Friday Pets and Other Stuff

Happy Friday my friends!

rainbow dog

I had this idea for my Friday post; something about rainbows. I thought, hey, I need a rainbow graphic!! So off I went to my usual source but I wasn’t happy with the anything I found. Then I remembered Look what I found you guys!!! A rainbow dog!! Oh-em-gee. I mean really, who doesn’t wish they had a rainbow pet when they were growing up? I want this rainbow dog.

So here he is on my blog and you know what? I have no idea why I needed a rainbow graphic for this blog post. Not one single clue. *shrugs* So what should we name him?


WordPress Resources

A lot of bloggers in the book blogging community are jumping ship on Blogger and switching over to WordPress. Some are opting for free blogs and the more adventurous are setting up shop on self-hosted WordPress blogs. Yay!! I’m a big fan of WordPress and I’m glad to see so many bloggers using it.

When I first moved Fiction Vixen to WordPress a couple of years ago I scoured the internet for tutorials, articles, plugins, themes, you name it. I only wish I had kept a good index of my favorite resources. So, I’ve decided to start keeping a list of what I hope are helpful links that others might be able to use, whether you’re new to WordPress or have been using it forever. I created a WordPress page and will be updating it often.



There is still time to enter these giveaways at Fiction Vixen:

Second Book Of Grimm by Shiloh Walker: Ends today!!

Help Us Test Rafflecopter Win An Amazon Gift Card – Ends today…I think.



Since I started this post off by talking about pets, I’m going to end it that way too. I was skimming through my Google Reader this morning and saw that Smart Bitches, Trashy Books posted some funny videos from The Shelter Project today. This one keeled me. Totally.

I’ve always had a secret wish that my pets could talk. I know it would be awesome. This video is proof.

Warning…if you hit youtube after this vid, you can kiss your day goodbye. Funny animal vids will steal your precious day and will not feel bad about it. You have been warned.

That’s it for me folks! Have a great weekend.



  1. says

    You know, I have all of my posts backed up on a wordpress blog. That way if Blogger ever pisses me off, at least I have them in one spot. I have NO CLUE how to even personalize it though. Can’t figure out how to add anything on it and the dashboard is confusing as all hell. I think I need to bribe you with some smut books to come make it pretty for me! LOL

    • says

      I don’t know anything about customizing for I’ve never even seen the dash LOL. I’m sure there are tutorials though. They have a large support forum too if you ever decide to make the switch.

  2. says

    I’m still relatively happy with Blogger but I’ve thought about switching to WordPress. I don’t know if it’s because it’s new to me or if it’s actually this way but it’s kind of intimidating. I have a feeling at some time I will switch over and I’ll definitely be checking our your page. Your Kindle how to posts have saved me many frustrating hours :-)

  3. June M. says

    I think a good name for the doggie would be Skittles (you know, taste the rainbow?) Adorable pic!

  4. Karen C says

    Love the pic- great idea for the skittle dog – and the cat video!! Have a great weekend.

  5. says

    He looks like a Bowie, and ‘bow’ as in rainbow…fits!!

    I’m slowly trying out WordPress. Signed up for a free WP site, set it to private and have been messing with it off and on. It makes me feel stupid, though, since it uses different terminology than Blogger. Had to search the help boards to figure out that comments are ‘discussions’. Anyway, as I get more into messing with it, I’m sure I’ll be back to use and abuse your nifty WP page. 😉