Catherine’s February 2012 Recommendations


Well, it seems as though my reading luck in February was not as high as it was in January. I only read 3 less books (down to 16 from 19) but my A books were much less frequent. So this recommendation post isn’t going to be quite as flush as usual.

Hunting Ground

Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs: I reread this book in preparation for Fair Game. The time between releases was so long that I felt the need to refresh myself–although I’m the kind of reader who would have probably reread this to be fresh, regardless. 😉 Well, it was just as wonderful a read as it was the first time. I absolutely adore Anna and Charles together and enjoy watching their relationship slowly bloom. And who can say no to more Bran? 😀 I had absolutely no complaints about this book. A+ from me! Read the review here.

Favorite Quote:

“So it’s true?” Ian glanced at Charles, then quickly away. “I had heard that.”

“Shocking, I know,” murmured Charles.

The other wolf stiffened and gave Charles a worried look, too wary of Charles to hear the humor.

“He’s a terrible tease,” she told Ian, trying to help.

The Emerald City wolf’s face loosened in utter disbelief.


Conspiracy in Death

Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb: This one is going down as one of my favorite books in the In Death series so far. Eve takes a few knocks in this book and gains a vulnerability that we have never seen. Her sense of self and her confidence in the system is shaken. I loved the emotional intensity and the character depth we got to see. It was simply wonderful. Read the review here.


Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps by R.L. Mathewson: Oh my gosh, this was so funny. I tried it on a whim and was thrilled to find another author with a humor type that was so similar to Shelly Laurenston. I enjoy the immature and over the top, and this book fit that perfectly. I can’t wait to try another by her! Read the review here.

Favorite Quote:

Megan’s eyes narrowed on her. “You’re really his girlfriend?”


“This isn’t just some sick game he’s playing?”

“Uh, no…is there something wrong?” She was really starting to feel self-conscious.

“Nothing other than you are the first woman he’s ever brought home and you’ll have to forgive me if I seem a little surprised. For a moment there I though hell had frozen over.”

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  1. says

    I absolutely agree with you on the first two recommendations. I love the series by Patricia Briggs, and of course JD Robb. You have some great ones to catch up with.

  2. Berne thury says

    There are better books to review, I’m sure. I wouldn’t bother reading any of the books you listed. The whole section on books is a travesty.
    While I’m on the subject of travesties, the features in the entertainment section are filled with smut, and juvenile, actually childish trash talk, heard in a junior high school locker room. sounds like your screaming for attention, and you’ll get it, but Editions will be completely for gotten as soon as the issue is closed, not just what you say but who said it as well. Too bad you can’t say something that inspires people.