Getting To Know Amy: Does She Do Pitbull AND Gandy?

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It’s Amy’s turn!!

So Amy…

You’re sexy, single, and southern. You like good food, traveling and music. Tell us something we don’t about you and don’t hold back. We’d love to know about the rumors about the time, with the thing and those guys that do that special trick and the jail time. Tell us everything.

Now don’t give away all my secrets!  That thing, those guys and the “alleged” jail time stays in Nashville, TN, also know as NashVegas.  And you know the saying… “What happens in NashVegas…..” yada, yada.  I will reveal a snippet of what happened in Memphis, TN (yes, this Tennessean gets around in her home state).  I can confirm that on one occasion I did sing a solo of Mustang Sally while standing on a chair in a bar on Beale St.  The entire bar joined in on the chorus and while I’ve been a public singer for a good chunk of my life, I have to say it was the first time I’d had an entire bar as an audience!  I also had a few too many Margaritas that night, okay, next question.


I know you were a fellow Twilight lover. There’s no shame in that. :)  Is that the series that made you a romance reader or were you already a well-established romance fan?

I have to confess the Twilight series is what sparked my love of reading again.  I read some as a teenager and once I hit college I started picking up more books for enjoyment but no where near the level I’m at now.  I would have NEVER read 100+ book in a years time when in college.  Twilight definitely sparked my desire for romance reading but after reading it I wanted something grittier.  Then J.R. Ward and the Black Dagger Brotherhood entered my life and my love for romance reading boomed!  Feel me? 😉


You also read urban fantasy. What is your favorite urban fantasy series or book?

I will admit I’ve not read a lot of Urban Fantasy.  I crave a strong relationship/romance in my books and so many UF books are all action, huge world building and no romance.  My first UF series I ever read was Carolyn Crane’s, Disillusionists trilogy.  I loved it!  I loved the world she created and all of the characters were so well developed.  I also enjoyed J.A. Saare’s, Rhiannon’s Law series.  A trend I’ve found I enjoy in UR is a badass heroine and both of those series delivered a great heroine.   My next UF series I’m starting is one of your favorites; Jennifer Estep’s, Elemental Assassin series.  I think from what you have told me Gin will be right up my alley!


So UF many series feature love triangles. What’s your take on love triangles? Love’em, hate’em or indifferent?

Well, there was a love triangle in both of the series I mentioned and I have to say I tend to hate’em.  I generally know up front who I want the heroine paired with romantically so if there is a third and she becomes wishy washy with who she wants, I get frustrated.


If you ever decided to write a romance novel, what genre and what trope would you most likely write about?

Oh wow.  I kind of love them all; contemporary, erotic, romantic suspense, historical, m/m, that’s a hard one. Pun intended. 😉  I would probably go with RS because I could write a twisted serial killer villain with a sexy, kickass couple (m/f or m/m) trying to catch him in between their sexy romps between the sheets, or against the wall, or over the couch…. wait I’m getting off track here.  I love suspense movies and television shows that have the psychological thriller element.  Silence of the Lambs is a definite favorite and I’m loving the new fall show, The Blacklist so yeah, if I was writing a novel I would definitely want to incorporate the thriller element with a good balance of sexy times.


I know the answer to this but for the sake of our audience…ebooks or print? Why?

Ebooks!  My life changed when I got my first Kindle!  I loved it more than my ipod and I’m a music lover as well but the Kindle was the bomb for me!  I love that when I travel I’m not lugging 3 or 4 books with me, that my bookshelves are no longer overstuffed with paperbacks and that I no longer have to squint even with glasses to read the page.  Seriously, I would be lost without my Kindle!


How many books, both ebook and print are in your personal library?

I stopped counting after 5000, lol.  I mean I’m an ebook hoarder.  If there is a sale, I’m there to buy.  If there are freebies, I download without a second thought.  I’m guessing my library stands now at close to 8000 books both print and ebook combined.


Let’s get serious….

You’re at a Pitbull concert and he spots you in the audience. He points at you. Next thing you know you’ve been invited backstage and granted an all access pass. This is your chance Amy. The big man himself. Then you remember your date! David Gandy is going be really hurt when he finds out! What do you do? How do you have your cake and eat it too?

OMGGGG!!! David Gandy AND Pitbull?  What’s a gal to do???  This would take some serious strategizing on my part but given a little brainstorming while downing a good vodka tonic with lime, I could make it happen.  DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!  I mean come on, you know Pitbull’s lyrics..… “give me everything tonight….for all we know we might not get tomorrow, let’s do it tonight!”




I’ve been Team Zane from the beginning.  I know I’m in the minority but I it doesn’t faze me.  I love Zane with a great passion.  Zane lives hard and loves deep and I’m a sucker for the tortured hero.  I just want to wrap him in my bosom and never let go.  And as Angela pointed out he’s from Texas and we Southerners are tight. 😉


  1. Helyce says

    I love this! What a fun feature! We have a little bit in common. I’ve always been an avid reader-cut my teeth on historical romance in my teens then read a lot of fiction until I had my kids and completely stopped as there was no time. Then, like you, I happened upon the Twilight series. I gobbled them up and then my good (enabling) friend said to me, “if you thought that was good, try these!” and she promptly gave me every Dark Hunter book she had. I went on a reading binge and I swear I barely remembered to feed my kids! From there it was Ward and on and on!

    • Amy says

      I think I could swing it where I do dirty things with both of them while Pitbull sings to me. I’m good at multitasking! 😉