Guest Author: Gabriella Hewitt + Giveaway

Fiction Vixen is pleased to welcome Gabriella Hewitt (Sasha Tomaszycki and Patrizia M.J. Hayashi) today. 

 Gabriella Hewitt


What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
– Shakespeare

Gabriella Hewitt is the pen name of creative writing talents Sasha Tomaszycki and Patrizia M.J. Hayashi. Together they weave tales of romantic suspense and dangerously sensual paranormals.

A little fun fact we like to tell people when they ask us how we came up with our pseudonym is that Gabriella comes from Patrizia’s mother’s first name and Hewitt is Sasha’s mother’s maiden name. The combination seemed to fit perfectly with the writing duo.

If it only it were that easy to pick names for other things like book titles and character names.

So far we have been very lucky with book titles and have gotten to name the books ourselves. Out of the Shadows has a special meaning for us, after years of writing and submitting stories we were picked up by Samhain Publishing. We released Dark Waters, a romantic suspense novel several years ago and then life got in the way, we sort of disappeared for a while. Although we never stopped writing or believing we would sell again.

Out of the Shadows, is sort of like us coming out and stepping back into the limelight. We really are ever so grateful to Mary Hamilton, our editor for taking us on again. The poor woman must have been on the job a few days before we were emailing her and asking if she would be interested in a modern day paranormal romance based on ancient Aztec mythology. She was excited and told us to send it her way, a month later we had a contract with Samhain again.

We learned a lesson from our last foray into publishing and this time no matter what life has thrown at us, (ie. Carpools, work, dinner, dirty laundry, etc) we vowed to make time to write. In the past 6 months we banged out the second and third novellas and now are busy writing the 4th  installment of the Shadow Warrior series.

Our tag line is Excitement. Suspense. Passion. When you pick up a Gabriella Hewitt story this is the experience we hope you will get. In other words, we’re building a persona around our pen name.

The same goes for the naming characters. Names will give a first impression and may imply something of the background. Since our characters are Latino, we choose names that reflect that heritage. In Dark Waters, the hero was named Rico, while in Out of the Shadows he is Tomás; our heroines were Francesca andCarolina. In Francesca’s case, she was a New Yorker, who’d been orphaned young and had to fight to survive in the foster system. Francesca sounds a bit elegant for a woman like that, so Francesca became Frankie. The name Frankie for a woman easily creates an image of feisty and independent, which is exactly how she is in her story.Carolina is another name that conveys a certain elegance. Now running a ranch on a lonely stretch of desert doesn’t sound particularly graceful—in fact Carolina has a tough life—but  there is something in the way she carries out the duty handed down to her from past generations and the fierceness with which she protects the secret of her land that speaks to an inner grace.

It’s never easy picking a name, but if the writer chooses the right one, the story will often follow.

Is there a name of a character or person you met in real life that had a most memorable name? or maybe even a name that was so ridiculous, it couldn’t possibly be real?

Leave a comment and be entered for a chance to win an ebook copy of Out of the Shadows. (Giveaway open until September 10, winner announced soon after)

Click here  to read an excerpt.

To learn more about the author and other releases check out her blog.  All this month at  we will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.



  1. Denise Z says

    It is always interesting how different names shape an image. Thank you for sharing today and for the lovely giveaway opportunity. I think Out of the Shadows sounds like an intriguing story and I would love to read it.


    • says

      Thanks, Denise. It is interesting how names do shape the character. We had run a contest to name a heroine and the name chosen was Enya. I loved the name. It means “fire” in Celtic. So it was perfect for our gaurdian who weilded the fire element but alas our editor didn’t think it fit right with the Aztec imagry. She kept picturing the Irish singer. LOL

      • Denise Z says

        I will admit that was my first mental picture as well LOL, but if there was only someway to have the explanation it would be awesome :)

  2. Debbie S says

    I love a female who isn’t girlie. I like a woman who can take care of herself.
    Sounds like a wonderful book, going to check out the website now. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Karen C says

    Great excerpt! How many books in the Shadow Warrior series are planned? Do you plan to write more of the Ice Files series now that you are writing again?

    A memorable name for me is Blanca. I first met her about 20 years ago when she was taking care of a family member. Although we’ve both moved numerous times and endured several major upheavals in our lives, we’ve managed to stay in touch. Blanca is a beautiful and elegant woman who holds a very special place in my heart.

    • says

      Hi Karen,

      We haven’t set a number int he series. Currently 3 books are written and the 4th one in the works & #5 is outlined. We hope to make it a long series of short novellas.

      ICE is a 3 part series. The second book is being outlined and up next on the schedule.

      You will be glad to know the heroine of book 4 is named Blanca. No joking!

      It is a personal name for me too. My grandmother’s name was Blanca. She was a fiery woman with spunk and spirit. She was a veteran of the Korean War, A die hard smoker, lover of dogs. She would hit you with a pot if you vexed her and then turn around a cook up some black beans and rice to show you how much she loved you. Yup, Blanca’s rock!

    • says

      Hi Escape,

      The heroines have normal names but the gods and goddesses in teh books have some tongue twisters but we try to take the traditional Aztec name and make it something more modern. In the first book the goddess is named Chalchiuhtlicue. (Don’t ask me how to pronounce it) We call her Chica.

  4. Susan W. says

    Shadow Warriors sounds like an very interesting series. I love the fact that you picked classy names then change them enough to fit the character.

    I’ve always like the name Sienna. It came from a book I read in high school and I’ve never forgotten it. She was a spunky character, maybe that’s why the name has stuck.

    Please enter me for a chance to win. Thanks.

  5. says

    Out of the Shadows sounds wicked good! Read the excerpt and LOVED it! I’m so glad to have found a story where the characters are Latino… not many out there that I’ve found. Definitely adding this series to my wishlist!

    I think my name is pretty memorable:)

    • says

      Hi Yadira,

      You definitly a memorable name:)

      Thank you so much. We write mostly stories with Latino characters and we try to keep our characters real and not let them fall into stereotypes.

      Do hope you check out our website. All this month we are hosting Hispanic Heritage and featring books with Latino characters and/or Latino writers.

  6. wanda flanagan says

    Cant wait to read Out of the Shadows .One of the most memorable names Ive heard is Memory I went to middle school with her and to me that was just a realy cool name.

  7. TrishJ says

    I went to school with a boy named Karol. you have to wonder about the parents! I’d love to win a copy! Thanks for the opportunity

    • says

      LOL! My husband is Polish and his friend’s named is Karol. He is the most manly-man I know. 😉

      Have to admit, I most likely wouldn;t name my hero a name that fell too close to the borderline of being feminine. Leslie and Dana are lovely but not alpha enough.

  8. says

    I love how you’ve both have created your name. *S*
    I have followed the blogs and LRC chats, Samhain chats and adored your excerpts. I a a few of your books on my gotta have, and must have list.
    I would love to win one of your books….*S*



  9. says

    I love researching names and their origin and meaning, it’s a passion of mine 😀

    There are too many names so ridiculous they shouldn’t be real like Zsenike (= Genius) which is a valid female name O_O

    But I read about a character whose names was Secret McQueen and it suited her. Loved how unique and mysterious it sounded :-)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

    • says

      HI Stella,

      Okay you got me with this one. For the life of me I am trying to sound this one out. What langauge does this name derive from? A name I like that looks nothing like it sounds is Sioban. (she- vaugh) from celtic origin.

      LOL on Secret McQueen. HAve to say that must have been an interesting book.

  10. says

    I am trying to think of a good name I have heard of but can’t think of one. But I once babysat a little boy named Hunter. His name fit him so perfectly he was so energentic and happy boy.


  11. CrystalGB says

    I knew a girl during college who was named after a radio station. Her first name was the call letters and her middle name was the station’s number on the radio dial.

    • says

      Really, seriously? Now this one takes the cake. Please tell me it wasn’t Kiss 96.1 or HOT 97. LOL That is simply crazy. Life is stranger than ficiotn. Wow. I love it!

  12. Pam S (pams00) says

    This was a great post ty for sharing! It i so cool that you’ve gotten to pick out your book names so far. I really enjoyed the excerpt and the blurb sounds awesome. Out of the Shadows is definitely on my wishlist list.

    pams00 @

    • says

      Hi Pam,

      The first book in the ICE series actually was Ice Predator, our editor thought it was too scary. So we had to go back to the drawing board and Dark Waters was the one that stuck.

      We hope that we continue to have good luck with titles, whether we come up with them or the editor picks it out. 😉

  13. j3nny says

    ive never heard of this author(s) before and would love to give it a try :) please enter me in the giveaway! thanks :)