Catherine’s July 2011 Recommendations

How is July already over? Where has the time gone?!? Despite being shocked that it’s already time for August, I somehow managed to read quite a few books during the month. I found some pretty good ones this time around.

The Devilish Montague by Patricia Rice: I reviewed this book just a little while ago, and was completely swept away by my first taste of this author’s work. The characters were simply delightful and the situations were giggle-worthy, without being absurd. It was lovely to see a Marriage-of-Convenience storyline where the characters were so completely practical about the situation that they were surprised to find themselves in a friendship that eventually evolved into love. This was my favorite book of the month and checks in at a strong A+.

Favorite Quote:

“How do you do that? How do you take everything I say and turn it around so that you seem sweet and appealing, when I know you are simply skewering me?”

If you’d like a sneak peek of the book, check out my Tempting Teaser for it.


Cold Touch by Leslie Parrish: I do not read in the Romantic Suspense genre very often, but sometimes I need a completely different book to bust in and shake up my reading world. This was that book. When I reviewed it earlier this month I was surprised to note how much I needed something like this. The dark plot and well-rounded characters mixed well with the occasional bit of humor and combined to give me a wonderful read. A- for this one!

Favorite Quote:

“Gabe,” she eventually whispered, her voice lazy, sated and thick with sex.

“Yeah, darlin’?”

“Thanks for pushing me out of the path of that car.”

“Pushing doesn’t sound heroic enough. I didn’t push you; I swooped in and carried you.”

For a sneak peek, check out my Tempting Teaser.


Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena Showalter: This book killed me. It was soooo hilarious. Ava and her best friend, Noelle, had the most hysterical scenes together. They bickered constantly and left poor McKell to puzzle out whether they were friends or blood enemies. McKell and Ava were great together and the heat between them popped. I cannot wait for the next one! This gets an A- from me, but the review’s still pending.

Favorite Quote:

“Next, he isn’t my Love Bunny. And finally, did you follow him because you were jealous of his association with me?” Please, please, please.

McKell snorted. “Hardly. I followed him because he was a suspicious character.”

Finally they were getting somewhere. She gripped the edge of the chair and leaned forward. “Suspicious of wanting to get my clothes off?”

“Of foul play.”

“Foul play with my body?”

Now he leaned forward, blazing gaze locked on her. “I wasn’t jealous, damn you.”


Scandal by Carolyn Jewel

Scandal by Carolyn Jewel: You can check out my review for the book here. I had some issues with the heroine, but the hero was excellent. His awesomeness dominated this book and kept me riveted. Jewel proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has the chops to write incredibly compelling emotional scenes. The angst isn’t high, but she makes you feel everything. It was great! This was a solid B for me.

Favorite Quote:

“Sometimes I think about it, that giddy feeling in your stomach, feeling as if you’ll die if he doesn’t smile at you. The part of me that loved Tommy like that leaves me sick.” Her voice fell. “I’m nothing but ashes inside. My heart’s burnt up. I’ve nothing to give a marriage, Banallt.”

For a sneak peek inside the book, check out my Tempting Teaser.

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  1. Rain maiden/Jen says

    After your review on The Devilish Montague I’ll be picking up that one. I look forward to your review on Ecstasy in Darkness.

    • says

      The humor in Ecstasy in Darkness had the same vibe that the Immortals after Dark series does. If you enjoy that (you read that series, right?) then that one might be your style. :)