Glomming and After-funk

I just want to say the best thing about writing this post was looking for pictures of Taylor Kitsch. It was pleasant.

Ok. Moving on.

The Cast Of Friday Night Lights

I have recently become addicted to the TV show Friday Night Lights. Since I’m not a big TV watcher I’d never heard of it but Mandi and Samantha both said I really needed to check it out. I thought, ok whatever, high school football. Woo. But then I remembered who was recommending this series. Mandi and Samantha. Yeah. I got on that quick-like.

Taylor Kitsch FNL 2

Taylor Kitsch FNL


I love the angst, the drama but most of all I love looking at Taylor Kitsch. Never mind that he is portraying a high school football player and it feels slightly inappropriate to lust after his character Tim Riggins. Ignore that. Don’t think of it. Just gaze upon the beauty.

I have glommed on this show for about a week now. I can’t stop. And when I’m not watching, I miss the characters. I miss Dillon Texas. TEXAS FOREVER. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! *ahem* I need an intervention. But can we schedule that for when I’ve completed the last season please? Thank you.

Anyway, this has happened with books too. I’ve glommed up series or even just one book and experienced what I call after-funk. That feeling you get when it’s over and you’re not ready to accept it? When a favorite series ends, no matter how damn happy the ending was? After-funk. When the book is so angsty and painful and wrings your heart out, slaps it around and nurses it back to health at the end? After-funk. When the world is just so amazing you feel like you’re in it but there’s no more to read or you have to WAIT? After-funk.

I devoured the first three book in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning and felt twitchy for days. Granted cliff hangers can do that but my head stayed in that world for a while.

Here are a few other books or series that gave me after-funk:

Black Dagger Brotherhood. But then I did have to stop at Phury’s book and wait for more :)

Sweet as Sin by Inez Kelley – The agnst, it hurt. I needed recovery time.

Broken by Megan Hart – Same as above x 1,000

There are more. Trust. But it’s easier if I just don’t go there. I’m still healing. :)

I have different ways of dealing with after-funk.

  • I take a little break, a few days of therapy to deal with my loss. :)
  • A trip to Cabo and many Margaritas to think things through
  • Sit in a corner and rock until I can face another day…and shower
  • Grab another book and be a big brave dog

So what books gave you after-funk and what do you do to get rid of the after-funk?


  1. says

    After-funk- Hard Bitten. How did I move on? I burned the book. Seriously. I tossed it in our fire pit.

    I know I have more books that were good after-funks. Let me think on this.

  2. says

    I told you!!! The show is sooooo good. So freaking good! Tim Riggins is super hot but I’m so in love with Coach Taylor. He’s so dreamy in those khaki pants and those sunglasses with the next strap. I can barely contain myself.

    I’m trying to savor this series and only watch it when I’m on the treadmill because it’s the only way to make it through the treadmill. I’ve got to string it out until my Half Marathon in March – and yes I’ve counted all the episodes and done the math for how many miles/week on the treamill that gets me through. I also want to read the book it’s based on. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!! *fist pump*

    • says

      Oh see now I love me some Coach Taylor too but Tami has crazy eyes. I’m a little scared to look at her man with lust in my eyes. LOL. I love it when he gets all worked up and gets all alpha. Rowl.

      I tried to savor the series but I have no self control. NONE! I watch one right after the other. I keep saying, just one more, then I’ll stop for a while. HA

  3. Mandi says

    My god Riggins. Bad boy with the bestest heart in all of Texas.

    Coach. Your green eyes and eye lashes woo me. WOO ME I SAY.

    God I love and adore this show. I’m so sad I’m almost done. Texas Forever and ever.

    To get out of this particular glom, the next (and last) tv show I will make you watch is Homeland. You must. That is all. 😉 (then I’ll leave your tv viewing up to you!)

  4. Lexi says

    Ahahahha! Ok, I wont think about it and just enjoy Taylor. =)

    Every time I read the Fever series I am in a serious after-funk. I need time to decompress and not read anything else for a while. If I try to it just doesnt compare!

    • says

      Thank you for overlooking my inappropriateness. I appreciate that.

      And yes, the Fever series is awesome. I feel bad for the books I read right after :)

  5. says

    I am going to have to check out that show!! :)
    I call it a book hangover – I get them all the time and they are tough to shake