Fight Night, Round 2! Vote and Win Stuff!

Vote for a winner for each match-up via the Rafflecopter below.  Round two is Dallas vs. Ace, (this hurts) and Jas vs. Bren. You can vote July 14th – 18th.  Character winners will advance to Round Three!

The character who wins the whole thing is the one Kit Rocha will be writing a free story about later this summer.







Here’s how we’re voting…


Because OMG Dallas



No, wait! Vote Ace. Definitely Ace!!

Wait, Dallas. No Ace.

Dammit. We can’t do this.


We need a moment. You figure out the Dallas vs. Ace match while we get ourselves together. In the mean time, here’s how we’re voting the Jas vs. Bren match.


Go Jasper, you sexy beast!!


Vote, Fight, Win!

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  1. Sylvia says

    Dallas was a no-brainer for me. Because…come on…he’s the king. He HAS to win.

    I went with Bren in the Jas vs. Bren match. I just read his book and he rules the cage. He may even be able to take on Dallas. *gasp*