Five Signs You’re Reading a Sandy Williams’ Book + Giveaway

Five Signs You’re Reading a Sandy Williams’ Book

Have you ever picked up a book without looking at the cover and been able to identify the author? And not just because the characters’ names are familiar, but because there’s something about the writing that screams the author’s name? Joanna Bourne (historical romance) is one of those authors for me. She has beautiful prose and a distinct way of writing that hooks me in. I could probably identify books by Patrick Rothfuss (fantasy) as well. He tells epic stories with light humor, and his books always have well crafted back stories and elaborate world building.

When I think about all the manuscripts I’ve written, and all the ones I can’t wait to write, similarities pop up in them. Not in the plots, exactly, but in the elements they all contain. There are five things that you will always, always find in my books.

1. A paranormal element: I can’t tell a story where everything is ordinary. Something has to be weird. Sometimes, it’s the existence of magic or magical people – fae, vampires, witches, etc – other times, it might be an extraterrestrial element. I’m hoping the next book I write after the Shadow Reader novels is a science fiction romance!

2. Romance: A little over five years ago, I was anti-romance. I wouldn’t step foot in the romance aisle and read mostly science fiction and fantasy. Then, I read Linnea Sinclair’s books. She’s in the sci-fi aisle, but because I loved the romance element so much in her novels, I ventured out of my comfort zone, and I found my true home. I LOVE romance! And, now, I consider myself a romance writer. My books might never end up in the romance aisle because I write a lot of world building and have plots that center more around the will-they-survive element rather than the will-they-get-together one, but my books wouldn’t be what they are without the romance. (Sidenote: I intended THE SHADOW READER to be a paranormal romance, but after writing the story, I realized I’d put in too much plot and world building, and not enough kissing!)

3. Stakes: Not wooden stakes. High stakes. Usually a war. I’m trying to think of all the books that I’ve written and all the ones I plan to write, and I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of war going on in all of them. More is at stake than just the heroine and hero’s lives. If they fail in whatever they’re trying to do, there are major consequences.

4. Tough decisions/Gray lines: Everything isn’t black and white. Decisions have consequences, and the bad guys aren’t bad just because. They have reasons for opposing the good guys, and they feel that they’re views or positions or causes are just.

5. Writing that disappears: If I’m doing my job correctly, you won’t realize you’re reading a book. The words will disappear and you’ll be left only with the story and the characters.

That’s what you can expect from all of my books. Hope you enjoy reading stories with these elements as much as I enjoy writing them!

Sandy Williams

Sandy graduated from Texas A&M University with a double major in political science and history. She thought about attending law school. Fortunately, before handing over her life’s savings, she realized case studies weren’t nearly as interesting as novels and decided to get an MA in Library Science instead. She worked as a librarian until her husband whisked her off to London on an extended business trip. She’s now back home in Texas, writing full-time, raising newborn twin boys, and squeezing in time to play geeky board and card games like Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and Runebound.


My publisher is offering up a copy of THE SHATTERED DARK. Since the publisher is sending it, the giveaway will need to be limited to the US.

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  1. Rebe says

    I loved the first book in this series and can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Bethany C. says

    This series sounds exactly like the kind of books I enjoy. Must read!


  3. Barbara Elness says

    The Shadow Reader is on my TBR shelf and I’m planning to read it soon so I’ll be ready for The Shattered Dark. This sounds like such a great series and I’m looking forward to reading it.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  4. says

    I have the first in this series in my TBR pile and cannot wait to get to it! Having the second book in a series ready always helps!! LOL I am impatient like that!

  5. Justine says

    I keep meaning to read Joanna Bourne and Patrick Rothfuss. Also, Sandy’s author bio is awesome!

  6. Texas Book Lover says

    I have the audio version of The Shattered Reader at home just waiting for The Shattered Dark. I like to have at least two books in a series before starting it otherwise I get too impatient.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Cheryl says

    I loved the Shadow Reader and there were definitely gray areas with several of the characters. It drove me nuts at times with all the, “Which side is this character on?!”, but I loved it because it made the book even more interesting.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Tina F says

    Sounds interesting. Sandy Williams is a new artist to mr and can’t wait to enter her world.

  9. Kristin says

    Rob Thurman’s snark, tormented MCs and some sort of familial love that knows no bounds (and no, not in a creepy way) are hallmarks of her writing that make me feel I’d be able to pick her books out of a line-up any day.

    Loved The Shadow Reader and I can’t wait to read the sequel but was disappointed when I read somewhere that this is only going to be a trilogy.

  10. Pamk says

    sounds like a couple of great books. I so need to get the first one.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com