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Hey everyone!  Thanks to Fiction Vixen for hosting me—I’m really happy to be here for the blog tour for LONG TIME GONE, the second book in the Hell or High Water Series.

In Catch a Ghost, you met Prophet and Tommy, operatives at EE, Ltd.  At the end of that book, Tommy chose to walk away from Prophet rather than put him in any further danger.

Tommy hails from one of the bayou parishes in Louisiana.  He grew up splitting his time between the bayou, where his father lives, and New Orleans, where his Aunt lives.  Tommy’s pretty superstitious, and he’s got “that voodoo shit” going on (as Prophet lovingly refers to it) . . . and a whole host of reasons for his superstitions as well.

To me, having someone like Tommy in my life would be (is) normal. I’ve got friends who can predict things with a spooky accuracy. Hell, I can do it, usually only for myself, but on occasion for people I’m extremely close to.  Is it a stronger than normal intuition, or something more? I don’t know.  I’ve been told by a few psychics that I definitely have a gift, but I’d have to practice if I wanted to be able to read other people.  Based on the few premonitions I have gotten, I don’t think that’s something I’d be very happy doing.  I can definitely see why Tommy’s got a hard time with his voodoo shit.


So talk to me about your intuition? Is yours particularly strong or are you clueless?  Ever visited a psychic? Were the predictions true or not? Comment and you’ll automatically be entered in the giveaway I’m doing specially for commenters on this blog—two $10.00 Riptide gift cards!

Giveaway is open until November 8, open to all.

SE Jakes writes m/m romance. She believes in happy endings and fighting for what you want in both fiction and real life. She lives in New York with her family and most days, she can be found happily writing (in bed). No really…

You can contact her the following ways:

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Truth be told, the best way to contact her is by email or in blog comments.  She spends most of her time writing but she loves to hear from readers!

About Long Time Gone:

LongTimeGone_400x600When a tornado meets a volcano, nothing is safe.

Soldier of fortune Prophet Drews always worked alone—until Tom Boudreaux became his partner. But when Tom walked away three months ago, ostensibly to keep Prophet safe, Prophet learned the true meaning of being alone. Everyone knows that Prophet, a Navy SEAL turned CIA spook turned mercenary, can look after himself. Which means he must’ve driven his lover away.

Even with half a world between them, Prophet can’t get the man out of his head. Maybe that’s why he’s in New Orleans in the middle of a hurricane, protecting Tom’s aunt. But the only looter around is Tom, bursting back into Prophet’s life. It turns out that Prophet’s been stuck in Tom’s head—and heart—too.

Their explosive reunion gets even hotter when Tom is arrested for murder. As they fight to clear his name, they delve deep into his past, finding enemies among everyone they meet. Staying alive in such a dangerous world is hard enough, but they soon discover that fighting to stay together is the most difficult thing they’ve ever done.


You can read and excerpt and purchase at Riptide Books.   Book 1 in the series, Catch a Ghost, is also available.  And Dirty Deeds, an EE, Ltd novella, will be available in January, 2014.



  1. Trix says

    That old SNL skit about the trivial psychic always rings true for me, since that’s pretty much what I am. I’ll think about a song or old TV episode and encounter it a few days later, things like that. That’s the extent of it, though, and for that I am grateful.

  2. Diana Merritt says

    Yes have seen psychic/mediums on and off for the last 20 years. Just went in June to see if she could connect with my mom or my brother. She did! I felt so much better after I went. She also told me that my teenage son was not taking care of his diabetes like he should and we were going to run into some problems. Not a month later at our next visit to children’s hospital he had protein in his urine now is on medicine for that.

  3. Felicia says

    I think you really need to pay attention to yourself to connect to your intuition. Mine kinda hit or miss. Some of it is afterthought, or not following through and thinking I could of/should of have said/done something. Very rarely, I’m right about whatever it is.

    I did call a psychic once, you know those 1-800 hotlines. I was a sucker. I think I asked if I would find a nice guy. This was back when I was naive about calling those things. lol

  4. Johanna says

    My older brother and my mom have a connection. They can feel each others pain and worries. Not all the time but quite often. The last instance was when my sister was in the hospital for a collapsed lung. My mom was worried sick. Before my brother was contacted he called our mother and demanded what was wrong with his sister. I have always found this interesting. They do have the same birthdays, could that be part of the link?

  5. Denitra says

    Every once in a while I will get an inkling to do something or to go see someone or follow a certain direction. Not often but when I do I make sure to follow it because I usually regret it when I don’t.

  6. Melanie J says

    I do get a feeling if I should or shouldn’t do something. I have never benn to a psychic or palm reading or anythign of that sorts. Not that I don’t believe in it.. I just haven’t done it.

  7. kp says

    I went to a psychic years ago and so much of what I was told came true! I don’t think I pick up any “vibes” but I do read people well! I have this series on my wish list and am looking forward to reading it!!!

  8. Sarah says

    Sarah bit hit & miss with intuition, although I pay attention to having a bad feeling about things just in case – I’m a little bit superstitious like that :)

  9. JenCW says

    I have never been to a psychic before, but my intuition is usually very good for myself. Others it’s spotty on unless I just want a general impression of a person. Sometimes I just can tell I don’t want to know someone I’ve met, and it rarely proved to be false in the long run.

  10. erinf1 says

    meh… my intuition is weak… I’ve always wanted to visit a psychic but I think I’m too pragmatic to be able to believe any of it. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Angela Love says

    I Have both there are times when I get that feeling and there are times when I’m totally clueless….. I have called a psychic once and totally got BSed but I have always wanted to try again…..

  12. Andrea M says

    I’ve never consulted a psychic but I believe in intuition. Too many things have happened for it not to be valid.

  13. Sandypo says

    My intuition actually happens to be pretty good. I have visited a psychic and the most recent time he talked to me about my son and what he said has basically shown to be true. I don’t believe in ghosts or life on other planets, but I do think some people have a gift to read the future.

  14. Lisa says

    My husband is the one with the strange intuition. Me, I’m just very observant and aware of things around me. I notice things that others don’t. My son says I’m too observant (nosy) at times. :D

  15. JenM says

    I don’t have any intuition about events, but when it comes to people, my intuition is very strong. I always trust my gut and my first impressions about a person. The few times I’ve chosen to ignore my gut feeling, I’ve always been sorry.

  16. Morgiana says

    Wel, my intuitions (or better my gut-feeling) work quite good, sometimes I can feel that something good/ bad will happen, sometimes I dream things that come true, but this is all.
    I once went to a psychic, but it was quite disappointing, but fortunately my grandma taught me a litle how to read card, but I didn’t use them for a log time.

  17. Bernie says

    But the only time I was psychic was when my girls were up to something I always knew! But didn’t always bust them, lol!!!!

  18. Fridayschild says

    I am Indian, therefore superstitions and consulting with astrologers is an integral part of life ( at birth, at puberty – horoscopes were written on both occasion, based on time of occurrence, before I got married to check if my husband & my horoscopes matched). That said, I am a bit leery about astrological predictions as they all seem to come through, at least for me.
    Some scary ones were, black magic being used to mentally incapacitate my Mom and me due to property issues ( We being one of legitimate heirs )
    I went totally berserk and ran through heavy traffic, got hit by a bike and landed on concrete with a heavy thump, bystanders and my mother thought at the very least, I would have spinal injuries and at worst broken my neck ( I was 7 years old ). I simply got up and walked away, apparently confused and not sure what I was doing at the other side of the road from my mom.
    Laughing and screaming in my sleep and levitating were others( totally freaked my mom )
    My mother searching for hours for the key ring that wore in a string around her neck every day between 6 to 9 pm and finding it hanging around her neck, after 9. Happened for months and nobody, not one of us would be able to see it around her neck till then.
    Finally my mother gave up all claim to property in writing and then these bizarre adventures came to an end.
    So Voodoo/ black magic definitely exists. But so does good magic. I would never even wish for harm to befall anyone as I truly believe that if I harm someone, it will come back to me 7 fold times

  19. Maureen says

    My intuition was always good about when my kids were lying to me but I think that was more that they always gave me clues.

  20. Kassandra says

    My intuition tends to be pretty strong and accurate so I have learned to listen to it over the years. (You may laugh at this next part but here it goes!) I have had what I refer to as deja vu moments for as long as I can remember. I have visited a psychic before, as well as a palm reader. I’ve had my cards read numerous times over my lifetime. All of these professionals have agreed that I most likely have glimpses of the future in my dreams. None of my moments have been openly significant that I can remember but as I have met others that experience the same things, we have agreed that they are just moments in which we needed to be in that specific place and that specific time……………take that as you will. I believe in Karma and that the Fates can be bitches if you test them ;)


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