Giveaways, Book Deals, and Vacuuming a Corgi – Must be Friday

Happy Friday!!

I hope you all have happy plans for the weekend. Weekends are awesome!! I will not be vacuuming a corgi but I will not judge you if you do. Because look at his face!!

I had something I was going to post today but somehow Friday was here and I didn’t finish my post. I’m not sure how that happened. But, since it’s the weekend I’ll regroup and hopefully have a Friday post for you next week. Forget you read this if there is no post next week. Hey, it’s like that right now. :)

Open Giveaways

All In with the Duke by Ava March Tour + Giveaway

Rapid Reveal with Amy and Kele Moon + Giveaway

Weekend Book Bargains

$0.99 Through the Fire by Beth Trissel
** AMZ * BN * Kobo * Sony * ARe **

$0.99 Blurred Lines Volumes 1-4 by Breena Wilde
** AMZ * BN * Kobo * Sony * ARe **

$0.99 Three Years Later by Casey McMillin
** AMZ * BN * Kobo * Sony * ARe **

$0.99 Second String by Casey McMillin
** AMZ * BN * Kobo * Sony * ARe **

$0.99 Celtic Shores by Delaney Rhodes
** AMZ * BN * Kobo * Sony * ARe **

$0.99 To Bewitch a Highlander by Lily Baldwin
** AMZ * BN * Kobo * Sony * ARe **

$0.99 Safe and Sound by Lindy Zart
** AMZ * BN * Kobo * Sony * ARe **

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  1. Kamla L. says

    He is just too, too, too, too, adorable! I came to check out for the deals but now I want one of those instead. :)