Cover Reveal: Blood Roses by Lindsay J. Pryor

In November of last year, Catherine read and reviewed Blood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor, the first book in the Blackthorn series. We are pleased to bring you the cover reveal for the second book in the series, Blood Roses scheduled for release April 26th.



Blood Roses by Lindsay J. Pryor
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“She was supposed to kill vampires, not save them.  Those were the rules.  That was the lore.”

A rare and powerful witch whose blood is lethal to vampires, Leila has always viewed her serryn abilities as a curse.  After seeing her mother slaughtered as a child, Leila longs for a safe, quiet life.

That wish is shattered by Caleb Dehain – a vampire with a dark past and a darker heart.  The most feared serryn hunter of his generation, Caleb now needs the help of one of the witches he despises to save his dying brother.

A serryn who has no reason to help him.  Except that he has her sister.

Caleb and Leila are each other’s worst nightmare – but the slow-burning spark of attraction between them is undeniable.  Will Leila’s blood be his damnation?  Or could her kiss be his salvation?

So what do you think? Do you like it?


  1. DA says

    Beautiful cover. The black rose in the background with red blood/dress in the foreground makes it kind of surreal. The emblem at the top gives it an edgy/biker feel. Love it!

  2. Sue K. says

    I thought Blood Shadows was a very different vampire story. Caitlin and Kane played a lot of head games but at the end it was all honestly, I look forward to Blood Roses and the continuing story of Blackthorn. And hopefully more of Caitlin and Kane,