Book Pusher E’s Most Unusual Holiday Tradition (Giveaway)

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E’s Most Unusual Holiday Tradition


Hello and season’s greetings to you.  I am E from The Book Pushers and my family isn’t what I would call staid, calm, boring, or normal by any stretch of the imagination  – unless you consider an entire family draped across various items of furniture quietly reading as normal.  If you do, then you are certainly welcome to spend Christmas with us and experience two of our traditions.  Although I am only going to talk about one here because the other… well it is a surprise for whomever decides to be the new person at Christmas.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt but it does require the ability to laugh and enjoy yourself with the freedom of a happy child.

My family grew up poor; we kids just didn’t know it because we were mostly happy.  We used the library and rampaged outside with our imagination as a guide instead of watching TV because we didn’t have one.  As a result when holidays or excuses for an extended family gathering came up we would all meet at my aunt and uncle’s house because they had the TV with cable/satellite etc.  Since we are all sports fans and there was usually a good game on when we were going to meet, their house was the place to be.  For years, we had relatively traditional meals for both Thanksgiving and Christmas: turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, rolls, dressing (stuffing), and pies.  Until one year my mom and aunts decided they were tired of having the exact same special meal twice in a 30 day time period.  Ham instead of turkey wasn’t an option because we only liked ham for the leftovers, and not the actual meal, so they decided to go with a Mexican themed menu.  We lived in the Southwest so we could find the correct ingredients pretty easily year round.  Now our Christmas main meal usually involves Chicken or pork tamales or Chili for the main dish along with Sweet Pumpkin Tamales, Bean Dip, Chili Relleno Casserole, salad with black beans, corn, and jimica, fresh fruit salad, and whatever desserts we feel like eating.

Oh man, I can’t wait for Christmas to get here!  I hope you have a wonderful winter celebration complete with family – whether by blood and/or by choice – and lots of good food.  If you can’t, just remember that someone will be thinking of you and wishing you were there with them.

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  1. LSUReader says

    I loved your post. It reminds me of a quieter time in life. (And quiet is one of my favorite things!) I appreciate the desire to change up the Thankgiving and Christmas food choices. This year we added seafood gumbo to the Thanksgiving offerings; I’m considering turkey gumbo for Christmas. Maybe I can throw some Tex/Mex in there, too!

  2. May says

    We aren’t a big fan of turkey either. Maybe we’ll talk my parents about leaving it out next year!

  3. Angela says

    We did that last year! Mexican food is my absolute favorite and last year we had enchiladas with a jalapeno sauce, black beans, tortilla soup, guacamole.. mmmmmm. We’ve started changing it up every year. We did Italian the year before that and this year it’s steaks and baked potatoes. The only time we do turkey anymore is on Thanksgiving.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. JenM says

    I love Mexican food so that dinner sounds delicious. We lived in South Florida when I was a teenager, so several years, we had roast suckling pig for Xmas dinner.

  5. elaing8 says

    Every year when I try an add a dish or change something up, people complain. So I have given It back to the basic turkey and trimmings.Thanks for sharing your holiday tradition.

  6. Rebe says

    We eat tamales for Christmas Eve – so yummy! And I can’t blame your family for not wanting the same big meal twice in 30 days. Mexican food sounds delicious!

  7. Trix says

    I’d go through withdrawal if friends didn’t bring homemade tamales every Christmas Eve! (I start hitting local taquerias in early fall, but the pro ones just aren’t the same.)

  8. Na S. says

    I remember similar days like yours too. It was very cozy and many times we went to the library and the books we brought back entertained us for hours.

  9. Jane says

    I’m craving some tamales right now. The last time I had it the tamales came from a can and wasn’t as satisfying.

  10. says

    I hear you! As much as we love the turkey meal, twice in month just got to be too much, so we switched to sort of a traditional English roast beef for Christmas dinner with Yorkshire pudding, too. But Mexican food sounds AWESOME!!

  11. Sandypo says

    I think trying something new is always fun and I would love to have Mexican food on Christmas (particularly if I didn’t have to cook it)!

  12. says

    Lol, I love unconventional traditions, and eating Mexican sounds delicious :-) I completely agree with your mom and aunts seriously eating the same menu twice in a month doesn’t exactly induce enjoyment…

  13. Bethany C. says

    It does seem redundant to make the same big special meal a month apart. You’ve made me want to start a new tradition of rotating a different theme/culture menu every year (maybe Mexican one year, Japanese/sushi the next, Italian, etc.)

  14. says

    So glad you guys enjoyed my post. I am going to suggest some of your traditions to my family and see what we can try. Enjoy your holidays!

  15. Tina B says

    That is an interesting menu! We do the traditional dinner. We have ham and potatoes. :)
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  16. Jenifer says

    Just did the traditional dinner wth my parents and sister and her family. On Christmas day, we’re having prime rib with my inlaws. Can’t wait!

  17. Readsalot81 says

    I love that menu, E :). Christmas is just like Thanksgiving over at our home.. Although my mom changed it up this year a tad by making a huge pork roast. It was pretty yummy :)