Fiction Vixen Reviewer Recommendations – April 2014

FV Monthly Recs

Amy’s Recommendations

I binged on m/m reads for most of the month of April and three stood out that deserve a mention and recommend.  Two of the books also made our What-To-Read-Wednesday posts in April.

Games Boys Play by Zoe X. Rider ** AMZ * BN * S * K
This is not a romance. This is a highly suspenseful kinkfest but it’s hot and that made up for the lack of sex and romance between the two protagonists. The author zeroed in on the emotional reactions of both men while in the act of the kidnapping fantasies and it was intense. Definitely more of a HFN ending so Jen and I are hoping for a sequel.  Check out our What-To-Read-Wednesday post here.

Stay by Riley Hart ** AMZ * BN * S * K
Stay is book two in the Blackcreek series.  Braden and Wes were introduced in Collide and after learning a bit of their history I was looking forward to their story.  I enjoyed Stay so much more and never imagined Braden had such a huge heart under all his cockiness.  He’s also bi-sexual and a dirty talker but in Stay Braden only has eyes for Wes and his adorable niece, Jessie.  Check out our What-To-Read-Wednesday post here.

Get What You Need by Janey Chapel ** AMZ * BN * S * K
A short, provocative story of a one night stand between a police detective and a bartender (ex-con) that leads to the promise for more.  No angst, no drama, just tangible heat, chemistry and emotion from two sizzling men.  My only complaint is I wanted more.  Patrick and Jay are definitely worthy of a sequel.

“He was watching Bryan’s face when Jay opened the door, but he didn’t need to see the smile to know he’d come in the room. He wasn’t clairvoyant or anything, but the air changed. The room felt smaller and hotter before he even turned around, and once he did, he couldn’t breathe.”

Angela’s Recommendations

April was a weird reading month. I had a lot of personal stuff going on and it hasn’t been until the last few days that I’ve really gotten back into my reading groove. I have just a few recs this month, but they are really good ones.

Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews ** AMZ * BN * S * K
This book is bad ass. Kate is bad ass. Curran is bad ass. The story arc wraps up in a totally knock your socks off bad ass way. I loved every single thing about it. But I loved Curran the most. Every person who reads this series needs to pre-order this book and call in sick to work on release day. Trust me.

Joint review w/ Jen coming closer to release date.

Bitter Spirits by Jen Bennett ** AMZ * BN * S * K
I have no idea how I missed reading this one sooner.  I loved this couple… a big bear of a man who happens to be a bootlegger and a small, freckled medium. Set in the 1920’s, they meet when he gets hexed and starts seeing ghosts. He is instantly consumed with lust over her freckles and she is overwhelmed by his huge body. They are so freaking cute together. And his nickname for her is Cheetah. Seriously, they are adorable.

I just started reading the second book in the series, Grim Shadows. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it lives up to expectations.

The Kraken King Parts 4-6 by Meljean Brook ** AMZ * BN * S * K
I was a member of the not very happy crowd going into this serial because… serial. I’m not the most patient person and usually hate, hate, hate basically being left hanging every 80 pages or so. I’ve never been a fan, and that’s coming from someone whose first attempt at this format was when Stephen King released the Green Mile in serial format back in the early 90’s.

But this one has me totally hooked. I absolutely adore everything about it. The world building is just as awesome as you would expect from this author and steampunk series, the action scenes superbly written, but it’s the truly outstanding leads that have held me captivated from the first chapter. Ariq is big and bold and fearless and Zenobia is cunning and capable. Every week I am blown away by their romance.

See my reviews for Part One , Two. and Three. This is an eight part serial and reviews will post for each part in the week of their release dates.

Jen’s Recommendations

April has come and gone and left me with a few recommendations.  Here they are!

Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews ** AMZ * BN * S * K
This book was SO good.  Curran is amazing and with this book has solidified his place as one of my top heroes.  The action in this one is non stop and I’m telling you I CANNOT wait for the next one.  Crazy things happen in Magic Breaks and there will be consequences.  Joint review to come with Angela.

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs ** AMZ * BN * S * K
My audio recommendation for the month.  I actually hadn’t read this one yet (I was saving it for some reason).  I love how Briggs makes her werewolves angry beasts.  Another one where I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Sophia’s Recommendations

I’m all about the audio books lately. I like to listen to them while I’m exercising and I’ve been doing a bit of that lately. This month I decided to do a re-read of a favorite series.

The Travis Family Series by Lisa Kleypas ** AMZ * BN * S * K
Not only is this a favorite series, but the audio books are great so win-win! I love that each book is narrated by a different person. Each story is told from a different heroines point of view. I find it confusing when a series of books has different heroines but the same narrator so I like that each book gets a unique narrator in this series.

Enough about the narrators though. The Travis men (And Hardy) are hot, rich cowboys and that’s always a good thing right? Even if you’ve already read the books, the audio books are totally worth while for a re-read.



  1. Amanda says

    I have always been such a huge Kleypas historical fan but I haven’t read a contemporary by her yet. Maybe I hoped that my not buying a contemporary would somehow will her to start writing historicals again. Anyway I think I will bite the bullet and try this series.