Classic Romance Novel Recommendations From The 80’s and 90’s

Johanna Lindsey Tender Rebel

Many romance readers have been reading romance novels for years. Time and time again I hear stories how readers found their mothers or their grandmothers stash of Harlequins and they were hooked. It didn’t quite happen like that for me. I remember seeing a romance novel in the book section at the supermarket and tossing it in the basket, probably wondering if I’d get a reaction from my mom. I didn’t. If memory serves, the cover was similar to the one above. (Look at that hair!) I just wish I could remember the title and author. I read romances off and on from that point on. Nothing like my reading habits today.

Romances have changed…and in some ways they have stayed the same since the 80’s and 90’s. Sometimes it’s fun to go back and read some old favorites or discover some new favorites. Our review team has put together a list classic romance novel recommendations from the 80’s and 90’s for when you’re looking to rock it old school style. Enjoy!

Classic Romance Novel Recommendations

Our Favorite 80’s and 90’s