Classic Nora Roberts Titles Now Available in eBook Formats!

I admitted recently that I have never read a Nora Roberts novel (I realized soon after I had but it was a paranormal and I didn’t finish it). I promised my Nora Roberts loving friends that I would remedy my romance reading faux pas ASAP. I’m excited to share the following news with you:

Berkley/NAL is kicking off the new year with the eBook releases of some classic Nora Roberts titles as part of the launch of Berkley/NAL’s eBook imprint, InterMix. Novels from Roberts’ O’Hurleys, Donovans, and Cordina’s Royal Family series will be available in multiple electronic formats—for the first time!—on January 17th wherever eBooks are sold. Below is the full list of available titles.

On Sale January 17th (except where indicated)

The O’Hurleys
The Last Honest Woman (book 1 releases in March 2012)
Dance to the Piper (book 2)
Skin Deep (book 3)
Without A Trace (book 4)

The Donovan Legacy
Captivated (book 1)
Entranced (book 2)
Charmed (book 3)
Enchanted (book 4)

Cordina’s Royal Family
Affaire Royale  (book 1)
Command Performance (book 2)
The Playboy Prince (book 3)
Cordina’s Crown Jewel (book 4)

This February, the imprint will revive the renowned Signet Regency line with the release of six popular romance titles that have never before been published as eBooks. Signet Regency, a popular line of Regency-era romances, began in the mid-1970s and became the leading publisher of Regency romances.

So e-book lovers here is your chance to grab e-copies of these Nora Roberts classics.


  1. says

    I love Nora Roberts and have read most of her work, but there are a few that I missed along the way. I read all the ones you mentioned – hopefully they will continue to add more available in e-format. If you ever get a chance, her Bridal Quartet series is awesome and I just started reading her newest trilogy – Inn at Boonsboro – which is also very good!


  2. says

    Well you can feel better by knowing that I have only ever read one series by Nora Roberts so you are not alone. I have her bridal series sitting on my shelf but have yet to try a contemporary by Roberts as I have only read her paranormal series.

    I guess I just always think of Roberts as being too tame of an adult romance author, I like a bit of steam to my romance.

  3. carly m. says

    I’m miffed about the prices of these releases. The Cordina series was one of my first romance reads in high school and I’d love to stick them on my Kindle — but I also remember buying the first three as a single paperback for $10 ten years ago. I can’t warp my head spending $21 for the same books just so I can have them as e-books.