Guest Post & Giveaway: Dev Bentham

The Carina Press m/m week blog tour kicks off today. We’re pleased to welcome author Dev Bentham today.


Guys and Dogs

I’m not the only one who finds a man who loves his dog irresistible. A quick Google search turned up a tumblr or two of cute guys and their even cuter dogs. On top of the fact that dogs make the very best hang-out buddies, they’re relationship mavens. Having an awkward conversation with your SO? The dog is sure to provide distraction during Moving In Rhythm - Dev Brenthamthe worst bits and consolation when it’s over. First date jitters? Bring the dog along and everyone will have a better time (or you’ll find out fast that this guy doesn’t like the pooch, in which case the choice is clear, the man has to go). And my favorite strategy for looking for love – troll the dog park.

The main character in Moving in Rhythm, Mark Apolostolos, suffers from pathological shyness. He’s crippled in social situations, particularly ones involving attractive men. His one real friend is Belle, a mixed breed blond he adopted from the pound. They eat, sleep and run together, keeping each other exclusive company until Mark’s drawn out into the world by a call from his brother. Transported to a new city they find solace in the dog park where Seth Miller goes regularly to socialize his rescue greyhound Fred Astaire. Two men, two dogs, what could be better?

Do you have a favorite dog enhanced love story? Or maybe you prefer cats? I’d love to hear some pet love tales (tails?).


To find out more about Dev and Moving in Rhythm visit:
Website || Facebook || Twitter || Buy Moving in Rhythm

A glance at the six books coming out from Carina this week makes me amazed at the scope of our corner of the romance world. The settings span centuries, from long ago in Ava March’s 1822 London story of class boundaries stretched and Erastes’s evocation of light and art in Florence in 1875, to not so long ago, with Larry Benjamin’s chronicle of young love in the 1970’s and 80’s and all the way to Kim Knox’s story of passion in dystopian 2050. Dev Bentham’s story is set in the present with love finally found, as is KC Burn’s tale of a relationship rekindled. Our protagonists are artists and aristocrats, pickpockets and soldiers, all steaming hot.

Check out the other stops along the tour.


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  1. StacieD says

    I love m/m romance. It took me years to try my first story but once I did I was hooked. This is such an awesome giveaway!

  2. dawn says

    I haven’t read anything by you, but this sounds incredibly interesting –the dogs aside (yeah, I love them too) — what caught my eye is the social anxiety issue — I am one of those people (and believe it or not, I am an extrovert!) — fortunately, I have medication to help me with it… but still… I love to see this used for characters in stories…

    this story sounds great… would love to read it… please enter me in the contest

    much luck with your continued writing career… and thanks for writing a character with social anxiety! Gives others like us hope to fall in love! (smile)

  3. says

    I’m so glad you find the story intriguing. I really enjoyed writing it. The main characters are both great guys – damaged, but then aren’t we all? Thanks for your comments!

  4. Joan says

    Dev Brentham is a new author for me, but I read many great m/m romances from Carina Press and I trust the publisher.
    I thought about books I read with dogs and cats in them and surprisingly there weren’t many of them. However I know that in real life I’m more opened to pet owners and just find them better people.

  5. Amanda says

    Oh goodness one the main characters has crippling shyness, as a person dealing with social anxiety that peaks my interest right away. I really can’t wait to read this one.

  6. says

    Dev Bentham is a new author to everyone outside of a small circle of friends :) This is my first novel. The giveaway has some great other books by much better known authors. Good luck to everyone.

  7. Andrea says

    The book sounds good. I just read my first m/m romance, Thief by Ava March, and I loved it. I’m more than ready to try out some other books like that!

  8. dawn says

    Not sure if you are answering questions, but I have a couple…

    Dev – how was your experience with Carina Press? (I know you said this was your first book and all – but still I’m interested…)

    Also – since this was your first book — were you surprised or humbled by the experience? (meaning was it totally different than what you expected?)

    If you knew ‘then’ – what you know ‘now’ — what would you have done differently before submitting your manuscript?

    thanking you in advance

    • says

      It’s been lovely working with Carina – everyone is very professional and I’ve felt supported throughout the process.

      It takes a long time to get from submission to publication (probably longer for print books) and it starts to feel unreal. This morning, release day, when I woke to find my book #1 on Carina’s bestseller list, was an astonishing and, yes, humbling experience.

      I don’t know that I would do anything differently if I was submitting for the first time to Carina again. I spent a lot of time polishing my manuscript, my synopsis and my cover letter and I think that was key to my positive experience.

      Thanks for asking!

  9. Jan says

    I have to admit that the shyness caught my attention before the dogs, I’ve never been able to have pets. But I am chronically shy with strangers or groups even if its a group of friends. I’d love to be able to read more. :-)

  10. Rain says

    No pets here. :( And I’d probably get a cat if I were to adopt one. But I like the name of Seth’s greyhound. 😀

  11. says

    I’m in the middle of the book and loving it. My cousin helps rehabilitate Greyhounds so Fred Astaire makes me smile (love that name!). The first thing that caught my attention, though, was Mark’s shyness, that’s why I got the book. We need more shy heroes! Lovely story and sweet romance, I’m off to finish reading it!

  12. Stacy says

    I remember the book “If You Dare” by Lori Foster had two dogs in it that were affectionately referred to as “the girls” or “his girls”. The main character named Dare loved and adored “his girls” and that upped his appeal immensely!!

    I would love the opportunity to win Moving in Rhythm so thank you for this opportunity!

  13. JacquiC says

    Don’t enter me in the giveaway. I just wanted to say I read this book in one sitting this morning and absolutely LOVED it. Dogs, guys, lesbian female friend, all parts of it. I’m tempted to start again and read it right through for the second time.

    Dev Bentham, I hope you are planning to write your second novel sometime soon…

    • says

      Thanks for those nice words! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

      My second novel, Learning from Isaac, is coming out from Loose Id sometime in the next month or so (no firm release date yet). Thanks for asking :)

  14. Paula says

    I have never read a m/m romance. However, I’m always interested to expand my horizons.

    Dogs are the best. I have two very cuddly and loveable furry dudes that make me smile and laugh everyday.

    Thanks for the giveway. :)

  15. Lori Weller says

    I would love to read this book. It is interesting in many aspects. I am very introverted and love reading about others ways of dealing with it. I also love my dogs. Thanks for the give away

  16. Marissa says

    If a man does not like dogs, he does not have a place in my life. Similarly, if my dog does not like someone (man or woman), I take the warning and run with it. LOL I also love books that include animals of any form – dog, cat, iguana – doesn’t matter as long as the character loves them.

  17. Juliana says

    I love stories with men and their pets! I liked the idea of this story because the MC is shy. But as someone that loves cats, I hope I can find a man that loves cats! Animals are such good judges of character, so I know your MC is a good person if he is best friends with a dog! Congrats on the new release!

  18. elaing8 says

    Love m/m books.This sounds like a very good one. I like the premise.I don’t have any pet stories.Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Susan C. says

    m/m is my fav genre these days. The story sounds good, and I appreciate a chance to win it!

  20. Midia says

    Add me to the giveaway. I love dogs. I have a labrador who despite having four years still behaves like a puppy.

  21. Sherry S. says

    I don’t have any dogs right now but we always had some when I was growing up. I love reading m/m stories and have a lot on my Kindle and my computer.

  22. says

    Thank you Fiction Vixen hosting Dev Bentham as your Guest Post & an Amazing Giveaway from Carina Press for offering up six M/M Books released today by 6 Great Authors! I am a BIG Fan of M/M/ Fiction & have filled my eReader with so many of their sub-genres….but of course I always have MORE room. LOL

    Dev I really enjoyed your Post “Guys and Dogs” & how Dogs played a big part in your new release from Carina Press, “Moving in Rhythm”. I’m such a HUGE Dog Lover & have three adorable 4-legged Kiddies (all Miniature Pinschers, 2 Black & Rust and 1 Chocolate & Rust Puppy) that are my Babies. They give their Mommy such unconditional love & devotion and all they want is to be loved & cared for in return. Dev I just Loved the photo of your Pup on your website, is he/she? a Boston Terrier?

    I would very much appreciate if I could be entered into your giveaway for this very generous gift of 6 Great Book by 6 Fantastic Authors!
    Bitter Harvest by Kim Knox
    Brook Street: Thief by Ava March
    A Brush with Darkness by Erastes
    First Time, Forever by KC Burn
    Moving in Rhythm by Dev Bentham
    What Binds Us by Larry Benjamin

    Thank You!
    Take Care & Best Wishes,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

  23. says

    I cannot wait to start reading this book. I can absolutely sympathize with being terribly shy, but also with my cat (who, frankly, thinks he’s a dog), I was able to meet a bunch of people in my neighborhood. Usually because Oscar tries to climb into their house through the skylights, but it’s certainly an ice breaker!
    Thanks so much, and congratulations on your debut!

  24. storm says

    Dev, congrats on having your first book published by Carina. I’ve liked all the things I’ve read from them!

    Please include me in the drawing too.

  25. SarahM says

    I’ve been reading M/M for about a year now and love them :-) All of these sound like great books and I can’t wait to read them!

    smaccall AT

  26. Judi P says

    I’m quite excited to read your first book Dev. It sounds really great!
    Heh, I don’t have any dog love stories… Not yet anyways, but my little doggy Lady has really wormed her way into my heart for the short time I’ve had her. She has her most hilarious moments where if she sees a black rubber band on the floor… she approaches it like if she’s terrified of it. So cautiously, very cat like, heh… oh man… sometimes I can be so mean and I make a loud noise when she’s doing that, just to see what she’d do, and OMG! she jumps so high in the air and runs around until she buries herself under the couch. aww! she’s so cute…. *is not just rambling*
    anyways, Please count me in on the contest too. Thank you~


  27. says

    I have had dogs all my life and am currently owned by 3 terriers. I love the sound of this story. Thanks for the introduction. Please include me in the contest as well.

  28. Heather k says

    There is nothing better than a person & their dog! Several het romances have sprung to mind with a dog as a central character, but I am drawing a blank on M/M… can’t wait to read this one. thanks

    Edited to add- I just thought of an awesome M/M where the scenes with Dolly (the MC dog) brought tears to my eyes b/c she was his BF, Sinner & Saints by MArie Sexton. Put it on your TBR list, it rocks!

  29. Chris says

    Great interview and awesome giveaway! Sadly no dog stories-will enjoy vicariously through these stories. Thanks!

  30. tracykitn says

    I’m really more of a cat person than a dog person in general, but right now I’m sitting on my sofa with a baby pup curled up next to me. Our neighbors found him in a box behind the local video rental place, but they already have several dogs, and their female just gave birth & took offense at having a strange pup near her babies. My DH & I fell in love and now he’s ours (we’ve only had him two days). I’ve never had a dog this small in my life before — we usually adopt older rescues; our youngest was a six-month-old boxer-Great Dane mix (he’s 2 now and freaking HUGE!) This little scrap, though…I’m learning a LOT even over just a couple of days, and I can’t imagine how anyone could have just left him anywhere. We think he may be a boxer mix, in which case this lap-dog stuff may come back to bite me with a vengeance, but for now, he’s so tiny! And he needs a mama so very very much! And when his tail gets going as he chases after my kids…I just can’t bear to disappoint him. 😀

  31. Jen B. says

    I am always looking for new books and new authors to read. Frankly, I have not enjoyed that last couple books I have read so I need an infusion of new. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Lawless says

    I live with four cats (and a husband and daughter), but you’re right, dogs are great icebreakers and judges of character. I particularly like that one of the characters in the book suffers from social anxiety; that’s a nice change of pace from the often overly-perfect characters one sometimes encounters. So I’m excited to be entered in the giveaway.