. Leave a comment on Patti’s review for entry. Giveaway is open until Oct. 14, open to all.


To celebrate the release of LAST BREATH, the 11th book in the New York Times bestselling Morganville Vampires series, Rachel Caine is throwing a “Welcome to Morganville Bash” in a city near you!

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  1. Deana Potter says

    Wonderful review!!!!

    I am a big Morganville Vampires fan and am very much looking forward to see what is going to happen next!!!

    Myrnin is also a favorite of mine and Shane!!! What is happening now??????

  2. Viki S. says

    I really enjoy this series too. So glad to hear that it will be around for a long while :).
    Thanks for the review.

  3. Chris Bails says

    This books sounds great and would love to win and read. Rachel is a new author for me and always looking for new books and authors to read. The 15th is my bday and this would be an aweosme present to win. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  4. Little Lamb Lost says

    I am a fan of Rachel Caine’s Morganville series. She has kept me captivated and I haven’t a doubt that I will feel the same about Last Breath.

  5. donnas says

    Great review. I really love this series and cant wait to read Last Breath.

    Thanks for the chance!!

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  6. elaing8 says

    I love,love this series.I will devour it as soon as I get the book.
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
    Great review.

  7. joannie sparks says

    Hi i want it LOL i would Love to get this for my grandaughter first then i will read it. We read the same stuff ususally really alot. She could read 3 books aday but her mom is a single mom and i live on disablilty so i try to get her as many books as i can. I don’t want her getting out of the habit of reading. Thanks for the giveaway joannie

  8. Chelsea says

    Oh my gosh, I can’t wait until I can read this book! I love the characters and am anxious to see what happens. I love Myrnin even though he is a bit crazy!!

  9. says

    I am so addicted to the Morganville series. (And I have shared this addiction with all my sisters) So jealous you have gotten to read Last Breath already.
    Jennifer K Jovus
    kjovus at gmail dot com

  10. says

    Great review, it really got me wanting to read the book!
    Darn Australia for being so far away, miss out on all the good book events.


  11. Barbara Elness says

    I love the Morganville Vampire series, and I can’t wait to read Last Breath. I enjoyed the review, and I’m looking forward to reading it even more now.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  12. Buttercream says

    Great review, Patti. Your review makes me want to read it all the more. I like stories that keep me absorbed and that are emotional.

  13. Jen B. says

    I have not read any of the Morganville Vampire series. I have it on my wish list. I would love to win this. It would spur me on to read the series! I love anti-heroes so this sounds like it’s up my alley.

  14. Denise Z says

    Okay, I am hanging my head in shame. This is a series I have not read and it seems so many are talking about it that I must get on the bandwagon. Thank you for the awesome review, Last Breath certainly sounds like a book I would love to read, and for the lovely giveaway opportunity. Now I am heading over to check out the other books in the series :)


  15. Rissa says

    I am eagerly awaiting another installment in this series. I have been such a fan of Rachel Caine’s, This series will keep you on the edge of your seat. Every six months I go crazy trying to get my hands on a copy of the new release. Thanks so much for the contest!

  16. Rachel says

    oooooo!!!! I’m so excited. I hope Claire doesn’t get killed. Poor Shane has been though too much for that :’( I hope I win!

  17. says

    I’m more of a fan of Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series (and I really want to read the Revivalist books) but The Morganville Vampires are fun, quick reads within their genre. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  18. Mary Preston says

    This was a wonderful review thank you. I now know I need to move the book up my reading list.


  19. Debbie S says

    I have not yet read any of Mrs. Caine’s work. I have heard of the series. After reading the comments it sounds like it is a good time to start.

  20. Julie Witt says

    I absolutely LOVE this series, and would really, really like to get my hands on a copy of this book!!! Thanks so much for an amazing giveaway:)


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