My 2014 Resolutions: Three Month Update


In January I posted my 2014 resolutions. This year instead of making grand resolutions, I decided to make three month goals, then check in and see where I go from there. Here is my update: Read more books: Hasn’t happened yet. It’s still a goal/desire/must-do because I love reading. But life thrown us a few curveballs […]

Jen Talks Coastal Magic Convention plus *Giveaway*

Zombie Apoc

This was my first experience at a “real” book conference meaning one that lasts several days and has panels plus meet/greets.  Jennifer from Books Make Me Happy is the driving force behind the convention and she kindly let me volunteer to help. On Thursday, I arrived around noon to help stuff registration bags.  While I […]

Getting To Know Amy: Does She Do Pitbull AND Gandy?

FV - Getting To Know Us - Amy

It’s Amy’s turn!! So Amy… You’re sexy, single, and southern. You like good food, traveling and music. Tell us something we don’t about you and don’t hold back. We’d love to know about the rumors about the time, with the thing and those guys that do that special trick and the jail time. Tell us […]

Sophia’s 2014 Resolutions


  Sometimes I make resolutions, sometimes I don’t. Since I’m a list keeper you’d think it would be a no-brainer for me but like many people maybe I’m just not cool with not meeting my goals so I don’t make them. Sometimes I just become overwhelmed by my list because I tend to make grand […]

What Landed You On The Naughty List In 2013 – Confess!


I know FV readers are naughty by nature. You are. Don’t try to deny it. It’s time to fess up. There’s still time before Santa gets here to make up for your naughty ways and the first step is coming clean. I only did one naughty thing this year so I’ll start. What? Only one […]

Getting To Know Jen – Blonde and Socially Awkward

FV - Getting To Know Us - Jen

This time it’s Jen’s turn. Go Jen! Getting To Know Jen First, tell us about yourself. Not the wife, mom, career stuff. Tell us something we don’t already know from your bio. Like about that time you made out with Adam Lavine in an airplane bathroom. Spill the beans Jen. Hi, I am Jen.  I […]

Getting To Know Us: Sophia Is First!

FV - Getting To Know Us - Sophia

Everyone here at Fiction Vixen has a short bio on our About Us page. But we thought you might like to know a little more about us. If you don’t want to know about us, look away. This will pass quickly. I sent everyone a little questionnaire to fill out and we’ll be posting one […]