Cover Alert: Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward

Just spotted this over at GoodReads. Lover Reborn, the 10th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward is due for release March, 2012.  As much as I’m looking forward to reading Tohrment’s story, I’ve got to admit this is not my favorite cover. Although Tohr is looking pretty intense there, I don’t know…maybe it’s the color? What do you think?



Book Info:
Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward
March 27th 2012
Paranormal Romance
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Commenter Niki_b says that Ward posted a comment on her Facebook page saying this is only the prototype. I couldn’t find the comment but I’m inclined to believe this can’t be the final. If anyone has a link to the final word, let me know. Also this image has been removed from Goodreads.


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      Yeah but isn’t Tohr still recovering? He’s not at his full physical peak right? I think you’re dead on with the dark cover. Would have worked much better.

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    Hmmm….I don’t love the color either but the bigger issue is that he, in no way, looks like he could be a father figure to big, bad John Matthew. It matters not, though, since the cover could be a dirty paper bag and i’d still buy it!

      • SaucyWench says

        LOL ! I have to agree with the dirty paper bag comment . But still not Tohr’s color. I too think of Phury when I see this color… perhaps it’s his eyes 😉 This image of Tohr doesn’t seem or worn rugged enough for me . Also for those of us who know that vamps mate for life, Perhaps Wellsie is the one reborn here … A girl can hope.

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    Hmmm. I think he’s just not how I picture Tohr. Tohr is more weathered, like squint lines around his eyes and a little bristly at the jaw. I know he’s supposed to be gaunt, but I guess I just don’t picture him that way.

    I don’t think Ward’s covers are all that great anyway; the originals are all so indistinct. It’s kind of interesting that the first batch all featured a couple, but the last several have just had the Brother alone.

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    So not the image of Tohr that has always been in my head!! But I will stay up until midnight, download it on my Kindle, and read it straight through without stopping when it comes out ….

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    I dunno – the color is kind of bright, Thor looks very young and slim. I’ve always kind of pictured him brawnier and harder. I <3 the BDB but I don't know if I'm ready for Thor to have a new female. Still mourning Wellsie.

      • Steph says

        I totally agree! I am not ready either. I thought I was the only one out there who felt this way, since on all the forums everyone disagrees with me!

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          I think we are in the minority Steph. Wasn’t Tohr mated to Wellsie for over a hundred years? It just seems too soon to move on. I want him to have a HEA though so I guess we’ll have to trust Ward to write him a good convincing story. *fingers crossed for Tohr*.

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    No, I don’t like it! *angry face* It’s a total cover dud for me *cries* Most of the covers from BDB are glimpses of faces & man chest with swirls of tattoos…it kinda has a mystery vibe to it but this…nah, it screams nothing, it says nothing, I can’t even hear it whisper :(

  6. Rain maiden says

    I didnt picture Tohr looking so young. Worst cover so far. It’s what’s inside that counts. :)

  7. Dayle says

    I was hoping for a green or dark green color to represent his love of Godzilla!! LOL! It would have looked better than the orange. And I thought he was supposed to have put on weight in JM’s book…..he’s still looking malnourished.

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      Someone suggested that a dark cover would have been more appropriate because his story has been so dark. But I like the Godzilla angle too LOL.

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    I actually really like the cover. The golden hue is one of my favorite colors.
    I agree that maybe it isn’t right for Tohr’s book. That’s not how I imagined him either.

  9. Dani from Brazil says

    That angry dude is blond, Tohr has dark hair right? I hate that Tohr’s book is next, hate No’one and now I hate the cover… but it is a BDB book, so I will pre order and read it in 12 hours…

  10. Niki_b says

    I just read a post on Ward’s facebook page where she answered a fan question regarding the cover and she said it’s not the official cover, just a prototype.

      • Niki_b says

        ok so i don’t know how to post a link for the conversation so I’ll cut and paste Wards posts. Hope that’s ok.

        J.R. Ward Hi! I saw a prototype a little while ago- I can check with Penguin where it is the final 😀

        J.R. Ward Just emailed ny editor 😀 as far as I know, that was a prototype… his hair’s too blond.

        J.R. Ward Yeah, that’s why I wait to release until I’m one hundred percent sure it’s final final final

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    I didn’t read the comments so someone may have said this already but….it’s hard when they put faces on covers. I personally prefer the headless ones. I’ve made my own decisions about what I think the character looks like and don’t want them telling me their interpretation. lol It’s not a bad cover though on the whole.

  12. Ruth Cummings says

    I don’t like the cover. Would prefer a darker color with both him and his female on the cover, thank you very much (in line with the rest of the books). Not sure how I feel about him having another female that is not Wellsie, after a hundred years with someone, it cannot be easy. Mayharp the Scribe Virgin will cut him some slack!!

  13. Lana says

    I don’t like this cover… its just not “the” Thor I had in my mind…. and I was kind of hoping for a book with the story of Blay and Quinn…. I love those two!

  14. Lisa says

    If it helps any one feel better – I have heard that this isn’t the real cover – just someone’s attempt

  15. deborah says

    I think the cover is right on. Remember what he has been through, he would still be underweight andhave that intense look also. I think it is great, but I will say this, the color is off, it should not be a bright color but one that shows his feelings.