Getting To Know Us: Who Does Angela Save? The eReader or The Cabana Boy?


You wanted the dirt, you got it. It’s time to get to know Angela a little better.


FV - Getting To Know Us - Angela

Getting To Know: Angela

Ok Angela. We know you are a mom to teenagers, a salon owner and you are a smokin’ hot Texas girl with a tattoo of Sponge Bob on your bum. Tell us something we don’t know yet.

She’s kidding folks… I don’t really have a tattoo of Sponge Bob on my bum. But I do have one across my hip (hearts and shamrocks), one on my ankle (butterfly) and one that takes up most of my back (black tribal with a cherry blossom that opens in the middle).  On my 40th birthday in March I plan on getting a dragonfly on my shoulder. My daughter thinks I’m weird, but I love my tattoos.

I’m completely and utterly addicted to shoes. They are like my kryptonite. I will buy a pair of shoes and then wait months until I find just the right outfit to wear them with. I have everything from converse to combat boots to strappy sandals to wedges to platform heels. And flip-flops, I have a ridiculous amount of flip flops. I need a twelve step program for my book and shoe addictions.


When did you start reading romance?

I started reading romance in high school. I’ve always been an avid reader, from first grade on… I remember being very young and hiding under the covers with my flashlight when I was supposed to be asleep reading Grimm’s fairy tales and biographies of women I admired like Eleanor Roosevelt. No one in my house thought it was odd, my mom would just come into my room and tell me to put the book down and go to bed. I think when I was in elementary school I read our entire encyclopedia collection cover to cover. I progressed to romance in high school and never looked back. YA and NA weren’t big genres in the late eighties to early nineties like they are now so I would just go check out Johanna Lindsey, Catherine Coulter and Julie Garwood from the library. I was big into Stephen King and John Saul back then too.


Do you remember the title of your very first romance?

I believe it was The Tiger’s Woman by Celeste De Blasis. I still have my original hardback copy in my personal library. I’ve never reread it, but I hold on to it because I can’t seem to let it go.


When did you start devouring romance novels like peanut M&M’s?  What sparked the beast within?

When I found Johanna Lindsey in high school I remember thinking how sexy and scandalous her romances were. Reading her stories got me interested in many different sub-genres. Just by opening one of her books I could escape to all kinds of worlds.  I loved how she would write anything from hot western romances to Regency, Vikings or pirates. My first science fiction romance was a Johanna Lindsey. From there I just read whatever I could get my hands on. I didn’t start reading erotica until in my mid-twenties. That’s when publishers like Ellora’s Cave were just starting out and I really got interested in what they had to offer. It was hard to read ebooks back then, you had to sit in front of the computer or laptop to read the whole thing. It’s so much easier now with Kindles, Nooks and iPads.


You’re pretty adventurous when it comes to reading romance. You seem to try anything at least once. Is there any particular sub-genre or trope you will never read again?

Hmmmm, I don’t think there are any that I wouldn’t read again. I haven’t had one book that has thrown me off an entire sub-genre or trope.  I’m not jumping onto the NA bandwagon quite yet. I’ve enjoyed a few and have had others fall flat. I don’t think I’ll ever be interested in reading an inspirational or Christian romance. I keep seeing them pop up different places and haven’t felt the need to buy one yet.


If you ever decided to write a romance novel, what genre and what trope would you most likely write about?

As much as I adore historical and contemporary romances, I have a lot of love for urban fantasy. I think maybe if I ever wrote anything it would be an urban fantasy type romance with some kind of friends to lovers story line.


I know the answer to this but for the sake of our audience…ebooks or print? Why?

Ebooks, because they are much easier to store, take with me on different devices and when I want to highlight a quote or bookmark a page it’s as easy as swiping my finger across the screen.


How many books, both ebook and print are in your personal library?

Ha! Are y’all sure you want to know this? I’m about to sound like an episode of Hoarders: Book Lovers addition. Alright then, I’ve got about 4,000 ebooks in my library and (I had to go and physically count my bookshelves) another 428 in my closet on my bookshelves. Don’t even ask how many of those are in my TBR stack.


Let’s get serious….

You’re on an all-inclusive island vacation. Just you, the beach, a few hot “open-minded” cabana boys and your eReader loaded up with hot summer romances for some relaxing beach reading.  You’ve sent your favorite cabana boy to fetch a fresh Mai Tai and your eReader you left at the bar. On the way back, he stumbles and falls off an inconveniently placed cliff where he hangs on for his life. You rush to his rescue. You realize you can’t save them all. You have to choose: Do you save the open-minded cabana boy, the delicious Mai Tai, or your eReader?

First off, I would never, ever leave my dear eReader unattended. I’m deeply attached.

Secondly, how open-minded is this cabana boy? Are we talking smoking hot, filthy talking, he has dirty relationships with his fellow cabana boys open-minded or just sweet romance, he likes to give massages open-minded? This is important.

And lastly, how many Mai Tais have I already had to drink?




Not cool. And how did you know I was going to say both? I totally was, but still. Okay…. I think Zane. Everyone seems to be big Ty fans, but there’s something about my poor tortured Zane that makes me want to just give him a hug. Oh, and we’re both from Texas.

You can get to know Sophia, and be sure to check next week to see who we’re getting to know.