Guest Post: Author Samantha Hunter-Isn’t It Romantic? Plus Giveaway!

Isn’t It Romantic?

Thanks to Fiction Vixen for inviting me to blog here on the cusp of Valentine’s Day. There is a statistic I heard somewhere that women who read (and I would assume, write) romance have 75% more sex than women who don’t. If that’s not reason enough to race to the store and pick up a romance novel, then I don’t know what is. But that’s sex – and while sex is fun and wonderful, my thoughts are really about love and romance.

As a Harlequin author, romance is my stock and trade, and you’d think we become a little cynical about that, but I find it’s just the opposite. I believe in what I write. I know there are fantasy components, of course, but I love to write romance because I believe in love, it’s that’s simple. I also think romance reading has the important job of reminding us that love is real, it exists, it transforms life. And romance is possible, even after kids, jobs, and many years married, you can find a little something romantic in every day. Valentine’s Day might be the holiday for romance, but I find it on other special days, or sometimes on a random Tuesday. To me it’s in the smaller gestures and the unexpected thoughts, and all of the little things that show me how much he cares.

For instance, yesterday, my husband, who was toiling to make me a fantastic pre-birthday dinner. His attention to the detail of the cake he made (from scratch) was completely romantic, to my mind. He bought sparkly pink writing gel for the top, even. We have been together for 16 years, and we’ve had our share of irritations with each other, arguments, and days where we’re worn down by the drill of daily life, but that just makes those little bits of romance, when they come, all the better. But so many little things, the looks he gives me, the gifts he  thinks of (like these Flamingo salt and pepper shakers he got me for Xmas – they are magnetic on each side and form a heart – how cute is this???), all adds up to romance for me. And best of all, I know my son is learning those lessons from him. We all went to the grocery store yesterday, and my son and husband went in the store while gf and I waited in the car, and out comes son with two roses he bought inside – sweet boy. I love it that he has that romantic inclination.

So what do you find romantic, and if you want to share a little romantic moment of your own, you will be eligible to win this tote (in picture) sewn by moi, and my 2009 Blaze releases plus a copy of my new release, the Blazing Bedtime Stories. (Two other winners will receive copies of the Bedtime Stories and a pretty bookmark.) My story is about a sexy genie named Alec who definitely knows about romance. I look forward to hearing everyone’s comments!

Thank you Samantha for being my guest today.  It’s the little things in relationships that create the supportive foundations.  Your hubby sounds like a keeper!

GIVEAWAY:  So just to review, Samantha is offering some great prizes to 3 lucky readers!

Grand Prize:

  • A copy of Samantha’s latest release Blazing Bedtime Stories
  • Samantha’s 2009 Blaze releases, Hard To Resist, and Caught In The Act.
  • And a handmade “love” tote to carry your loot around in
  • And a few extra goodies! (I believe chocolate is involved!)

Two second prize winners get:

  • A copy of Samantha’s latest release Blazing Bedtime Stories plus bookmarks

To enter leave a comment, tell Samantha what you find romantic or share a romantic moment of your own.

Contest is open until Feb. 15, 9:00 pm PST.  Winner will be announced the following day. Open to US and Canada only.

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  1. says

    Oh, Sam! That is SO awesome! I love when we get to be reminded that romantic moments aren't just for those newly in love :) I think often romantic moments aren't just the big grand gestures (although those *are* wonderful!) but often the smaller things that show consideration, and show that the other person is really thinking of you, and cares about YOU. My husband's good at these smaller moments–letting me sleep in and getting the day started for the kids, picking up something I love for dessert just because, keeping his lips zipped over the piles of books and other stuff throughout the house even though clutter drives him up the wall… I know he loves me, and some of these moments remind me how much :) Happy Wednesday!


  2. says

    I agree that romantic moments come in small doses. Hubs knows I love peanut m&m's and last year during a rough time for me, he bought me five pounds of peanut m&m's and a dozen yellow roses to match…totally romantic imo :)

  3. says

    We do not exchange gifts so the small romantic gestures mean a lot. My husband will make my favorite dinner when I am having a hard day and offer to play my favorite board games with the family. He gives awesome back rubs and never complains (ok, almost never) about all my books. He even goes so far as to take care of the kids when I just need a break. He is my best friend.

  4. says

    The personal things, the small things are the most romantic. Knowing my favorite dessert to surprise me with or a favorite magazine or a gift card to buy the latest favorite book release because of my love for books. It's in the small things that you find how aware a person is of you and what you enjoy. It also shows they have put thought into what they give and that is special and romantic.

  5. says

    Fedora–I agree, the grand gestures are nice now and then but sleeping in? Golden! :)

    Mandi–You and your hubs are so cute. Love the m&m and yellow roses…yellow to match the m&m bag. Nice.

    Robin–Your hubs is on the ball. He seems to know just what you need.

    tnsongbird–Yes, knowing someone put thought into the gesture makes it all the better.

  6. says

    Strangely enough the most romantic actions my husband can take is petting me… Like he is sitting with the laptop and I am reading next to him and he absently pets/caresses my hair and back.

    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  7. says

    I find it very romantic when my hubby works hard so that we can have a date together. Finds someone to watch the kids and dinnner for us. Love it.

  8. says

    Fedora, thanks! I think that is exactly right — it's the little things that are so touching and add up — not that we don't like a grand gesture every now and then. 😉 It's so nice to see you here. :)

    Mandi, that is completely romantic — it's the thoughtfulness behind a sweet gesture. :)

    Aw, Robin, isn't it wonderful to know there are real heroes in the world! :) The every day ones that makes our lives so happy.

    Tsnongbird, I think that is the perfect way of putting it — yes, exactly. the fact that they care enough to notice little things, to be there, to know what we like or don't — that's what makes something romantic. A big gesture or expensive gift with no love behind it means nothing.

    Hey, FV — what about YOUR romantic moments? 😉

    Oh, SVZ, that is wicked romantic — and sexy! Sigh.

    Brieia, that is romantic — and thoughtful on both of your sides, for you to appreciate his effort, too.


  9. says

    Love the post Samantha

    I believe in love, it’s that’s simple. I also think romance reading has the important job of reminding us that love is real, it exists, it transforms life.

    yup – I couldn't agree with you more… In RL sometimes it not easy to see the love that is there around us

    Romance books are a good reminder – that it is there and it will happen even when you least expect it……

    Thank for the post ms. Vixen….
    Good luck on the contest – cute tote…


  10. says

    My husband and I have been married for almost six years (our anniversary is one week after Valentine's Day). We've never been big on grand romantic gestures and gifts, but I think the little things that bring you closer can exactly what you need.

    My husband likes to get me gift cards to women's-only clothing stores, because he knows that otherwise I'm likely to spend it all on the kids first. It's his way of making sure I go shopping for myself every now and then. LOL

  11. says

    Hi Samantha :)
    Thank you for sharing a wonderful post.
    The most romantic moment I had was when I had my sister pretend to picnic under a 200 year old oak tree in a park. My girlfriend & I walked by & saw her. We went over. She left. We had a picnic & I pulled out the engagement ring and proposed. She teared up and only managed to nod.
    I still get warm fuzzies when I think about it, even three children & a divorce later.
    All the best,

  12. says

    What I find romantic? Words. I'm a grad-school poet, and I like when a guy is big on talking. he doesn't have to write me sonnets or compose lyrics, but when I know he's putting thought into the words he uses on an everyday basis, and when he's choosing to exchange words with me for extended periods of time–well, that melts my heart. I'm a verbal girl, not a gifts girl. :-)


  13. says

    I like it when my husband walks past me and just runs his hand down my arm, neck, cheek, etc. It shows that no matter what we are doing he is always thinking about me. Plus, I think washing the dishes is pretty sexy. Honey, if you want to turn me on wash the dishes and it is on…Stacy

  14. says

    What a wonderful post! I like it when my husband stops what he's doing and just listens to me talk about my day or whatever. Sometimes he'll come home from the store with a little goodie or something and say he was thinking of me.

  15. says

    You are so right about the little things that are done on a daily basis that says "I Love You". I love when my DH takes over at night and settles the kids, brings me coffee in the morning, those wonderful unsolicited back rubs, and impromptu hugs and cuddles.

    Here's wishing everyone Happy Valentine's Day.

  16. says

    EH thanks — I sew as another creative outlet, and love making bags. I used to have a "Bag Addicts" wall on my website, pictures of readers and friends whom I had given bags to, but then I lost track and I know I gave away more than I had pictures for, so I took that down, but they are still fun to make and give away. I couldn't resist the "love" material. :)

    Donna, good for him for making you do something nice for yourself! And I love gift cards — the shopping is a bonus. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

    RK, awww… thanks for sharing that. Warm fuzzies are what romantic moments are all about!

    Tiger… oh yeah. My characters talk, a lot, I think because I find it so sexy and romantic as well. And the written word… A lot of people who already know me know this, but in deference to FV's "How We Met" theme this month, my husband and I met online. We traded emails and online chat for 3 months before meeting in person, and it was so incredibly wonderful and sexy — very sexy at times. *G* And when we met for real, it was just right, but I always think we may have had such a strong start because of all the words we shared in those months.

    Stacy, LOL! I think doing dishes could be very sexy indeed… 😉

    Patti – yes, listening is so important. Feeling listened to, and heard, is so satisfying emotionally.

    Armenia, Happy Valentines Day to you, too! Those little touches are the best (and it's nice that a lot of people mention them). I love when, for instance, standing in a grocery store line, dh will put his hand on the back of my neck and rub his thumb back and forth… sigh. :)


  17. says

    My hubs is taking me out this year for Valentine's Day. I know it doesn't sound like much but the two of us (just the two of us) haven't been out in forever! (It's probably been a year or so.) We have 2 kids (ages 3 and 5) and we just haven't had an opportunity to go out. But this year, he has already planned for his mom to watch the kids so him and I can go to dinner and a movie. And that tickles me pink 😀

  18. says

    My fiance is always doing little romantic things that let me know he's thinking of me. I love it when he comes home with my favorite chocolate or a new book that I've mentioned I wanted. I also love just walking along holding hands.

    I have to share is most romantic moment though – for our second anniversary he arranged a surprise holiday for us. He didn't tell me where we were going until just a couple of days before we were due to leave & I was over the moon when he told me our destination was the Maldives. Thats a 13 hour flight for us and he had never flown before & was terrified but I'd told him it was where I'd always wanted to go for my honeymoon which is why he'd picked it.

    We'd been there for 2 days when our anniversary arrived – we had a beautiful day together & went on a romantic moonlight walk on the beach after dinner where he got down on 1 knee to propose. It really was the most romantic moment of my life & I'll always remember it.

  19. says

    My husband and I do little gifts like that to each other, small little things that make us think of each other through out the day. We have two tiny Valentine's Day rubber ducks we got at our first Valentines dinner together when we lived in Korea. We leave them randomly around the house and in places for the other to find. I found one in my uniform pocket when I got to work one day, that was interesting to explain to my boss. lol.

    Thanks for sharing your romantic story, you guys are super cute.

  20. says

    Howdy Samantha,

    My version of romantic isn't an uber fireworks display so much as it is a kind and loving gesture.

    When I've been writing all day and my shoulders are aching, my head is throbbing, and I'm near to dropping, my husband will come into the office kiss the top of my head, and start massaging out the kinks. Then he'll ask me about what I'm working on and listen patiently while I rant, explain, or sigh in bliss.

    That always makes me happy. You can hold the roses, I'll take that anyday. 😉


  21. says

    Oh, that is so sweet for you as It came from the heart, not the store.
    In 1960 (age 17) my first real boyfriend gave me roses, box of candy and sweet card for my Valentine's present. Of course I cried. I have never forgotten and often now wonder what would my life have been like if we had married. We did go together for over 3 yrs..LOL but that is all in the pass as I have been single for 19 yrs and no boyfriend or stteady now. But I have my momories.

  22. says

    Missmagic – yum. Have to agree there. :)

    Hey BV! :) Awww… that is sweet. When you have kids, jobs, etc sometimes romantic moments have to be planned, and that doesn't make them any less sweet. You guys have a great time!! What movie are you thinking about?

    Sarah, WOW — that is the defintion of a grand gesture that is perfect. :)

    Monica, that is so fun!! I love it. We collect cow things and try to find cards with cows on them for each other because the online environment we met at was called LambdaMOO. :) Love that romance can be silly, too. :) And thanks for thinking we're cute. I love that picture — we were hot and disgustingly sweaty at the NYS fair, and just really wanted to take a picture among the gladiolas… it's one of my favorites. :)

    JA, you are so right. And a funny aside, since you mention flowers. My husband only bought me flowers once, just after we met, b/c I have tons of indoor plants/flowers, and now, in our new house, I have a lot of gardens and flowers that grow all summer. So what did he do? He bought me vases instead — really gorgeous vases, and I have them for all of the cut flowers that I grow myself. I always love that.

    Kayla, you got it!

    kallie, I am so glad you have those wonderful memories! We can all count our blessings one way or another.


  23. says

    Great post, Sam! Whoever wins that gorgeous bag and your terrific books will be thrilled. :)

    What do I consider romantic? Most of all, I think dependability. Gifts are nice, but at the end of the day, knowing someone is there to support you no matter what…that's very sexy to me.

    I love your comment about vases, btw…so sweet your husband figured out a way to offer you flowers anyway :)

  24. says

    the simple things i find romantic are those displaying manners and chivalry. opening and holding doors, carrying things (if your stronger than your partner), cooking for me, not necessarily candlelit dinners though they cna be nice. gifts can be, but can also not be. holding hands. maybe im just too old fashioned.

  25. says

    Hey Cari. :) Dependability is the basis of it all, I dare say. If you can't trust someone to be there for you, the rest kind of doesn't matter, so as usual, you've cut to the heart of things. :)

    catlover, I don't think that's old-fashioned, I think we all agree that the basics and small gestures are so important. I completely agree. Manners are something it sometimes seems like half the world has forgotten and I think we need to spend extra energy to be polite and considerate to people we love, because it's often too easy to take them for granted. Like saying please or thank you. That should never go away in a relationship.

    Kai, absolutely. That's what is romantic most of all, someone who can pick a gift that shows they have really thought of us.


  26. says

    Maybe its me, but I think it is romantic when he holds your hair when you are sick as a dog. Holds you when your upset, even though snot is getting all over his shirt. Etc…I have been married going on 20 years… but I have learned that Love is what a person feels, Romance is how they show it. Anyone can buy roses and candies, but, what better way to show love then to do things that normally they wouldn't want to do, just because they love you?

  27. says

    I find having alone time with my husband romantic. We order take-out and rent movies to watch, making it a perfect evening. The kids are with their grandmother for the night, so no worries or interruptions. Being alone is much more intimate than being in a crowded restaurant and movie theater. You can just focus on each other and let the evening guide you to endless possibilities.

  28. says

    I'm late to the party – but great post, Sam. I'm certainly more in the mood for a romp between the sheets after a good romance read… 😉

    As for what's romantic…I love the little casual touches – the way hubby always likes to be in physical contact with me. He's also been known to paint my toenails for me, which I find completely swoon-worthy. *sigh*

  29. says

    Romance to me is just being able to be in the same room, doing two different things but being aware of eachother and enjoying those silent moments. I love being on one couch reading, looking up and the better half looks up at the same time :)