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Forever is counting down the 12 days leading up to the release of the anthology A Christmas to Remember featuring stories from: Hope Ramsay, Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, Molly Cannon, and Marilyn Pappano. Each contribution celebrates true love at Christmastime.

They are celebrating with the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour. Each day you’ll find out some fun holiday facts about the authors.

Fiction Vixen is kicking off the tour with 12 best gifts.


A Christmas To Remember by Hope Ramsay, Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, Molly Cannon, and Marilyn Pappano
December 3rd 2013 by Forever Yours
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12 best gifts

( On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me!)

1)    When our son was in Afghanistan, we were just hoping for a call if he could get to a phone, so we were totally surprised when he sent us airline and concert tickets to see TransSiberian Orchestra–our favorite group–in Austin.  (Marilyn)

2)    Just before Christmas 2009, my mom passed away. Christmas was always her favorite holiday, and that first one without her was tough. But we all got to spend a lot of time with her before she died, and we all grew closer as a result. She was the best mother, the best gift, a child could have. (Marilyn)

3) I remember when I was around 6 years old and I, along with my sisters, peeked out of our bedroom door on early Christmas morning and saw the most beautiful blue bicycle under the tree. We had to share it, but that didn’t matter.  We lived in the country and could ride up and down our long dirt driveway to our hearts content.  But then I made the mistake of riding it over the cattle guard and it threw me into a barbed wire fence.  Still, that was a great present. (Molly)

4)When I was in junior high my mother gave us gold compacts and matching long slim line lipsticks.  I felt so sophisticated.  It was a passage from childhood to the teen years with my mom’s blessing.  (Molly)

5)But the best present ever was getting my engagement ring on Christmas Eve from my future hubby. This year will be 44 years since we got engaged.  Best present ever! (Molly)
6)    A Panasonic “solid-state” stereo system my freshman year in college (Hope)

7)    A ruby ring that I found in the toe of my stocking the first Christmas after my wedding day. (Hope)

8)    Sometime well earlier in the year, I got contacts and my brother asked me why. I said, “So I could wear cool sunglasses.” And on Christmas, he bought me a pair of the COOLEST shades. Now, what man remembers for months what to get for the perfect gift? My brother! (Kristen)

9)    The year I started to write my first book (ages ago), my Auntie Bec and her husband Will bought me a laptop so I could follow my dream. It took a while, but I did. (Kristen)

10) The tiny sickly 10 pound puppy who three years later is an 85 pound black lab sitting on my feet right this very minute. Frat Boy (so named because he’s always just looking for a good time) is the love of my life. (Jill)

11. The coupons the girls give me every year in my stocking. At least one always says One Hour Of Unconditional Non-Sarcastic Love.  My favorite … (I have all teenage girls, so hey, I need that hour!) (Jill)

12) Last year we didn’t think Oldest was going to get to come home.  Unbeknownst to me, she flew in on Christmas Eve and the next morning really early her sisters wrapped her up in a big box for me.  I thought I was getting another puppy and was Not Pleased.  Until Oldest popped out!  Then I was very pleased indeed… (Jill)



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  1. Shelley D says

    We are making gifts for family and friends and will be sending out boxes to family not close with ornaments, food, books, and presents. Our household is doing stocking stuffers for each other this year (and my sister is knitting the stockings) and some larger gifts for the house. We will have a big meal on the day and will go out to see the neighborhoods that are completely decorated.

  2. says

    *waving maniacally*

    (hey, it’s been a loooooooooooooong day in retail-ville)


    Anyway, my only plans are that my mother and oldest brother are descending upon chez aztec next Wednesday evening, staying for a week. Sadly, I am scheduled to work pretty much every day but Thanksgiving, so they’ll have to entertain themselves by shopping.

    Poor things.

  3. PamC. says

    Hello, no special plans for us. Just enjoying our kids, 18 & 14 while they are still at home. It won’t be long before they are out of the house and the holidays won’t be the same.

  4. Sandy Xiong says

    My plans for the holiday is spending it with my family and getting some college free-stress time away from hw and exams. I want some relaxing time during winter break

  5. Sue G. says

    I always have Christmas Eve at my house. On Christmas Day we spend half of the day at my husband’s Aunt and Uncle’s place and the other half at my mom’s house.

  6. Jenn @ Lost in a Great Book says

    It’s our first holiday without my Dad, so the family is gathering ranks, especially to help my Mom through the holiday season. Each of us will be heading to her place (she’s anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours away from us) to help decorate the house, bake cookies (my nieces’ pick!), help her shop for presents and generally be there for her. On the actual day we will have our usual turkey dinner, but we’ve invited a few other people who don’t have anywhere to go this year to round out the numbers.

  7. cheryl c. says

    My side of the family will gather at my house on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day we will travel to my in-laws for another Christmas.

  8. Marcy Shuler says

    We’ll be staying home for a cozy family Christmas and doing our best to stay warm.



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