Review: Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep

Crimson Frost by Jennifer EstepThere may be spoilers from previous books if you are not up to date with the series.

Gwen and Logan are on their first date. Wait. What? How can this be? First date? But yes, I guess it is their first date, finally! But nothing ever goes smoothly for Gwen and their first date is interrupted when Gwen is arrested by the Mythos police (The Protectorate) and accused of aiding in Loki’s escape. To make matters worse the majority of the student body thinks she’s guilty and are ready to take her out. Her only support comes from her small circle of friends at the academy and from Logan. While Gwen is on trial, her life is at stake; if she’s found guilty, she dies. That is if the Reapers don’t get to her first.

I’m just going to cut right to the chase and speak cryptically :) about the ending. Wow, was I bummed about the outcome of this book. Not what I wanted at all! Maybe I should have seen it coming but I didn’t and I have a big sad. **I am not mad at the book. I repeat, I am not mad at the book**  But I like Gwen so much and this poor girl needs a break. We’re still early in the series and there is so much more to come for her I’m sure, but cut Gwen some slack man! :(

Ok, on with it then.

I’m somewhat conflicted about this installment of the Mythos Academy series. It had what I love about this series: great action, a bit of mystery, great secondary characters and of course some romance. But after the turn of events in the last book I expected some progress in the story arc and instead I feel like we’re stalled out a little in the area of Loki and his Reapers and once again, the romance. Not much progress there, and I feel a little frustrated. I was happy to see Logan and Gwen finally getting together officially. It seems like it’s been a long time coming and I hope the next book gives us a big push in the progression of this relationship. At this point I feel like I need something more to sink my teeth into.

The secondary relationships are compelling in this series and I enjoy strong friendships as they continue to grow, as well as the romances we’re seeing develop. We’re introduced to a new character this time who has a romantic interest in one of Gwen’s friends. Alexei makes a strong impression both good and bad, and he is a welcome addition to the cast of Mythos characters.

I admit, I’m not a huge action fan and I have, on occasion skimmed a fight scene, but never in an Estep book. I look forward to her action scenes because  they never disappoint. At this point in the series I expect Gwen to kick ass and she does. She’s coming into her own and learning to tap into her incredible power. The action scene was intense to say the least and at one point pretty shocking. I had to re-read part of it because I couldn’t believe what I read.

To sum up, Crimson Frost delivers a huge punch in the action department and some great suspense as Gwen fights for her life. But the romance is moving too slow for me at this point and I wanted more from the big, bad Loki. The secondary characters continue to charm me and I am very happy about the latest development with the newest member of the Mythos gang.

Favorite Quote: 

What was it with people always trying to kill me in the library?

Rating: B-
Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep
December 24th 2012 by K-Teen
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