Catherine’s August 2011 Recommendations

Finally we’re through August and moving on to September. I’m excited! Not only is the monsoon season mostly over here (which will hopefully relieve the mugginess), but we’re moving into the federal holiday season for me. I love free days off. Plus, I have quite a few books that I have been waiting for that will finally release in September. I’m glad to be through August, but I have to admit that this was a pretty good month for me in books. I had seven books in the A range. Pretty awesome!

Demon Marked
Demon Marked by Meljean Brook: I had a great time reading this book. It was really wonderful to be able to immerse myself in this world again. This was one of my most anticipated books of the year and it didn’t disappoint. I was surprised about how different it felt compared to the rest of the books, but I loved how fresh it seemed. Plus, getting to see more of Michael and Taylor never hurts. 😉 This one gets an A from me, but the review’s still pending.

Favorite Quote:

“And I wasn’t thinking of a plane.” When she looked at him blankly, Nicholas clenched his teeth and counted to three. “I know you can fly.”

Her eyes widened and she looked down at her hands. “I can shape-shift into a bird? How?”

Jesus H. Christ. The next time he made a bargain, Nicholas would damn well make certain the demon knew more than a bag of bricks.


Working Stiff by Rachel Caine: I am not a zombie fan (blech!) but somehow I found myself completely absorbed by this unique world. I loved that the author made it impossible for the reader to ignore the truth about what the reanimated people are and can become again, while still making it impossible for us to see them as anything other than alive. By turns gritty, gory, and humorous, this book had me riveted. I can’t wait to see what comes next in this series. If you’d like to read the review for this A level book, you can find it here.

Favorite Quote:

“You are unbelievable.”

There went that tiny little smile again, tight and controlled, meaning nothing. “I do date, Bryn. Occasionally.”

She bet he did it on a schedule. 1900 to 2100 hours, dinner. 2100 to 2115, drive the girl home. 2115 to 2130, sex. 2135, shower, kiss good-bye. 2140, drive home.

“I don’t date jackasses,” she said. “Just so we’re clear.”


Mercury's War
Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh: This was a reread for me. I’ve found that my favorite books in this series tend to have the hero and heroine circumventing the hormone in some way so that they actually have time to draw together without its influence. That’s one of the reasons I loved this entry so much. The hero and heroine don’t believe that they can be mates and the hero has to decide what is more important; genetic influence or love. I really ended up loving them together. I didn’t review this for Fiction Vixen, but you can find my review for this here. This adds up to another A for me.


Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine: I was really impressed by this one. The first book, Geist, had some issues while setting up the players in the series, but this one didn’t have that problem at all. The characters sucked me in and wouldn’t let go. Each one has grown in some way, and they are stronger together than they ever were. New developments in the story arc left me fiending for the next book even before I finished this one. You can find the review for this A grade book here.

Favorite Quote:

“It had come to Sorcha’s attention since getting her new Sensitive that she was perhaps lacking in the social graces. Without him, now was the perfect time to try to find some.

“Lovely weather,” she barked at the nearest blonde beauty.

The girl spun around like she’d been shot and stared at the naked Deacon in open hostility.”


  1. says

    I’ve only read one book in LL’s Breeds series. I didn’t care for it but I could have just been burnt out on overly testosteroned alpha males are something. Or maybe I just prefer her contemporaries and her f*cked up heroes? LOL

  2. says

    I have all of Brook’s Demon series but I’ve never read them! I know I know.

    I’ve also heard fab things about Ballantine’s series.

  3. says

    These are really great recommendations. I’m always looking for new books. If you’re looking for a something new and different that is more YA, I’m working with a new author of a book called (S)Mythology by Jeremy Tarr. It’s a really cute and romantic book that I think you might like. It’s a modern day fairy tale that is wry and whimsical, and tackles life…death…and the Underworld. The book is full of illustrations by artist Katy Smail, which really bring the main character Sophie to life.

    You can read the first three chapters and check out the illustrations at The book is new to paperback, which is available on Barnes & Noble here:

    It’s also available as an e-book if that’s your thing.


  4. Helyce says

    Mercury’s War is at the top of my fave Breed books! I’ve read it at least three times! Okay, maybe more.