Jen’s Monthly glom: March 2014 plus *Giveaway*

Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk Allie Beckstrom series #1

My reading habits are notoriously random.  One week I will decide to read only Urban Fantasy and the next week I will shun that genre.  There will be times where every book I read stinks and times where I love everything and everyone.  One thing that also holds true is my love of the glom.  […]

Books I’ll Be Re-Reading in 2014

The Fever Series

I don’t re-read many books. I guess I figure there are so many unread books on my TBR, why go back and re-read? But there are a few books on my shelf that are worthy of a re-read. All of the books I’d consider re-reading affected me, moved me, and made me fall in love […]

Books That Are Getting A Second Chance In 2014

2014 Second Chance

I set aside books and don’t finish them for many reasons. But when I DNF a book, I don’t always consider it a total loss and that’s why I keep a “maybe-later” shelf at Goodreads. I decided to take a look at the list of books that didn’t really work for me in the past […]

Sophia’s 2014 Resolutions


  Sometimes I make resolutions, sometimes I don’t. Since I’m a list keeper you’d think it would be a no-brainer for me but like many people maybe I’m just not cool with not meeting my goals so I don’t make them. Sometimes I just become overwhelmed by my list because I tend to make grand […]

Are We There Yet? Jen’s Most Anticipated Books for 2014


I am a little embarrassed to say that my Most Anticipated List for 2014 is fairly similar to my Most Anticipated List for 2013.  Well what can you do?  I make no excuses for my liking my favorite authors, I mean come on, they are pretty awesome!  And then there is that ONE book that […]

What Landed You On The Naughty List In 2013 – Confess!


I know FV readers are naughty by nature. You are. Don’t try to deny it. It’s time to fess up. There’s still time before Santa gets here to make up for your naughty ways and the first step is coming clean. I only did one naughty thing this year so I’ll start. What? Only one […]

Reading Romance When Life Sucks

Cry Sanctuary Moira Rogers

Everyone has ups and downs in life, it’s inevitable. The up times are awesome, we all know that. When you’re going through a down time it always feels like it’s the worse down time ever but you get through it and move on, hopefully to happier days. I discovered paranormal romance during a down time […]

Are you predictable?

One of my favorite features on Goodreads is the listopia section.  You can type in a couple of key words and find a list for any type of book you want.  Creepy Crawlies?  Check.  Malayalam books?  Check.  Zombies?  Check.  Then there is my personal favorite list….Billionaires.  If you were to logon to GR under my account […]

Novel or Novella- You tell me?

From what I can tell a novella is defined as anything that is less than 40,000 words.   Since there are approximately 300 words on a page we can say that most novellas will be under 130 pages, give or take.  Up until recently I found myself very reluctant to read a novella.  It didn’t matter if […]