Getting To Know Us: Sophia Is First!

Everyone here at Fiction Vixen has a short bio on our About Us page. But we thought you might like to know a little more about us. If you don’t want to know about us, look away. This will pass quickly. :) I sent everyone a little questionnaire to fill out and we’ll be posting one every Friday until we run out of … well, us. Jen sent me some questions and said I had to go first since I’m the ring leader of this crazy bunch. So here we go…


FV - Getting To Know Us - Sophia

Getting to know Sophia

First, tell us about yourself. Tell us something we don’t already know from your bio. Like about that time had too much tequila and danced on the bar. Spill the beans, Sophia.

Which time I had too much tequila and danced on the bar? I’ve done that in all 50 states, sometimes more than once and a few times Mexico.

Ok, something you don’t know about me. I wanted to be a drummer in a metal band when I was a teenager but I have never played the drums in my life. I nearly caused an accident on the first day of having my driver’s license. The other driver was a police officer. He let me off with a warning.  I love salt and vinegar potato chips, pickles, and Mexican food. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, I can take it or leave it. Mostly leave it. Clutter makes me crazy and I’m married to a man who could someday end up on hoarders if he wasn’t married to me.  I’m not afraid of heights, but I am afraid I’ll fling myself off of high places if I get close to the edge.


What made you want to start a blog?  Has it been everything you hoped it would be?  More?  Less?

I’ve had two other blogs in the past and enjoyed blogging. When I started reading romance again I immediately thought, “There must be others like me.” So, I searched for romance blogs and discovered a passionate community of readers and bloggers. (pun intended) I wanted to talk about books, and blogging seemed the most logical way to do that. I blog with amazing friends and it’s awesome.


Why romance? Was there one particular book that made you say romance is the genre for me?

I read a few historical romances in my teens. Mostly to shock my mom and I’m not gonna lie, for the sexy times. I didn’t shock my mom but I think I might have been a little traumatize by romance novel sex. But I digress. When I was all grown up I read Twilight and discovered paranormal romance. I wanted more. I read Sookie Stackhouse, Black Dagger Brotherhood and The Dark Hunter series in a day. Ok, it might have taken me a little longer but I devoured those books. Later I moved on to all the other sub-genres and I have never looked back.


How old were you when you read that first romance novel?  How racy was it?

I was maybe 14 or 15. It was historical, the cover was pink, and I am pretty sure Fabio was on the cover. The words “throbbing member” were used. You can decide for yourself where that stands on the “racy” meter.


The new trend in romance seems to be how messed up can we make our characters and how freaky can they be.  Do you like this trend or do you prefer a sedate historical or fun contemporary romance?

I’m not as adventurous as some with some of the more extreme themes but I do go there. I like to occasionally read dark erotica and I love it when an author can make me sympathize with a character that does not deserve it.  Skye Warren has done this a time or two.


What is your least favorite sub-genre?  Why?  How often do you choose to read books within that sub-genre?

Right now my least favorite is paranormal romance and I don’t read it very often. I think I’m just burnt out on PNR. I gorged for a few years and now I feel like there’s nothing new or interesting.

If I’m going to read PNR I want it to be sexy and heavy on the romance. I’m reading a novella by Denise Tompkins right now that I like. It reminds me of the novellas I read when I first discovered PNR.  It features a succubus on the verge of her Change, and an incubus who does the right thing and helps her out. :)


We know the answer to this but for the sake of our audience…ebooks, print or audio? Why?

I like ebooks. I’ve preferred ebooks since 2009. As I mentioned before I don’t like clutter. My ebooks are neatly organized on my hard drive and securely backed up to my cloud. I enjoy audio books as well but my preference is ebooks.


How many books do you have on you at any given time, Kindle, paperback and audio combined?  How many could you have on you?

I don’t keep many books on my Kindle and I rarely carry around a paperback. All my books are accessible via a wifi connection so I can get to them if I need to. Unless there is a zombie apocalypse and wifi is no more. Then I’ll have a problem I guess. I keep two or three audio books on my iPhone but I rarely listen to audio books away from home. I have over 3,000 books in my personal library. Would they all fit on my Kindle? I have no idea. The thought makes me sweat.


Let’s get real….

How many kindles have you had and did they all have names?

I’ve had 5 Kindles. Only one had a name. Her name was Chastity D. Bauched. I know, clever right?


One book hero.  Only one you can keep.  Who is it and why?

Jericho Barrons. Because he scares me a little bit. And I like it.



It is 6pm on a Tuesday night.  Your router just went out so you have no internet on your Mac or iPad.  For some reason your iPhone is not getting a signal and you can’t figure out why.  All of this happened 5 minutes after someone sent you a text saying it has been spoiled whether Dani ends up with Ryodan, Dancer or Christian and the future of Mac and Barrons has been revealed.  Your family is patiently waiting at the dinner table for that food you were supposed to be cooking.  What do you do next?

I fall on the floor and thank the wifi gods for protecting me from the spoiling jerks that like to ruin it for everyone! I hate being spoiled. After I finish cooking a fabulous dinner and my family worships me, my awesome hubby restores our wifi connection and pours me a glass of wine. Then I search the internet for spells to curse the keyboards of the evil spoilery McSpoiler-ers of the world!!!


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