Getting To Know Samantha – Find Out How She Saves Her Book Boyfriend!

Samantha’s turn!

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Getting To Know Samantha


I want to be you when I grow up. You are super organized, you always have a list, you take awesome pictures. Also, Samanthacycles. She really does. Tell us something about you we don’t know yet.

I’m super into home improvement/DIY. I can lay tile, install baseboards, and paint like a pro. In fact the last time I re-painted the inside of my house, I looked around and said to myself, “Back up plan.” It finally hit me that if I really had to and something happened to my current job (that I absolutely love) I could paint houses to earn some income. However, I cannot craft a single craft project I’ve seen on Pinterest. Go figure. I have ZERO crafting skills.

Also, I don’t stress out about anything. Ever. I’m always “glass is half-full” or “someway, we’ll find a way, and we’ll figure it out.” Some people really hate that about me. LOL


How many times a week do you get to cuddle up with the fur-babies and your eReader?

I try to read every day. I’m always reading something, even if it’s not a book – I can spend hours getting lost reading things on the internet.


Do you recall the title of your very first romance novel?

*whispers* Twilight.


You once told me that Butch and V from Black Dagger Brotherhood sparked your interested in m/m romance.  What was the first m/m romance you read after B and V shared some chemistry?

It was Mary Calmes’ A Matter of Time. And I fell instantly in love. When big bad alpha male Sam tells Jory “You’re brand new” I was absolutely hooked. The way Sam would bite Jory on the back of his neck helped too. 😉


Do you prefer ebooks or print? Why?

Hmmm,  you know what, I don’t think I really have a preference when I think about it. I love them both. For some books I really prefer ebooks, because it just makes it easier to read extra dirty smut on my lunch break while sitting at my work desk. But I also like to read something good and pass it on to someone else, so I like print books for that. If it’s a good read, I don’t care what format it is in.


How many books, both e-book and print are in your personal library?

I have 489 books in my Kindle library and only about 30 print books hanging around my house. I don’t like clutter. So I like to pass on print books to others or donate to my local library or Senior Center. (Don’t forget your local Senior Center when donating goods!!) Most of my print books are Home Improvement books, and I have an old dictionary from the 50’s that I’ve highlighted every word I’ve ever looked up. I don’t know how I acquired that dictionary, but I’ve had it since I was a child.


Let’s get serious….

You meet your favorite author and she tells you that your favorite book boyfriend is a hoarder!! He saves everything, organizes nothing and secretly wears dirty socks. He fears photography and will be heading up a movement to ban bike lanes across the nation. Even worse he will take a vow of celibacy to help him focus on hoarding, avoiding photographers and banning bike lanes. She plans to reveal this in her next book. How do you change her mind and stop the MADNESS?

Oh see the approach I would take is to convince said author that she needs to write me in as the heroine so I could use sex and pleasure to move him out of the dark side and into the world of controlled order. He just needs to be influenced by a strong female like myself who knows how to color code her closet and wield her label maker like a sword. Because when you free up all the time you won’t waste tripping over the crap everywhere or buying stuff you don’t really need, there’s more time for fun between our freshly washed sheets.




That’s easy. I’ve always been 200% all about Ty Grady from the moment he walked onto the page.  Good grief the fun he and I would have together. My brain explodes just thinking about it.



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    I wish I could hire you to paint the interior of my house. I fear the day that we actually do it. There will be mistakes and I will notice them!! LOL

    And you don’t stress? Like ever?? I envy you.