Cover Alert: Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione

Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione

Larissa Ione revealed the cover for the next book in the Lords of Deliverance series due for release in December 2011. It’s very sexy, I think I like it. What do you think?

Here is the blurb for Immortal Rider:

Sexy, powerful, and immortal, Limos is on a crash course with destiny. She’s been marked as Satan’s bride and her jealous fiancé wants her all to himself. The only way this Horseman can keep herself—and everyone else—safe is to keep her distance. But not even Limos can save herself from the secrets she’s kept . . . or resist the seductive allure of one very brave human.

Arik Wagner knows the saying “love hurts” better than most, yet he never thought stealing a kiss from Limos would land him in Hell. Literally. It takes all his military training to survive the demon torture, but once he’s topside, Arik realizes that the agony has just begun. With the Apocalypse looming and Satan demanding his bride, will Arik and Limos surrender to the desire smoldering between them? Or will giving in to their passion unleash hell on earth?



  1. says

    I think it is pretty but the major defect of the cover is that the woman’s hand is covering up his great abs. I’m sorry but do we really need her on the cover! jk 😉

  2. Sylvia says

    I agree! I kept thinking ‘move over sweetie, you are blocking my view’.

    Has anyone else noticed his mouth? I wouldn’t mind finding out what those lips feel like on mine. (or anywhere else really)

  3. says

    Mr. Arik’s nipples would look soo good dipped in chocolate. I am in complete cover lust. Look at those pouty lips just waiting to go down…*le sigh*

  4. says

    @ FV – I know, I was so bummed that you couldn’t get in to it, and after reading it after that I COMPLETELY saw why. That was my one issue with the book was that even though I HAD read Demonica, the first third of the book was like ahhhh, information overload. I really think that you’ll love the Demonica series, it is so imaginative and HOT.